Parkourse at the Park! (ep.3)

Warning: The following video contains stupid and dangerous activities Do not attempt to reenact, recreate or reincarnate any of the following stunts, dares or pretty much anything that's performed in this video

Viewer discretion is advised Alright, so I got my water bottle *DING* We got matching shirts We got five of us We got myself, Derrick, Sean, Will, Greg We're back at it! At the park, Parkourse in the Parkourse

Parkourse in the park *Singing* Parkourse in the park~ AYYYYYYYY *Gibberish wtf* *EXPLOSION* Are you guys doing parkour? NO! IT'S PARKOURSE! For those of you that never watched the show, it's like horse– the basketball game, but with parkour Except we're not we don't do parkour

So basically you're gonna watch usfall and stuff Whoevers turn it is they have to do something and everybody else has to follow

mOnKeY sEe mOnKeY dO If Greg were to do that, the next person following Greg would have to do would have to also do that And if they fail, they get a strike

If everybody can do your stunt, you also get a strike because that means your stunt was too easy And each stunt has to be ten seconds or less Three strikes and you're out So we're going in order by who won last time Greg you get to go first since you won

You're up *Music* You gotta touch that The metal thing up there Will: WHAT?? That's so high! Ryan: No way man

Will: It's– It's like climbing a palm tree Ryan: Dude, your shoes are not slipping? Will: They are Sean: DAmn (inaudible) Derrick: Keep going Greg, you got it! Ryan: Oh dude Everyone: OHNOOOOOOOO -Will: So close -Ryan: Close dude Sean: You gotta run and jump all the way up to *jumps* this step Ryan: WOAH WOAH Derrick: Damn dude! Greg: Nice! Everyone: Ooohh~ Ryan: Man that was tight! Ryan: Go Will! *inspiring music for supersonic will* Will: Too fast Everyone: *Laughs* Yeah! -Greg: HEH! -Ryan: Oh dude Greg: I tried

Sorry mom :< Ryan: Jump on this slide right here Then you jump from here and you have to get up to there, jump across the other rail, hang down and drop In 10 seconds BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEEEEP!!! (fab) Sean: 566 seconds

*PUNCH* Who's up? (all talking) Will: It's pretty wobbly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) WOBBLE WOBBLE WOBBLE Will: It's pretty wobbly Sean: 708 seconds *HUFF* *Cheering* Will! Will! Will! *Ryan laughs* Ryan: The sound effects! *Will howls* Derrick: 915 Seconds Everyone:WOOOOOOOOAH Ryan: You just made it! Good job! Will: It's actually hard *SMACK* Ryan: Technique WOOOOOHH~ 7 Seconds

WHOOOOOOAH If Sean does this, I get a strike because they alldid itunder 10 seconds I should have made it– I should have made it like 7 seconds Ryan: J-Just take your time Sean Take your time

No Nah *Laughs* 700 seconds Ryan: Nice! Damn it I get a strike! I made it too easy :'( Sean: It's okay Ryan: It's okay, I'll take the strike *STRIKE* -Derrick: Alright, so I drew this line right here -Sean: 'Kay You gotta jump itfrom there 3 pumps Ryan: 3 pumps then you gotta cross that line

Let's go! Sean: Alright *Derrick laughing* Ryan: Three! *SWOOSH* *Laughing* Ryan: I mean, you hit the line Will: WHAOOO One! Ryan: Oh-o dude Two! *Will grunts* Ryan: Dude, that's hard, dude Three! *GRUNT* Sean: OHHOHOHO Damn, hella air

THREE! *SWOOSH* WOOOOOHH Sean: Damn, hella far TWO! Sean: wo-ah Ryan: You got it, Sean! THREE! *SWOOSH* OHHHHH OOOOOOOH Sean: Did I miss it? *SLOW-MO REPLAY* Ryan: I mean, he touched it with one of his feet Ryan: Oh, you're behind it? Sean: I get a point *STRIKE* Will: You have to jump Over this 360 Will: Let's do the second step, guys Ryan: It's safer than, the other one

*BOING* -WOHH -Good try *BOING* -OHHH -Ryan: You have to land– *BOING* WOAHHH *BOING* WOAAHHH *BOING* Greg: Barely! Ryan: I count it~ (Basically everyone saying 'I count it') Ryan: I count it Sean: Yeah, I count it Will: That means, I got a strike *STRIKE* Ryan: How does that scare you? When you do, like backflips

Derrick is like– a stuntman Greg: I'm gonna go -High jump, -Derrick: Oh, gosh into coffin position, and slide down *MAJOR FAIL* *Everyone laughs* *Cheering* Sean! Sean! SEEAAAN! Greg: There it is! That was nice Sean: Oh dude Hella scary

Greg: That was like, what I wanted to do *Sean & Greg laughs* EUGHHH Greg: There it is! Yeah~ Ryan: That is scary! Yeah *EPIC FAIL* *Everyone laughs* *STRIKE* Greg: Got that clean break! Ryan: Now we all have one strike Sean: Yup Greg: One

Greg: One Ryan: Round one! Sean: You just have to jump over this tube Will: Woah Sean: No using the holes *Derrick laughs* *Ryan laughs* Derrick: Go Sean! Sean: Ahh Ryan: Aaaaand, time! Sean: HELP Ryan: Damnnn, that was– That was a good attempt Good attempt though Greg: He said 'help'! Ryan: Ten seconds You gotta climb over this bench thing, And then jump onto the fence, and climb over that

-Greg: In ten seconds?! -Ryan: Yup BEEP! BEEP! BEEEP! Start! Sean: Man, that was hella fast! *BOING* *Singing* Spider-man~ Spider-man~ Will: Danana na Sean: 778 Seconds Greg: No way! We actually got to do this?! *Laugh* Ryan: Nice Ryan: And now he's on the– oHH he's already on the spider climb! As you can see he's mounting over– What's the time? Sean: 9

91 Seconds Damn it! -Greg: 991? -Ryan: Will you got this brO! -Parkour! -Will: DANANAN *Singing* DANANAN *Louder* DAANAANAAN -Ryan: Oh dude -Will: DANAN -Greg: Oh, he's ready DANANAN DANANAN!! Ryan: Ooh, that was flawless Ryan: Nice

Will: EUGHH Ryan: Nice, dude! oOoOH Sean: 878 Seconds Greg: Nice! Ryan: He did it without even climbing down, That's a far drop! Let's go, Greg! *HISTORICAL FAIL* -OHH -Ryan: Oh, dude! Sean: Are you okay? Ryan: Are you alright? Sean: Oh my gawd Ryan & Sean: What happened? Greg: I'm too short *SLOW-MO REPLAY* Sean: Are you okay, bro? Ryan: Oh, I thought that was skin– That was just a rock *Laughs* Will: TIME! -Sean: oHOHO -Ryan: Damn Sean: You gud bro? *STRIKE* Derrick: Alright, mine, Is you gotta walk up these stairs, With no hands, and then come back down with no hands oH Greg: Nice Derrick: whew -Greg: Nice! -Ryan & Sean: 6

23! Ryan(?): Breathing technique Will: AYYYYY *Claps* Derrick: Nice *Will Singing* -Derrick: Nice! -Sean: Nice -Greg: That one right there, huh? -Sean: Yeah, its like, it kinda just gets in your way Derrick: Dang it -Derrick: *whispers* Dang it -Sean: Hella fast Will: Strike for Derrick! *STRIKE* Ryan: *singing* Strike for Derrick~ DANANA Will: You have to, take your hands, Put 'em on your knees

Walk like this *QUACK (x3)* Go up here and when you see this here, You shoot through, your hands come up Get through this as fast as you can on your stomach, Come out, put your hands back in the 'duck walk' position *QUACK* And walk down BEEEEP! *Will yells* *Chanting* Willie! Willie Greg: Here we go! Ryan: Time! Derrick: 941 Sean: dAAMNN Will: WOOOAH (idk wtf he said here) Sean: *Imitating an airplane* Oh dude! Will: Go, go, go! Sean: Come on, ten seconds bro! WOAHH Derrick: 96 Sean: woah! *Singing* Ryan: Missile wHEEE Ryan: OOOHH! I heard that burn! -*Sean groaning* OW -Ryan: Damn

8! Sean: ow -wheEE -Ryan: OW *Gibberish* AY Will: Damn! You got like, 7– something! *Derrick laughing* Will: SHOOT! -Sean: *WOOSH* -Ryan: Nice, Derrick! Sean: *Imitating planes again* Will: Duck, duck, duck! Sean: PAPAPAPAPAPA Will: 955! Sean: WOOOOAH Ryan: Will gets a strike! Will: I got my second strike *STRIKE* Greg: I don't think I have enough time, but I wanted to slide down here, start here, handstand walk to this pole, put your butt up against it, and then flip around, and then hug it Alright, no-no handstand walk then BEEEP! Will: beuuupp Nice! ooOOOHH Sean: Aw, come on, get me down, bro! Greg: –Stuck right there, huh? 'Come on get me down, bro!' -Everyone: OHHHHHH -Sean: Oh dude! *Sean grunting* Ryan: Time

*Derrick laughing* Ryan: That looked hella sore, Sean *Sean grunting* *STRIKE* Ryan: Eh, that was close though Like, if you had like two more seconds you would've had it Sean: For this one, I know Ryan isn't–isn't as flexible as me, So I'm gonna do the splits up here and you got to hold it, For 5 seconds Derrick: Dang, 5 seconds? Sean: One foot on each side and you just gotta hold it

Derrick: Oh my Gosh Sean: Ready? I don't know when 5 seconds is Derrick: That's five

-Sean: *in pain* Is that five? Okay! -Derrick: Yeah *Sean groaning* Derrick: Oh my gosh! Sean: You just– you can get up any way you want, you just gotta hold it 5 seconds *Ryan huffs* Ryan: Dude, I just don't have that flexibility, Sean Greg: I don't even think if I did the splits completely, I don't think I'll reach -*Sean laughs* -*Ryan groans* *Ryan huffs* Ryan: I don't think I can do this, guys I'm not flexible enough Sean: You can if you Sean: believe, bro! *TRIES* Ryan: I give up, I pass *STRIKE* Ryan: There's no way

Will: Grab my leg *Derrick laughs* *Will gives birth* *Laughter* Ryan: I'm thinking about doing– Climb this yellow thing However you want, get from here, to up there, To the tree And try to land on this Sean: On the bench? BEEP! *SCREAMING* (Inaudible) Will: Oh my Goodness! Derrick: 8 seconds! *everyone is in disbelief* *Ryan being Ryan* Sean: Oh my God -Derrick: I'm scared, yo -Will: OOOOOOH BABY Derrick: There's such a large gap

BEEP! It's starting now Oh dude Let's go baby! Greg: Derrick, you can reach that! -Ryan: You can hella reach, bro -Will: JUMP! Derrick: *chuckles* Dude, I don't know, dude Greg: *laughs* You done? Sean(?): It's 10 seconds already! -Will: Going down slowly -Derrick: I can't

I can't Greg: A search and rescue– Search and rescue! Will: It's okay, It's okay, I'm here Ryan: You're that guy that guy on the ride Will: Ow, I'm kinda scraping my knee — kinda hurts Derrick: I'm still scared – Ryan: Bring him down, bring him down

-Greg: Bring him down *Will yells* *Laughs* Dead! *Will idk wtf* *Laughter* Sean: No way! How'd you do that? -Sean: Damn that's– I mean -Ryan: Oh duude! Sean: You alright? Will: That's hecka scary Ryan: Alright, so Derrick's out so it's Will's turn *STRIKE* Greg: Sorry, Derrick! Derrick: It's a lot scarier than you think, I'm telling you Will: Jump this –And

And then you're gonna do a– You're gonna jump and a 180 over this -Will: Land back – 'Kay *TRIBAL CALL* Oh dude Derrick: Nice

*TRIBAL CALL* Derrick: Nice WHEE Damnnn WOAHH Derrick: This might be the same place again Will: Alright, I'm out, bro! *STRIKE* Ryan: Oh yeah! First, second, third

Ryan: Damn, we're like the champions Greg: Handstand walk down these steps, land, slide down the slide In 10 seconds Derrick: Got'cha *Chanting 'go'* Derrick: Go Greg, go Greg Nice, Greg! WHEEE BEEP! WOAHH -Sean: Dude Almost fell -Derrick: Dude WHEE (Inaudible) Derrick: Nice Sean

BEEP! *Ryan's gonna fall* WHEE Ryan: Is that Greg out? *laughs* *STRIKE* Derrick: Greg's out! Greg: Can't win at everything Ryan: Unless Sean fails at this next stunt, whatever he does, if I do it He losesIf I fail, he wins

Imma climb this tree, get onto the roof -Climb over the roof -WOAHHH Come back– jump down from the roof, and then From here You gotta run and jump -Sean: –clear this side -Greg: Clear the gap of death?! Sean: Land over here Dude that's hella far Sean: We'll keep track of time Whoever does it the fastest time *dramatic pause*, wins

Greg: Oh okay BEEP! BEEP! BEEEEP! OHHH Baby! (i like your style) OHHOHHHHAIFGAEIFIE Sean: I barely made that, dude! Will: 1660 Greg: 1660

*SMACK* Sean: Dude, I wasSo close to hitting that cement on the other side BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!! Will: Aaand he's off to a good start WOAH NEW TECHNIQUE! OHMYGOD OOOOOOOOHH TIME -Will: Ryan got 1028 -Sean: I was hella scared Sean: What did I get? 20? -Ryan: I'm still at a loss

-Will: 1660 -Sean: Aw *DING* Greg: We got a winner! Ryan: So what do I win? Greg: You win the -You get– You don't have to -Ryan: *laughs* Look at this Greg: You know what you get to win? You don't have to squat

In the podiums *SMACK* Ryan: pOdIuMs Hey guys, this is Will Hope you guys liked that episode of Parkourse in the park Click on this link right here if you want to watch some more episodes of Parkourse and who knows maybe next week we'll do a Parkourse in the jungle on the moon or something

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