Proving The Earth Is Flat!

RHPC HOUSE Wednesday 11am Why did you What's that supposed to be? Oh, it's a to let you know like where we are on like a date and time

But isn't it Saturday? And it's night Oh Plus, that's not even our house Well, that's that's not important What is important and the reason why I called you guys over? I think I finally made a breakthrough in the new case

Oh, God We're doing another one of these? I should have known better What? Well we're sitting on the couch, you're standing

What are you talking about? First thing you're gonna do is pull a lever or press some secret button and unveil your super secret lab They're gonna have to listen to your conspiracy theories for hours Dude,what are you talking about? I was just talking about a breakthrough on this case Wait, is that my suitcase? Oh yeah, forgot to tell you I had to borrow it for the pun Did you drill a hole in my suitcase? Why would you do that? I just told you, for the pun

Yeah, because of the hole is like the breakthrough and they're cases I get it, Sean! Oh, and also I needed it to gain access to my secret lab So that we can start the next crazy conspiracy theory Well What? Where is your secret lab? Oh, that's in the other room Then why did you have to drill a hole in my case? What was all that for? Uh, to open it? Oh(Sean gets it (>>)) There it is

Now we can get into the secret lab One minute later in the other room All right

As you guys can see here, we've been working pretty hard at this new conspiracy Proving the Earth is actually flat Cool(Sean likes it^^kawaiii) Where did that coat come from? What? It doesn't matter Are you serious? Are you doing all this because of the Kyrie Irving thing? Wait, who? You know, Kyrie Irving

The famous basketball player that came out and said that he also believes the earth is flat It's ridiculous See, I thought it was ridiculous too Until I did a little bit of research and found that there's actually a lot of people that believe this Yeah, and they're ridiculous too– and Iam one of them now You've gotta be kidding– This is a real thing, okay? People actually believed that the earth is flat They are called Flat-Earthers, and what they believe is that the government has actually tricked people into thinking that the earth is round from the time you were a little kid

Okay How do you explain actual satellite photos of earth? Uh Photoshop? Editing? Okay

What about people who actually traveled the entire globe? It's just going in circles, not around the whole thing I mean, I'm not gonna lie This one is kind of hard to believe Exactly, why would the government want to lie about the shape of the earth? See, that's exactly it They're hiding the truth from us

A truth, so mind-blowing that if people found out the whole world would come to an end and I am THIS close to figuring it out What are you doing? I dunnoIt's cool right? Got it from Spencer's I love Spencer's (*fangirling*) Alright, let's go back to the very beginning, shall we? You see in the beginning everybody thought that the earth was flat But who were the first people to actually suggest that the earth was round? Ancient Greek Philosophers and these philosophers have discovered a ton of things that we live by Well why don't we ever question them? They're ancient! For example ancient Greek Philosophers are the same people who have discovered constellations you know the idea of connecting stars to make pictures like the big dipper or zodiac signs I'm a Leo I'm uninterested But if you weren't taught about this as a kid and you were just looking at these pictures It looks nothing like what they claim it to be I mean this looks like a child's connected the dots homework from art class which by the way Here he should probably get an F for it's nothing like a fish Sorry,I'll work on that

Look, I agree Constellations don't always look like what they're supposed to be but what does that have to do with anything? We're talking about planets, not stars That's exactly it! What if it's both? See our solar system is made up of one gigantic star and a bunch of planets orbiting around it Kay? What if each of these planets are actually just points in one big constellation? See there's always been rumors and questions by people including scientist that believe that if at any point all the planets align the world will come to an end That's the constellation they're trying to hide from us! I call it SMVEMJSUN WHAT?! Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune That's the new zodiac sign of modern-day human HOW is that supposed to be human being? It's a straight line Looks like a somebody passed art class, right? Haha, I failed

What does this have to do with proving that the earth is flat, at all?! Alright, let me point out the obvious for you; What's the two most vital things that humans need to survive? I don't know your brain? yup and? your heart? Exactly, you're brain and your heart are the two most important things you need to live Just like the two most important things that humans need to live in our solar system is the Earth and the Sun, located exactly where they should be in a constellation The sun powers everything in our solar system just like our brain does and yet we can't survive without the earth which is literally an anagram for heart if you just move the h to the front Okay, but what about the others? How to hell does Mercury represent the face? Actually, it represents your mouth What? The Sun is the head as we all know the Sun gives off an incredible amount of heat

And when your head is feeling extremely hot,what does that mean? You're sick? Precisely and when you're sick you go and get a thermometer and put it where? In your mouth Thermometers are made of mercury! Exactly! Remember this constellation wasn't created today It was created a very long time ago and back in the day you didn't just stick a thermometer in your mouth to check your temperature Really? Where else would you stick it in? In your anus! It couldn't be more obvious Your anus is literally SMVEMJSUN's Uranus which means that if Mercury is the mouth and your anus is Uranus then we can figure out everything in between by looking at a regular human body What is below the mouth? What about the heart? Your throat or your neck? That's Venus! and since Saturn is right above your anus that must be your hips or your butt which should explain why it has that big hulahop around it's body, right? *giggles* We go back up to Mars which again is just another anagram for arms pretty self-explanatory And Neptune is just basically everything below Uranus, so it has to be your legs As for Jupiter I'm not quite sure I mean obviously it's the stomach because it's between the heart and the hip area since Jupiter's the biggest of them all there's a little more to it

It's not just a normal stomach They're saying that it's a huge stomach What? A huge stomach meaning that the SMVEMJSUN has something to do with the process of eating! Really? I mean why else would they make the stomach that big? and when you really look at it It does just look like a digestive track Alright so what about Pluto then hm? Pluto used to be considered a planet But now it isn't So what is that like he's toe or something and it somehow disappeared? Wait a second

it did disappear! Pluto wasn't actually attached to the body But it represents the most human-like characteristics that leads us to our next step What are you talking about? Yeah uhm i'm not too sure either Pluto is the fart! It went into Mercury, down Venus passing Earth and Mars, digesting Jupiter, preparing for takeoff from Saturn and BOOM right off Uranus flying past Neptune off to the space before what? disappearing Do you really expect anyone to believe this? I believe it I mean there's literally a picture right in front of you Don't you see it? It's a line Well like I said earlier Did you get an F in art class? NO Well, then you don't have the eye of a Greek philosopher, so you can't see it probably just like how you didn't see that having an F in art literally spells up fart It does say fart I can't believe you're resorting to fart jokes This isn't a joke What don't you understand? I understand a lot of things like facts and science

Okay You want facts and science? I'll prove it to you You already know that a fart is simply gas that comes from your anus Uranus has 27 moons The third most in our solar system Why else do you think that when you expose your butt to someone it's called mooning them? See? You did it right there

Why are you talking about Uranus when it has the third most moons? Why don't you talk about Jupiter or Saturn? Like you asked, there's a reason why Uranus is right number three for the most moons It all comes back to the biggest and gassiest thing in our solar system; The Sun You see the Sun is literally a gigantic ball of burning gas made up of mostly Hydrogen, Helium and a bunch of other random elements such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen When you add the atomic number of each of these elements you end up with 24, three short of the number of moons that Uranus has and what was Uranus ranked on the list of planets with the most moons? That's right three bringing us to twenty-seven, the exact number of moons that Uranus has So we know that Uranus is connected to the Sun

That's not the only one You see if you write all the planets backwards There's only two planets that are connected to the sun Uranus as we already know and one more, VENUS But why Venus out of all the planets? Why not Mars? We all know the saying "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" Because Mars or men have always been their way to distract us from the truth which lies with women or more specifically, Venus Think about it

Why is the Sun called the Sun and not the daughter? Yeah? Why do we call the beginning of the week Sunday? Oh! Why is it called son of a bitch, but not daughter of a bitc- Oh you can be saying that on this channel? This is the family channel Why not? They say it on TV all the time Yeah but they don't say on like Dora The Explorer SON OF A BITCH Wait wait Are we allowed to say this now? You see, "bitch" by definition actually means female dog Actually no, I was thinking about– Yes, you did

Because if not, we have to cut this part out But males are just called dogs So doesn't that make you wonder why you would even call a female dog a bitch? No Exactly! It's very intriguing You've heard of alpha male before right? You know, the one that leads the pack? Yeah, Beta is one that's followed What about it? That's just like everything else in our world Betas gravitate towards Alphas Not just with the dogs or with humans but our planets

The Moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the Sun It's all about Alpha and Beta A and B Before you go on Please, Can we at least take the sign down? It's a little offensive What? The bitch sign? Can you not– No, no it's not a bitch, remember? Because the A is Alpha and the B is Beta so B gravitates towards the A and making AB ITCH There's the proof

What? Abs are obviously referring to your stomach and an itch is just discomfort so its stomach discomfort Oh-kaay? But, remember There's a reason why they're distinguishing between men and women which is the last step to proving my theory Thank God, get this over with I can't wait *excited* Stomach discomfort, specifically for a woman and only a woman can only mean one thing; Pregnancy! The creation of life! However, because men can't get pregnant the only thing that the stomach can suffer from men could possibly mean is something we already know Its a fart! Farts are the babies of men! Cuz women don't fart, right? Not that I know of

Again -for the millionth time- how does a fart prove that the Earth is flat? look It's simple Giving birth is the creation of life to a human being But a fart is much much bigger than that

Flat-Eathers were right all along The earth is flat But that's not the only thing The sun, of all the other planets everything in our entire solar system the entire universe is all flat Because it's all FLATULENCE TEEHEE! Can you stop doing that? What? I'm not letting it end like this You're not getting away with this one

Getting away with it? I just proved it The Earth is flat, it's flatulence Flatulence means farting Don't worry I had to look it up too on Google I get it Sean! Then what are you confused about? It all adds up The Big Bang What is the fart made of? Gas Just like the Sun! Yeah, but see that's the Sun and we're talking about the Earth and the Earth isn't made of gas, it's a solid which negates all of your logic and props to you for doing all of this, but that does not prove that the Earth is flat It is true

I guess that means the Earth isn't a fart Thank you Cuz It's a solid fart WHAT? A solid fart?! What does that mean? The Earth is shit TEEHEE

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