Nigahiga talking about farts

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Enjoy the music while you touch Do do do, do do do do do, do do do, do let off P to P to Z to E to H raspberry P to P to Z to E Drop http://bgyoutubeblogspotcom Hello people, today we will talk about fart I do not see why this is such a big problem When I farted people react Whoo stop farting it's so disgusting and scrubby They are stunted because farting is a natural process in life Did I not tell people to stop breathing because their breath smells? Just stop breathing! What is the difference? Sometimes I have met people that their breath smells like fart ?! And sometimes even it is worse? Therefore I do not see what the problem is? All farting Except for the girls! GIRLS NEVER farts! Just kidding 🙂 But seriously Everyone in this world farts People, Dogs, Cats, Frogs, Lamps, Giraffes, Pillows WTF? Horses, cows, etc So what's the problem? Because we do this I like to answer his own questions not it? YES Anyway, for those who do not know there are 4 types of farts The first is strong and proud It is very noisy and generally does not smell so bad So it's perfect for birthdays Then follows quiet but aggressive These farts are true ninjas are like pfuu, they leave without anyone knowing but are also the most – festering And the last is INTERMED These farts are such that should never be about to play them, because if you do it could be that you are filled pants: D Anyway, these are the kinds of farts Personally, I think that there is nothing to be ashamed But for those who shame will show you some examples of how to mask INCREASING THE TONE All you have to do is making noise – louder than you fart Thanks to all who came to listen This was my project for photosynthesis! I hope you're dissatisfied The next way is DENIAL All you have to do is deny, deny, deny That was not me What was not you? This

Finally we blaming Just blame someone else I think it was you What? These ways are so good that even celebrities use them Crack that soulja boy Just what are we invented? What's next? I do not know man tIIIIiiii Why not invent it? This is genius! You see how easy it is? So stop holding your fart on health is to miss Because if you do all the gases in your body will increase If they start to grow you will enlarge if you enlarge explodes When exploding body will disperse to vsyakade Dogs, cats, dragons, all sheep will eat the flesh And what will remain when all the meat over? Just so they'll go after your babies Want to be a killer of babies? Because every time you fart hold you so close to the murder of the baby All you people who are trying to hold gases and think farts are disgusting and immature think about this: I'm trying to save lives, and what are you doing? KILLING BABIES! Wretch!

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