Off The Pill – Rebecca Black (Friday)

-Hey guys, so I just watched that video called "Friday" by Rebecca Black and I was at a loss for words– four words: what the hell was-that? The song is terrible The lyrics are terrible

And I became tear-abled, because the song is exactly like the music I make I'm just like Rebecca Black I can't sing, so I Auto-Tune myself While I write lyrics, I basically just talk about what I do on a daily basis And yes, the crap I put out gets a million views, but do you know how many views she got? More! So unlike everyone else, I'm not gonna say she's a failure, because she has over 35 million views in a month

How many views do your videos get? I can't beat that Nobody can beat that, unless you're one of these [growling sound] Or these

[fart sound] Or even [whines] Ouch, Charlie Sheen When you think about it, the lyrics aren't horrible

ish She was just being honest the whole time I love Fridays, and I do look forward to the weekend, especially if I get to party with the kids from Kidz Bop

Partyin', partyin', yeah And actually, she was absolutely right By my mathematics, if today were Friday, yesterday would be Thursday, tomorrow would be Saturday, and afterwards? Well let's just say you won't need an umbrella because it's Sunday [children jeering] Shut up, Kidz Bop, nobody even likes you! But there was one line in the song that tickled my mind a little bit Tickled–tickled my mind? She goes We we we so excited What is that? Some kind of cheap shot at Asians? Just because we don't know how to speaking the good? That's racist, just like the girl I met in the library last week -I don't know why I'm here; I don't know how to read -Oh, you thought I was gonna be Alexander Wallace No, not every racist girl in the library is her

You're being sexist– or Alexander Wallrist– walrus [barks] That was an otter -Oh! Ching chong, ling long, ting tong! -What the hell is that supposed to mean? -That's your language -Yes, but that's a completely different dialect And why the hell do I have subtitles? I'm speaking fine

-Oh! Ping pong, Cheech and Chong, yao ming! -Shut up! I don't even speak Panese! -Panese? -Yes, I'm Japanese He speaks Panese -Oh! -And yes, that was a library

Didn't you see the book? Anyway, to summarize, the music video is absolutely amazing If you haven't seen it yet, then that's okay, because right now I'm gonna show you a shorter and better version of how the song should have went Take a look -Yeah, yeah, yeah -7:00 AM and I go back to sleep Teehee!

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