Pokemon: The Horror Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

Dear Ryan, Can you make a horror skit about how it feels to be a Pokemon? Pikachu Ryan: Come on, please, Mom? Momma Pikachu Arden: *sigh* I don't know It's gonna be dark soon

Pikachu: But I'm not even gonna go that far! And I'll be back before dinner! I promise *Momma Pikachu sighs* What are the rules? Pikachu: Oh! Um No fighting, stay away from the city , And be back before it's dark! See? I got it! Momma Pikachu: And? Pikachu: And Momma Pikachu: And if you see a human? Pikachu: Come on, there's never been any– Momma Pikachu: AND IF YOU SEE A HUMAN? Pikachu: If I see a human, I will run away (Momma Pikachu sighs) Momma Pikachu: Be back before dinner

Pikachu: THANKS MOM! (Pikachu laughs) Growing up in the Viridian was, Well , normal We were in the deepest part of the forest, So there weren't many other pokemon around It was quiet peaceful nothing really ever happened At least, that's what I thought

Pikachu: MOOOM! I'M BACK! Mom? Mom, why

why's all the things in the front– *GASP* AH! Momma Pikachu: Run Pikachu: AH AH AH *ZAP* *Pikachu crying* PIKACHU I CHOOSE YOUUUUU Pikachu: AAAAAAAAAH!!! *loud crowd cheering* Ready, kid? Pikachu: NANI? Let's just get this battle over with Pikachu: Battle? I-I don't want to battle you though You don't get a choice *punch* *bell rings* Nurse Joy: And

there we go! All better! Lemme go and get your trainer for you This your first time? Pikachu: The hell's going on? I was just all beat up and now I'm

That human that just left She healed us Pikachu: Why would a human try to help us? HELP US? *scoffs* You got a lot to learn They make us fight until the brink of death Just before one of us dies, they heal us Nurse Joy: And there we go All better! They make us do it all over again Nurse Joy: And there we go! All better! Pikachu: But why don't you guys just NOT fight? You don't HAVE to obey them

Don't you think we've tried that? THEY BREAK YOU Pikachu: LET ME OUTTTTTTTT You don't know what it's like to be stuck in that ball for weeks, months, even YEARS Nothing to do nothing to see

No one to talk to You start to forget yourself Pikachu: Ash is my Master

Who you are where you're from

I'd much rather fight every day of for the rest of my life, for these 2-3 minutes of freedom Than to be stuck in that balland lose myself Echos: All Better! Echos: Really hoped to see you today! Pikachu: LET ME OUT, I KNOW YOU HEAR ME! *screams and flashbacks* PIKACHU I

CHOOSE YOU Pikachu: *shaking* N-no Pikachu: Mom? *smack* *overlapping nurse voices* Pikachu: MOM! STOP! FIGHT! OR YOU'LL NEVER COME OUT OF THAT BALL AGAIN! *flashbacks* *intense fighting* (Pikachu, shaking and sobs) Pikachu: I'm sorry, Mom Pikachu: I'm so sorry Gotta Catch Em Allll *evil laughter* TEEHEE!

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