Ninja Feeds The Homeless!感恩節忍者(nigahiga繁中字幕)

Hi! You yesterday was Thanksgiving We uploaded a video called "Thanksgiving messed things: Dier Bu" Basically we shoot the film in order to make a set of Thanksgiving dinner My parents came to town, and cook for another set of Thanksgiving dinner So we now have too much food Instead of letting these foods stood until broken Cause we need to discard these foods, wasted I thought: Why do not we will now remain intact these foods boxing These foods will then give us more than it needs This is what we do today We have just installed these foods division We will give 拉斯维加斯 street food friends If you do not know it, here there are so many homeless Yes, we have tried to call the police department 拉斯维加斯 Confirmed that this is a legitimate Because the sad fact is the food to the homeless in some states is illegal Believe it or not Last time I did a movie called "Christmas Ninja" I put some food and gifts to the children and street friends Sadly, many people say that this is illegal, I should not do Personally, I think it is absurd not have the courage to help others But in any case this is possible so we are about to do so Do you know what is more interesting than this it? To homeless people something to eat, and do not get caught In as "ninja" in This is the wrong side Or on the wrong side almost done Let's go This is a weakness of ninja you have to protect it So I guess it might be Thanksgiving Ninja Ass want to eat it? Happy (cooked too much this year) I wish belated Thanksgiving bring it on First I did it Yeah well, brothers Ah (muffled screams) how are you my friend Give you This is a prize A ninja prize A ninja dinner prize Goodnight friend Have a great night Brothers, how the He was a little scary Yes ah I know he screamed What a great night He happy? You see, he was very happy He needs food happy Thanksgiving Oh Look, over there a dog They have a dog I know we can give him a We give them a right dog We do not know Can they eat this, but If they are hungry thank you very much He just said thank you very much oh lot I can give you this right I said of course He gave me some paper I am very grateful happy Thanksgiving I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, happy holidays! thank you Thank you tired He is a celebrity to help the homeless happy Thanksgiving Thank you I hope you enjoy these foods God bless you We hope to be able to give them more food than we need people Thank you very much It was a ninja do It was a ninja I can not believe there is a ninja came to visit me (Very sorry phrase did not understand) I did not see him come happy Thanksgiving I wish you and the ninja boy Happy Thanksgiving I now do some ninja can do it? of course can The greater "ability , The greater the responsibility Wang I think I put the responsibility was wrong " – Ninja Ninja eat what ah Ninja do Ordinary foods such as donuts Oh, if you want to see the video that was filmed before, press the left If want to see behind the scenes, press the right If want to see "Christmas Ninja" below what It was the weirdest ever (do not understand, it should be endcard like) Teehee it? I do not know

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