P: What are you doing? D: I just wanna tell you that you're toe-rrific At being a good friend

(ba dum tss) P: That was bad D: Was it P: Toe-rrible

D: Totally bad P: Oh, never mind D: What's up everybody Oh, you know what today is? P: Yeah today is a day that we should have posted a while ago (annoying Paco's laugh) D: If you guys are new here, I am Derek And this is P: Paco What up? P: We helped Ryan do a pun video which is right there and we figured why not do it as well

You know we're pretty good at puns D: We the pun masters We so uhtotally cool P: Oh I was going to say "Please don't say punny

" P: So Ryan's like 'when people say punny It's so bad' I hate that too P: They're like 'you're so punny' P: I just wanted like I pun-ch them in the face D: You wanna pun-ch P: That's what I was the joke P: Derek

Joke Over his head D: We're accepting Ryan's challenge P: But we thought we're gonna change it up a little bit and instead of doing a bunch of different words P: we're gonna do the first word the random word generator give us The word is P: Generate! P: Pearrrrrr P: What if we go to the store and just like buy a bunch of pears and try to do pear puns with them D: Alright

Let's go P: They're some ugly pears D: We gotta be pre-pearrr (ba dum tss) P: Oh, that's a good one P: Pair P-A-I-R

D: P-A-I-R D: P-A-I-R Pair P-A-I-R You know wild card, we're a pair that's for the transition song my fruit looks healthy your fruit looks like it's Perishing because this is super dead Mine does look a little dead I think it needs to be repaired wait What'd you say? I can't hear you up my hearing must be impaired What is this? Two pairs? No It's a pair What this It disappeared oh All we gotta do is put some yellow hair on this Paris Hilton? My pear was never able to walk must be a paraplegic If this tells us to be a pair that peer pressure, or is this peer pressure AH dammit pears are kinda hard dude

I thought it was going to blow up and look super cool, but no It's just like YOU GOTTA REAL WEAK FIST This almost looks like I'm picking my nose Huh, but if I turn this way, I'm just scratching it It's all about perspective if you want to talk about perspective this one has an ugly appearance Pear is pretty brown does that make it a grizzlee pear? I ate six of these in one minute That's a personal record Oh, my gosh

There's just so many pears It's like a paradox these guys are my It's a pair of docs Just writing a paragraph You know Math or PEMDAS? Know what the first thing is it's parentheses

What are you doing? It's got stripes now It's a leopard If this was shaped as a perfect square It would be a Parallelogram, I don't know why I'm doing math ones? If this was clear, it'd be transparent Judy It's feeding off my energy

It's a parasite CompairingTORONAMOO He got a parachute Give me a kiss yes, all right mmm He's desperate Desperate

I like that when people aren't confident with their puns They gotta say it again, but way faster Parkourse I think we've got enough should we go into the story? This is a pear This is the pair This a pair of pairs Pears suck

I dissed a pear I disappeared Disappeared a pair of pears That is perfect I like experiments I like parakeets I like pearls

I like parodies I like Perrier I like Paris *OUI OUI* I like paper That is perfect If you make a pear do something Well is it peer pressure? If you stand on a dock Well is it pier pressure? If you threaten to skin a pair Is it pare pressure? Eat a pair of pears on a pier That is perfect Huh, who said that? You monster! Prepare for trouble

You could talk? We're experiments of that scientist Who are you guys? We are the parents of those pears you just ate I'm sorry I'm sorry, I didn't know! Sorry? You put us in despair And all you can say is sorry? Our babies perish and you expect us to be okay with a a sorry? Well I thought it was a snack! A snack huh? Well since you can't repair the damage you caused us, I hope you're ready for a snack attack Deep voice speaks: An experiment gone wrong

pears have come alive Growing personality's And prepairing for the rise of a new dominant species Paramount Pictures presents ladies and gentlemen apparently There have been multiple reports of pear attacking around the world Causing paralysis and death

Mom I love you dad wait give the phone to mom It is imperative that you seek shelter immediately God help us all Let this be a parity to the human race On what happens when you mess with pears Gather your Spears Spare no lifes So guys what should we do? This is pears right? Why are we just eat them? I'm black

We don't eat fruit Accept watermelon, right? Racist At least we got two movie stereotypes done right and move to a new age and create our own paradise this is PEARFECT Hey guys Thanks so much for watching our pun challenge response video And if you guys liked that video don't forget to watch last week's video because it really needs the views

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