Off The Pill Podcast #3 (Ft. Sean Fujiyoshi) – Jobs, Dealing with Fans, and Is Liam Neeson Racist?

Oh Sean's a racist too, cause he respects Liam Neeson I have no money

I need something Cause I'm jobless But one guy A lot of girls And they're all tryna fight for his love

Isn't it called something else? Like Isn't that porn? Are we rolling? [Yea everything's rolling] Alright Let's do the claps everybody K Well I don't if I should intro- Nah, Im just gonna do the claps first

Yea Ready *clap* *clap clap* *clap clap clap* *clap clap – clap clap* Welcome back to another episode of Off the Pill Podcast And we are joined today This man needs no introduction, but I'm gonna do it We gotta have bunch of new stuff, but Im getting off topic already We are here with Sean Fujiyoshi everybody Hi Hello Hello Hello Like that? Ok

T-t-turn it [That's loud] There you go And we have a new thing Yeah

Soundboard I guess The soundboard I know Welcome back Sean Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean, Sean It's good to be back

*Seen Get it right I know *Seen *Seen is finally back

Remember, uh A long time ago when I made that video, uhm, Was it Sean returns? Yeah And my, uhm, roommate or something, it was in college, like 2000

His name was Sean too Not his real name Oh I just called him that

Oh, Okay What? You gave someone a new name Yeah, because he was playing Sean He was playing Sean He's me Anyway, uhm Sean is visiting, uhm, for a, before anyone gets confused He's visiting for a few days, maybe like four Four days? Yeah

Sean's in town and we had to have him on the podcast 'cause everybody's been asking Oh, yeah So we have some of those questions from twitter @offthepill, we're gonna get to that later This is the part where normally we're supposed to be thanking our sponsors that we still don't have So, this could be you

Uh, I don't know- I don't know- I don't have any- Right there That's not a- Rode is not a sponsor but they sent us stuff Thank you very much Rode So, companies this could be you I could wear your stuff

Whoever's here could wear your stuff Good pitch That's it? Yeah That's all Uh, anyway, we still don't have- It's like an ongoing joke but we really want sponsors

It's really comfortable It's really comfortable Yeah, but no, Rode has sent us stuff That's not a real sponsor but they sent us free stuff Sorry it's been awhile, you know

It's been awhile So, Sean Yeah Dude It's been a- He literally just got in so we didn't really have that much time to catch up I'm a little tired Not gonna lie

Yeah, I know you got- got up pretty early How was life been? Super general but that's- like the number one question Yeah Dude It's been crazy Not- what I expected, at all

It's – What were you expecting? To find a job, for one Oh, and instantly, right? I didn't think it's gonna be this hard Right Right Right Well, that's why we're using this podcast

See, in another thing, in sponsorships- Sean needs a job If you're in the Sacramento area, and you're looking for an engineer- Well, I don't know if that's what you want but- Yeah You were looking for an engineering- Yeah Trying to do engineering but To all you engineers out there with engineering degrees you might relate to this but- If you're in school right now get an internship 'cause that thing means a lot When you were in school did you actually think about that? Did you actually like, Did you have the option to intern? I did But I had a lot of smarter people in my class so, they got the internships I didn't get any

You actually tried, though? Oh, yeah, I tried I see Okay So, it's really important 'cause from what you are telling me, What were you saying about the issues with that? You need experience They thrive on experience but they don't really They want to spend the least amount of time to train you, to get you up to speed

Which makes sense for a business aspect you know 'cause they don't wanna spend a whole bunch of time trying to teach you from the ground up of- Right How to do stuff They want you to know- Kind of what the industry is Especially in your type of field Right

'Cause- I mean, so it's been like six months Yeah Almost I think Yeah

Maybe more I'm not sure It's about six months Yeah And you've been non-stop like, applying and reaching out to people and It always comes down to experience

Yeah And location too Oh really Because If I was like in maybe like one of the main cities, then I'd have more options to choose from more opportunities more companies Right Sacramento's kind of like a small kinda town

A city but not really a city It's more like a big town, in my opinion So

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