Off The Pill – Babies and Theybies!?

Hey, guys So I know for a lot of you, the title is probably a little confusing because it's, you know, off the pill and babies

Well, it has nothing to do with actually being off, like, a pregnancy pill This is a really unfortunate coincidence Off the Pill is a series of rants that I used to do, like, a long time ago Some of you guys might remember, but I know that there's a lot of you who are a little newer and probably don't know what this is because I haven't done this in, like, I don't know, over five years So basically for those that don't know, the Off the Pill name came from the idea that those were the days that I didn't take my ADHD medication, and basically I would just rant about any random thing that came to my mind

Although sometimes they were a little too random, where I would, like, go a little too off-topic or I would just cut away to these random skits or jokes, and usually it was just a really bad pun, so bad to the point where I had to explain it That's what he said See what I did there? That's right It's gonna be even bett-ber See what I did there? SHUT UP! That was Smosh

But yeah, that's why I liked this series, because I could just be me speaking my mind Not sure other people liked it as much as I did, but anyway, the reason why I stopped doing this series and these types of videos and stuck more with, you know, scripted skits and stuff was because, well, I I was a huge coward

Because You know, "moo," because, like, cows' words are like, "Moo" It's like, "cow word

" Sorry See, because sometimes when I would do these videos and I was just, like, freestyling, I would say some things that were not too well thought out I mean, they were my honest opinions But sometimes– well, a lot of times they were very unpopular ones, and honestly, I just got scared of making them as, you know, people got more and more politically correct I just didn't want to offend anyone

Well, not anymore I'm bringing them back because I'm smarter now I'm better now I've evolved Okay, I'm no longer some little timid Caterpie hiding in his little Metapod

I'm Butterfree now Sorry, guys I also used to make a lot of Pokemon references back then when it was a little more relevant, but Onix-ly, I don't think people really appreciated them Anyway, as I was saying before I went completely off-topic as usual, I'm no longer afraid to do this series anymore because I think I really have gotten smarter You know, I'm not gonna say things that are just gonna offend people

I know how to give an opinion now being a little bit more PC and most of all I just know how to not upset the majority of the masses by giving a controversial opinion on something that I really– I hate babies, okay? (audience gasps) There, you got it out of me Okay, obviously, that's an exaggeration I don't hate babies that much I know I know it's like, what? Ryan's baby hater

How can you hate a baby? I can't believe you're a baby hater Oh, how can you hate a baby? They're so innocent Why are all of our hands up like this when we talk? Well, just hear me out real quick And this isn't quite what I wanted to talk about in this video But I just have to say this

Babies are stereotypically one of the most innocent things in the world Like, if you were to make a list of the most innocent things in the world, it'd probably be like, babies and then, like, puppies and trees Puppies first, babies, trees F–k trees And because they're so innocent, it's really hard to be critical of them

But if you really break it down and you really think about it, babies, they– they freaking suck figuratively and literally, like, for one, I'm at that very old age right now where a bunch of my friends and my classmates and peers around my age are starting to have kids and they'll go on their social media and they'll post, like, these pictures of their newborn babies Like, I'm talking like right after their birth and write, like, a caption like, oh, my gosh

She's so beautiful Oh, he's changed my life for the better He's such a cute baby Uh, blah-blah-blah I sound like an ass right now, but almost at the point

Hear me out Everybody in the comments are like, Oh, congrats She's so beautiful OMG She's so beautiful

Congrats He's adorable So cute So cute So coyote

Kawaii! And yes, I'm not saying that babies aren't cute I think a lot of babies– not all, but I think a lot of babies are cute But newborns? I can't be the only one that thinks that newborn babies are a little gross looking They're all red and wrinkly, beady eyes gunk all over them Yep, and now you can see why I stopped making this series

I mean, this wasn't even the point I wanted to talk about in this video Let's just get to that, right? The whole reason why I even started thinking about babies is because last week I came across this video about this new movement I don't know if you guys heard about it It's called "theybies" (trying different pronunciations) I don't know how they pronounced it

Sounds more like a disease to me than a movement Ooh He's got the theybies And basically, if you haven't heard about this movement, apparently, parents are starting to raise their kids as these theybies, which basically means that they're raising their kids with no gender So they're not a boy or a girl

They just a theyby Theyby I don't know why they had to call it that It's not like babies is a gendered word You can still call them babies

But anyway, so basically these parents raising these babies or theybies, I guess, as gender-neutral, so basically, they're not telling them they're a boy or a girl as they're growing up because they want the baby to decide on its own which gender it wants to be 100% serious This a real thing You can look it up, and you guys know, I don't normally speak out about, you know, more serious controversial topics But that's the thing

When I first saw this video, I didn't think it was serious I literally thought it was a joke, and I'm sorry I know this will offend a lot of people, especially the people who are already a part of this this movement But I think it's ridiculous Look, I'm all for the transgender community and the gay community and the lesbian LGBTQ

RSTUV I don't know There's too many letters now

I'm all for people doing whatever the hell they want to do, as long as it's not hurting other people But to be honest, I think this one has gone a step too far I think it is harming people It's harming the babies These theybies are gonna be so confused

Maybe not when they're with their parents, but when they start to meet other babies and those babies are like, What do you mean? You're not a he or a she? These parents are almost guaranteeing that this kid is gonna get bullied when he grows up She grows up They grow up That's why they called it theybies And the thing is I like to think I'm a very open-minded person

I'm always open to hearing new ideas But this is like, come on You got to be a little realistic here A baby should not be able to make a decision as important as that In fact, a baby should not be able to make any decisions at all on other than which toy to play with, and even then, we decide which toys the baby can choose from, because babies are freaking idiots

There's a reason why we don't treat them like adults, because if we did, I'm pretty sure that would be considered abuse (snoring) Wah Wah, wah, wah Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah Wah

Wah, wah, wah Wah, wah, wah Wah Wah, wah, wah Hey! Shut up! Wah

Wah (grunts, farts) Wait Did he just– (laughter) Oh, you crazy, man (laughter) Oh, you crazy, man Wah

Damn He's been down there for a while Yeah, like four minutes now He's crazy, man Wah

And I know you can argue that these babies aren't actually making decisions till they're a little bit older, like when they can talk Whether that's like age two or three, I don't know when babies start talking But I'm pretty sure at that age they can still answer the question Are you a boy or a girl? Yes or no, or they can say boy or girl by then, and that's still way too young to be deciding anything I mean, even if they were four years old or five, I mean, have you ever talked to a five year old before? They're still really, really dumb

(doorbell rings) Hey, good to see you again Hey, you too I see you brought little Timmy here with you I did Say hi

Hi He acts like he's so shy at times, but once you get him going What'd you do today, Timmy? Um well My mom took me to the park, and then we went on the swings Yeah

Then I swanged on the swings, and I swingeded Wow The swings, that sounds like so much fun And then– and then, I, um Then I swingeded for two whole times Wow, two whole times That's awesome And then– and then after there wa– there was a green ball, and– and the ball came by me and I kicked the ball

I kicked it, and then it was rolling on– on the grass, which was green, like, the ball was green with the grass and the green ball was green, and it was green, and it was green, and then he was greens so the ball– and the ball was– It's green, you idiot! Okay, obviously, I'm going a little over the top, but you guys get the point Any rational person knows that little kids, let alone babies, aren't developed enough to make these kind of life-changing decisions I mean, if this movement is really About the kids and about these babies and giving them the power to choose, why stop at gender? What's next? Why not let kids choose their own name? Why did you get to choose? Instead of a normal name, why not just ask the kid when they first start talking, what's your name? Why can't the kid be named Mama or Dada or goo-goo or gaga? I guess it could be Gaga Huh Maybe that's why

Lady Gaga is a theyby Now we know I guess that does make you more successful See, and that's just the beginning Why do you get to dress your kid up when you go out in public? What if it wants to run around naked

You don't know Or why do you get to choose what the baby eats? Shouldn't you just take it to the market and let it point at what it wants? Why do you put diapers on them? Why do you potty-train them? Why do you get to decide where the baby can and can't go poop? That– that is butthole oppression, because buttholes and babies should be able to express their buttholes wherever they want Where am I going with this? This why I need my meds And by the way, you better not be picking up, carrying, or touching your baby in any way before it can speak, because if it can't speak it can't consent If it can't consent, that's assault

And also, the baby did not consent to be born So you basically kicked it out of its home You did that Okay, this is ridiculous That is my point

You don't need a baby's consent We don't give babies those choices, because we know what's best for them, because babies and little kids are just useless, loud disease-carrying moochers that depend on adults to take care of them and make decisions for them because they're just too stupid and just physically pathetic to be able to survive on their own! Wow, what is wrong with me? I really do hate kids Eh, you guys get the point You can probably see why I enjoy this series and why a lot of people get a little mad So, I'm sorry to all the people that I probably offended

Obviously, I'm half joking when I say that I hate kids I don't actually hate kids, but my points remain the same, and don't get me wrong I do love kids In fact, I want to have a kid one day I just don't want to have a baby

But who knows, you know? Maybe all it takes is for me to just mature a little and for me to experience it myself Maybe there's something I'm missing because I'm not there to experience it myself Maybe if I had a baby of my own, I'd be so in love with it and blinded by the potential of what could be that I'd love every aspect of it, even the negatives Even as a newborn, maybe if it's my own kid, I won't see the newborn as like this dirty, red, gross-looking, squishy thing and I'll see the true beauty, the potential of what could be, the actual miracle of life Yeah, no, that's– that's still gross

That is– come on, that is– that's gross, right? I think definitely that's theybies

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