Punny Gifts for Rich People! (Dear Ryan)

Yeah, I'm in a I'm in a new room It's a real long story (really?) I'm moving *sad music plays* That wasn't long at all

That wasn't a long sto– That was not even a story! Yeah So I'm in a middle of a move right now I haven't posted a lot lately as I'm moving for one, Probably gonna be in my book tour If you guys came out to the events It was nice seeing you It's really echoed in here

Hey! HEEEEY! I just have to talk really quiet Close to the camera like this *quietly* Hey guys so today we're going to be doing a ASMR uh

(Ryan! Don't film your face that close if it looks like that!) Asparagus I hope you guys get t-t-tingly feeling Oh my god

Anyway welcome back to another episode of Dear Ryan! Let's just get started, okay? *quiet* Let's just get startedpretty sure *laugh* Pretty sure I can do that I mean, I can barely do a handstand and stay in one place, but if I'm balancing against the wall That's pretty easy right? Well, there's only one way to find out! How though I don't know what way that is And rolling! Okay, here we go Ohhhh One two ThreeFour

Five Six Seven Eight *awkward silence* No, they weren't helping me right? [oh] Ryan: Ohh! Guys, I have a nice surprise for you guys

Someone just called me *laugh* David Choi in the house! David: I'm not in the house I'm in bed Ryan: I'm filming a vlog right now You just made a cameo This is what me and David do every day: He calls me, naked in bed, while I'm filming David: I was going to call you while im in the toilet but uhh Ryan: *laugh* Guys, fun stories just so you guys know I grew up playing basketball for age 5 to age 13 Because in high school, when i turned 14, I went and did wrestling instead of basketball even though I loved basketball I was not good at it And I was a little bit better at wrestling Part of it is because of this wrist right here, My shooting hand A normal wrist, like my left wrist You're supposed to shoot it straight like this line your elbow up and down, wrist go down, but this wrist doesn't bend back because of the metal rod I have in here, or had in here And yeah, long story short That's not short, this is a long story! I can't shoot the ball straight because my wrist doesn't bend that way *giggle* Let's just go Ryan: You know the guys at the park? They actually refer to me as "curry" like, as in short for Curry-ean (Korean) They thinks I'm Korean at the park I'm not Korean It's my park though, Ryan's park Call me Ryan Park *laugh* Five in a row Are you ready? Never done this in my life First one? Easy *fails* Ryan: Alright, first one? First take That's what I meant Easy *fails again* First one? Easy *dude u said that like 5 secs ago* Easy? *fails* *fails* *more fails* *music* Ohh! *music* Aaaahaaaa! *music* *fails* *music* One! Two! Three! Four! Background: One more! Are you ready for shot five? Ryan: I'm nervous I'm feeling it! Coming down boys! Three, two, one! *Fails miserably* YEAHHHHHHHHHH! That's five threes in a row! 1,2,3,4,5, five 3s in a row! This is why they call me step Korean *ooooooooh* This is MY park! Ryan Park baby! Okay, I see what are you trying to do there, and I'm not gonna fail for this, ok? We all know boy bands always sing about girls, and you want this to be about sandwiches? Girls and sandwiches, like the sexist stereotypical saying that we ALL know Yeah, I'm not gonna fall for this

Next time I'm not gonna fall for this

*wow seriously?* I falled for it this time Right now Ryan: That's old! *laugh* [inaudible]in one sitting and I didn't realize until after I made the song that It's kinda not PG And, by sandwiches I mean baby It's kinda sexy? *awkward silence* I made a video a while ago kinda doing the same thing And I'm assuming you just want to see more of that For this reason is exactly why I made this video Shopping for an incredibly RICH friend who has EVERYTHING they want because they are rich Is one of the hardest thing you can do So you don't want to just buy them something because it'll mean nothing to them You gotta do something for them that money can't buy because they're rich and apparently, annoying Here's some cheap punny gift ideas for all of you out there will have a rich annoying friend *music* Will: You got me an ant? Ryan: Not just any ant tho

This ant is special This is the only one to leave the colony It went rouge Will: You got me a rouge ant? Why? Ryan: Because it's just like you A-rouge-ant

(arrogant) *nice pun* Ryan: So that's David, that's Trent, and that's Michael down here Greg: Why would you give me a book about doctor? Ryan: He's not a doctor, he's a nurse Male nurse Greg: Why would I need to know a nurse that's a man? Ryan: So maybe that one day you can learn some Man-nurse(manner) This is a miniature school or something yep, and you get to be the teacher watch that you can have a little class It's a chest filled with knocked-up my favorite movie that I already own great Oh, but you don't have this version yet See took the time to reverse all of them And they're all backwards now so it's not knocked up its up knocked and they're all yours including the chest Why? why would you reverse it? What is it mean? You're up knocked chest (obnoxious) It's a clothesline? [yep] With some cheap watches on it actually they were all free

Now you have more free time to hang out What are you doing? Shh? Wait? How is this a present hold on okay? Can you just tell me what this is? Ryan: Paid shins (patience) Okay, what is that? Okay, I'm lost Oh my God wait I'll be the rich guy you play me this what does this even need nothing? I'm just trying to give you Moral Why do you keep yelling? Oh, it's so loud How am I supposed to give you morose? Wait, where's the music? So leave your question in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video

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