Philippines Trip!

*car noise* alright We're off to A great start! A great start because we might not even make this first flight to LAX thanks to me because I was late and I almost forgot the camera too, aaaaand yeah There's a lot going down right now I'm nervous, yo You nervous? Are we gonna make this first flight or what? Start off the Philippines trip good? I hope so

Or not Yeah, we'll see how this goes But

we'll let you know Ina little :p Are you still recording? Yeah Oh! -Laughing- Yo We made it! Yeah we made it

The security line was probably the longest I've ever seen it There was a line to get to the security line! Derrick pulled a hack and went to the security guard and went," (sob) I gotta see my mom She's, she's hurt and, I need to go in the first class line" Nah, he didn't do that But Derrick did go talk to the security guard and he let us go into the first class line

and then, we all went from this (sad face) to (mwahahaa) this (Music) and then we went through security and now we are here Yap, and just to find out that our flight is delayed so we got alot of time alright well the journey continues we're late we're late we're late we're late we're late we're late we're late we made it -Laugh of relief- See you soon, Phillippines I didn't sleep at all -Chuckle- Hey David! Good morning good morning (High pitched) Good morning And dance -funny tap dancing- Well! We just got to the Philippines like5 hours ago? Now we're about to take off Yep 🙁 We're headed to an island So since obama's in town -Sarcastic- Thanks a lot Obama

(Singing) Obama's in town Obama's in town Obama's in town, Obama's in town (Derrick trying to use the refrigerator as an instrument) (Laughter) ??????????? to a private Airport we're going to have a private plane but it's three hours away with traffic so they're getting us a police have to get us there in like an hour or something i was saying i don't know it's a good idea is what people think we're Obama and yet hacker who may be like the police in the front of the back with the band so you might think we're like actually important and they might attack you see what were the decoy we are gonna take a serious like things going through my mind we're stuck on that island – so if anything happens to them we're going to be right there we stopped because Obama's in 10 about it down I bring them all right now for the airport for us to get it I think you can possibly get yay and remember I mean it that way catch it oh boy 30 I see you later bro thank you yeah I yeah ya big bully yo guys my do Sean he's losing it right now I found what happened got my passport pictures in the mosque Boston hospital crap are we in wherein the airport and Shawn Butler without a fast what if you use it for real you're stuck you're welcome to my channel posted at some are lovely people came to the airport here in my life and whoa whoa chicken baby that's David Wright there in years right there with a cop stops and go again from this view though dude your hair here look like a different person almost a pretty much your surfer dude Oh all right oh you are almost ready David in town there is it down everybody gave is in town dad there is a time are what are we doing today boys what are we doing today what are we doing today I'm gonna go run we're going we're going to do a mud wrap yeah 10 I got a lot of mud and this place sounds like suds what does that even means hey you guys wanna go to jail will be bringing the island hop today we are going to go out what happened today I tell them the good news though what they found it oh yeah before my passport that's super lucky in most countries just feel that selling it's worth so much money to go yes they will hire peace out yeah all right let's dinner again yeah alright that's it for the whole we're heading back to Manila to the performance thanks pail – food was amazing yeah crazy entertainment everybody was super nice we got to go in the water see some fish alright see you back to Manila tomorrow morning awesome traditional filipino food you're what see what in 321 people it's it's not me it wasn't food but come on passport I now you can get back in the states were sitting in the food Lake ale finally all right eric is here people think that yeah excited for this use original feel beautiful first by the day and maybe nobody alright so just got to our hotel room because ryan knocked out after we ate some mcdonalds we came to a little surprise we got a cookie quickly that's cool thank you so much click there anymore in a meeting here – Talon brolo watch out watch out here just to meet Derek sorry bro are there are you Jesus – right right all right hold on see what you got for jungle the day when you start getting good i'm gonna throw the Apple and I get it all right time when you're ready all right go that's what we speak my bad dude block the head I was just trying to throw it up put it over your face what is it is me great sure now watch me read it now watch me me me no watch me greeted and what we will be doing right now what are you waiting for Sean let's go let's go tional ok it's ok it'll be too high lock the doors no yeah you right it's better that way so it is show day today and we have a performance are you how you feeling like you're ready let's see you we probably rehearsed I like 20 times the show still not then you are good i simply i feel good too right as long as you can this is how we kill time this is what we come to Asia – how long – I was making job thank you trying to make it bare sex god we got to include you fouseytube ER and it's gonna make this a thumbnail flex flex hmm damn still went to the gym huh you want you work out without you went to the gym me or tell us all right well off get get a good change truth we have to shower late just kidding we're not happy that Franklin fouseytube a cramp with you yeah yeah whoo-hoo great like that they're going on young yeah my name is Katrina yeah I know we see your mind my armpits are damp I'll tell you that much show me I don't believe you see it yeah that's good yeah oh you're busting oh we got it was actually gonna let you guys know who step boys are your walkies yeah yes that's him think that the data are mean Green's over a veil over yeah higher awesome how many people and we have a lot of energy alliance thank you mommy alright so we just got finished with the whole game it's got back to the room now with all of the stuff that you guys gave us from here thank you very much reheating and we're about to open them right now so don't fuck it up alright so a lot of goodies got a lot of stuff over here we don't have time to a tee time yeah as we have to go we have to go over here performing linked to ours yeah when we have to rehearse thank you guys so much thank you everybody give us stuff in order to believe it thank you crazy there's so much stuff in the only met like 50 people gotta go dance not go go go go go it's a little bit yeah we have won all of the last night but that thank you to every single person that came home pissed quality and mission of work at Arby's be back we will bring a friend cool up here right here Paul Keating sheet yes

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