Powerpuff Girls Paraody by Nigahiga – ( TÜRKÇE ALTYAZILI )

The city of Townsville is insufficient and too many drawings people's favorite super hero going home trio They know the Powerpuff Girls! – Hey, Professor? Hey, girls! How's it going ? Is it true you you're really smart and start creating human than ever? – Uh huh

We were just wondering, um What the fuck did not you give us the finger?! I try to draw my fingers I tried to cut my own

Girls, look, this was the only casualty çalımamı- things to do Now we will simulate ass popping their fingers! Girls, no, please! Just let me explain! how to send an e-mail so you know that it is difficult for me? I understand bilmiyo- bb- Have you ever tried to write your elbow?! No, but I-I imagine edebili- remaining mired in a bitter fucking

Yes, because it is not our fingertips, no, our nails I mean, how do you expect us to take our ball scraped the dirt? Uh What? Mr

Sachs says in gym class dirt from the class ayrılamayacağıız scrape out until the ball! Sometimes I play with my ponies and they just keep falling off Do you see what we have suffered because of you?! No, girls, please- You have to understand, of course, you give-me Oh no! This phone line Powerpuff Girls! Let's go girls! La- What was that?! What happened, president? Girls, city of Townsville under attack! By whom ? by HIM! Who is he? (Hum = O) No, it is Him I do not know who is who Then whom do you want us to stop first? Who Is He or Is it? Who are you talking about?! Just stop the hymen! So Is She then we will kill whom first? No! Only HIM! Who is he? And He first? Who forgot to take care of first, and only himler! Wait, so who's going first? Just go! I understand ! Let's go girls! You know the priest is not going to get references from anyone, right? Who, H? From them Who are they ? Hi girls ! I was expecting you

Hum This! Ooh, Hum, so called "he" or looks like It's such a non-creative thinking Yes, I, H, and I come to destroy you! Wait, so "Who?" You? I'm falling Any last words, girls? Yeah, well, what are you? What? Supposedly something you like crabs? Yes, or lobster or something else? Do something about Mr crab? And why the girl's name was similar Hum (OR = male?) Is going on? Yes, ALL (OR = girl?) Are not you supposed to be? You look like one of the insidious demons, and I'm afraid at the moment

ENOUGH ! Say goodbye, girls! Wait! Uggrr is! Now what ?! Why are you doing this, Hum? Because I'm tired of people make fun of me, Me being me being different, and red, instead of clamping the fact that my hands! Children, tabikide can deal with it We know what it's like to be different At least you've got barnacles, look at us, we do not have nothing No hands, no claws, no feet Uvuz are just plain old

Yeah, you're not just different ones People are having fun with us, you know My Ponies still in place Oh! I think more than I thought we similar to each other Yes, I think we are, huh

What do you know? Go ahead and destroy Townsville In no way we do not like these people already Yes, actually, people are an abomination! The difference is the smallest of them, have fun with you! Brown Ponies! I listened to all of you, I do not feel angry anymore I do not feel so alone anymore Then maybe you do not is no longer in Townsville Hmmm, maybe no

for now Seriously ?! Goodbye girls

Huh It was quite easy And so the day was saved again Teşekkürlerimiz- Hey, professor? Hey-hey, girls! We not only my own finger We want to say that this is not the end of the world You see, girls? That is to say you CA- Because we'll get yours Wait, what? the Powerpuff Girls! TeeHee Thank you for İzem 🙂

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