Playing The Chameleon Game!

[Derrick]: Rolling // [Ryan]: Action [Sean]: Action // [Greg]: Guys, we're going to play a game That's not the game that we're playing [Will]: I'm the player 1 (Paco chocked on himself) (everyone laughing) [Greg]: The game is called chameleon [Daina]: Catch the chameleon [Will]: What are we playing? [Ryan]: I hope that (everyone laughing) (again) [Greg]: It's sort of like // [Ryan]: Spyfall [Greg]: Spyfall // [Daina]: With words [Ryan]: This is how you play

Some of it might be wrong because we [Ryan]: have made some stuff on it [Paco]: The rules of chameleons are quite simple All players are given a player card at the beginning of the game Which have answers depending on the dice roll Except for one players card which tells them that they are the Chameleon And their job is to blend in as well as they possibly can Once the dice is rolled you will then refer to your player card to see what the answer is on the topic card The topic card is flipped and according to what is on your player card, you now know the answer just like everyone else except the chameleon

The next round is communication Each player will use only one word to hint that they know what the answer is At the end of that round each player will vote with very little discussion at the same time who they think the chameleon is If a team picks a player the chameleon wins because they have escaped If the team picks the chameleon the chameleon has one chance To guess out of the sixteen possible answers what the correct answer is So it's like Spyfall, but the endings are flipped [Daina]: Alright, pick a card [Ryan]: (whispering) God I hope I'm not the one [Greg]: OOH // [Daina]: Alright [Will]: Let me see [Daina]: Topic card Roll the dice [Ryan]: Daina? // [Daina]: Yup, I'm gonna start !!! THE TOPIC IS CLOWN FISH !!! [Ryan]: I forgot what Greg said already Cause I was thinking my own thing [Paco]: FIN

GEORGIE SALTY (points at the clueless Ryan) [Ryan]: What did I say? (Sean laughs) // [Daina]: Forgetful [Ryan&Paco]: Forgetful [Sean]: See? Forget you [Ryan]: I said egg

[Paco]: Yours alright, I think [Ryan]: Who do you guys think? [Paco]: I think it's Will [Ryan]: I would guess Will [Paco]: I think it's Will [Sean]: Salty's like the whole hint // [Daina]: Oh ok [Greg]: I'm not even look // [Daina]: Um [Everyone]: OOOOHH [Daina]: Show your card [Everyone]: Ayyeeee [Will]: I'm the the Chame-Chame-Chameleon [Paco]: But you gotta guess [Daina]: But // [Will]: Clown fish [Daina]: There you go You got one point // [Greg]: Dang [Ryan]: Yup [Greg]: So we get zero points and Will gets one point // [Paco]: Yeah // [Daina]: Mhm [Sean]: Pick a card pick a card

Take the middle Pick a card Any card [Daina]: The topic is [Everyone]: Bands [Seans]: Band names [Greg]: Bands that makes you dance [Paco]: We know so much about this [Will]: I don't know any of this !!! THE TOPIC IS QUEEN !!! [Paco]: I'll start [Greg]: I don't know any of this [Paco]: You're good AHAHA I'm pretty sure // [Greg]: Oh (Paco's annoying laugh as always) [Ryan]: Breath [Paco]: This one's hard [Will]: What'd you say? [Paco]: I think you're safe [Sean]: What did everyone say? Hold on

I missed // [Ryan]: Yeah [Paco]: BURNHAM // [Ryan]: What'd you say? // [Sean]: BURNHAM [Daina]: PEDAL [Greg]: I said BLIZZARD [Will]: I said WHITE [Will]: And you said HG // [Ryan]: Yeah [Greg]: HG? [Paco]: I think you're safe and I think Will's safe [Ryan]: Don't you dare you the decider? [Paco]: No, no It's in my head I'm verbalizing what I said in my head [Greg]: Damn Ryan's like four layers deep [Daina]: I don't get his Wait, what your / [Greg]: Blizzard [Paco]: OOH now I know what you're Ok I know AHAHAHAHA [Paco]: It's not 4 layers It's like 3 or 2 (Paco's annoying laugh again) [Paco]: As soon as you said that I was like [Paco]: So everybody point out on 3 1

2 3 [Everybody]: 4 and 2 [Ryan]: Wait, you pointing at Will? Or Greg? // [Daina]: Yeah Will [Paco]: But 3 of us point at you [Ryan]: Okay, so what? [Ryan]: If you accuse me that I can't defend myself [Greg]: Defend yourself // [Sean]: Dude just defend yourself [Ryan]: Okay I'm just gonna say elements

[Will]: What was your first thing? [Ryan]: HG [Sean]: Oh [Ryan]: See, Sean! [Sean]: I got you I got you dude See? That's why they're point at you (Ryan and Sean laughing at their inner joke) [Ryan]: That's why Yeah [Ryan]: I think it's Daina // [Daina]: NOOO [Will]: I think the round is going too long The first gone really fast [Paco]: Yeah that's why we don't need a defending // [Greg]: Okay [Paco]: That's why it takes a long

// [Greg]: Alright [Greg]: So next let's just scrap all that Let's pick a new person [Ryan]: Okay, then I lost, then [Paco]: Yeah, just do that // [Ryan]: Wanna see? // [Paco]: Yeah [Paco]: Oh so we lost

Who was the chameleon? [Ryan]: Will See White // [Paco]: Ahh [Sean]: Hg is mercury [Derrick]: Hmm [Sean]: And do you guys know why mercury? [Daina]: Yes [Greg]: Ohh // [Paco]: Freddie Mercury? [Greg]: Damn // [Sean]: Freddie Mercury [Paco]: And Greg's is Dairy Queen (everyone laughing) [Paco]: I GOT YOU [Ryan]: Wait, what is pedal? [Daina]: BICYCLE [Everyone]: Oh [Ryan]: Damn I would never thought of that

// // [Sean]: I wanna ride my bicycle (idk what they're talking about) [Will]: See they're all white [Ryan]: Damn, Will is doing good That was a good ass guesser [Daina]: I was pointed at Will too [Daina]: Here you card, Dealer [Paco]: So now we know the dealer can't pick [Ryan]: I didn't know that [Will]: The topic is GEOGRAPHY [Greg]: Okay, my number one // [Sean]: Subject // [Greg]: Subject in that !!! THE TOPIC IS SEA !!! [Will]: And my word is [Paco]: Well, at least we know you're not the chameleon [Ryan]: Is that to be a real word? (inaudible) [Ryan]: I can't think of anything for some reason [Will]: No It can be a fake word [Ryan]: But this is the first thing that came to my mind as soon as I seen it [Sean]: Alright // [Paco]: Go for it [Ryan]: I'm just gonna do it [Sean]: Wait what? [Paco]: But that's a word [Sean]: Wait, one more time [Greg]: (inaudible) WHAT THE? [Ryan]: Will did you get that? // [Will]: Yeah [Greg]: Wait, one more time

[Ryan]: SAR (now I'm scared at Will's laugh) (Greg's too) [Greg]: I don't know, dude [Sean]: You gotta say it like that? // [Ryan]: Yep [Greg]: Guys these are deep [Greg]: I am dumb [Daina]: What are you // [Paco]: I don't know either [Ryan]: Actually mine is pretty dumb

Mine is like not a good one [Ryan]: War is great [Paco]: Mine is [Greg]: 75?! [Ryan]: What did you say? [Ryan]: Okay [Greg]: Are you guys ready for mine? // [Ryan]: Mhm [Greg]: I'm gonna blow your guys' minds, dude [Paco]: N? [Paco]: Llike the letter N? [Greg]: YEAH [Paco]: WHAT? // [Ryan]: Ok I got it (Ryan & Greg laughing at their inner joke) [Ryan]: That's a good one [Ryan]: I love that one [Ryan]: Damn, you got Stanford for all these You deserve the Stanford, okay [Ryan]: Who are we accusing? [Greg]: I'm blossom (I'm not sure that what he said, tho) All of them

(gives in opinion) [Paco]: Alright so let's say for once [Paco]: DERRICK // [Sean]: I forgot what I said [Ryan]: SAR // [Sean]: WAR [Paco]: 75 [Ryan]: I don't get these two // [Daina]: UNDER [Ryan]:I get that // [Paco]: I get under I don't get his Ryan]: Definitely not It can't be Will [Sean]: Yeah, it can't be Will [Ryan]: I mean personally, I think it's (points at Sean) I just don't know what it is [Ryan]: I get these [Will]: I don't get these three [Sean]: Wow // [Ryan]: You don't get mine? [Will]: No // [Daina]: I think I get Greg's [Paco]: I don't get N [Will]: You don't get Greg's? // [Will]: Nope [Ryan]: Okay I get Greg's [Ryan]: I'm a hundred percent get Greg's [Daina]: I think I get Greg's // [Ryan]: I'm hundred percent get Greg's [Paco]: N? [Will]: Wait I will say all the role [Will]: DERRICK // [Greg]: I can't figure it out // [Ryan]: SAR [Sean]: WAR [Paco]: 75 [Daina]: UNDER [Greg]: N // [Will]: Okay [Sean]: 3

// [Paco]: NOO // [Sean]: 2 1 [Will]: I don't know [Ryan]: Greg is pointing at Paco // [Paco]: Well Greg's pointing at me [Paco]: Uh I am [Will]: OOH // [Ryan]: Damn [Ryan]: It was Sean, huh? // [Sean]: Yeah // [Ryan]: Damn it [Ryan]: Why d'you get war [Daina]: War at sea? [Paco]: Yeah but it didn't say war anywhere [Daina]: No War at sea

It's like a common term [Will]: Wait, what was 75? [Paco]: If you see, a C is average 75 is average [Will]: Ohh // [Daina]: Woow [Daina]: That's not using the word [Ryan]: So see that's exactly [Ryan]: That's exactly a // [Sean]: D [Ryan]: How I would have said it if it wasn't like that's like too similar [Will]: NC 17(idk tho) // [Greg]: No [Ryan]: SEAN (sea+n) (everybody's laughing) [Ryan]: How did no one get that? [Will]: Ryan's s was SCISSORS (sea+sar) [Everybody]: OOHHHH [Ryan]: Sea Sar [Ryan]: (inaudible) said Sean [Greg]: Dude, that's it I knew he was a chameleon, too [Derrick]: No, don't look [Greg]: The topic is [Paco]: Derrick rolls [Everybody]: Musical Instruments [Ryan]: Five

Five Burgers and fries [Greg]: It's like a balance of getting people to guess your word and getting people laugh !!! THE TOPIC IS VOICE (I guess) !!! [Ryan]: It's more about the laugh // [Greg]: Yeah [Sean]: Paco's sitting next to me so Paco (idk what Paco said) [Will]: I'm so shame [Greg]: Oh my Gosh [Derrick]: Everyone say their word [Sean]: Yeah, go for it [Paco]: LEVINE // [Greg]: Dang this is it [Derrick]: DARTH VADER [Daina]: CHAIR [Greg]: What was mine? // [Sean]: BUTTON [Will]: What was mine? [Sean]: DEEP // [Will]: Yeah, that's a good one [Ryan]: 75 // [Sean]: It was deep [Will]: Oh I'm not sure [Paco]: We're pointing out Ready? [Paco]: 1 2 3

[Paco]: Well, you gotta point at somebody [Derrick]: I don't know [Ryan]: Derrick, point // [Paco]: Just point [Ryan]: He's like this [Clueless Derrick]: Uh [Paco]: Don't look at us Just point [Derrick]: I don't have an answer [Ryan]: Just

It doesn't matter we have three [Derrick]: Okay // [Paco]: Alright Open your card [Everybody]: OH NO [Derrick]: But she said chair [Ryan]: What was that mean? [Daina]: If you guess your word then you would know [Greg]: (high pitched) THIS IS THE VOICE [Paco]: Ohhh damn you're right [Sean]: Who's the chameleon? [Ryan]: Oh, that's me [Sean]: Ayee // [Derrick]: Aww [Will]: What did you say? // [Ryan]: 75 [Greg]: Dang you freaking got me bro // [Derrick]: You guys forced me to make a decision [Paco]: What were you thinking about? [Greg]: I thought it was going like [Paco]: OH SAME

IT'S C [Ryan]: There's multiple ways // [Paco]: And then there's five [Ryan]: It was like the note was C // [Paco]: Yeah, yeah [Will]: Damn, Derrick that was the one I'm thinking too [Derrick]: You guys forced me to answer too fast [Will]: That's part of the game // [Derrick]: I want to point at Ryan [Paco]: You always want to point a Ryan [Ryan]: But we already had three going in here // [Sean]: Yeah (talking at the same time) [Will]: You pick me? // [Greg]: I don't know why [Will]: I said DEEP! That's the worst // [Greg]: I know [Ryan]: Once you said Levine, I thought VOICE [Ryan]: That would be my guess [Greg]: Alright guys do it next time when we [Ryan]: Playing something else we don't know how to play [Derrick]: Seven [Greg]: Wedding anniversaries [Ryan]: Three Two

What was it? [Ryan]: Wedding anniversary three, two three [Ryan]: That's Greg that's Greg

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