[nigahiga] How the Diamond Play Button Changed My Life! Vietsub

WARNING At one point in this video images on the screen will become blurred

That's because your eyes have been worse not because the camera was wrong and his focus too lazy to go back to that period: v So that it Now you know

Go check her eyes! : v Hello friends! Perhaps this much you already know YouTube recently awarded the Diamond button (YouTube Diamond Play Button) for over 10 million subscriber YouTubers You know, like when they give Gold button for those with over 1 million subscribers or Silver button for YouTubers with over 100,000 subscribers things that I had not received for this channel (nigahiga) or channel HigaTV: v But that's okay, that's not what I care about: v You know why? Oh, let me tell you! :)) Guess who received 2 Likes for 10 million subscribers Diamond buttons: 3 Right! This name here! : 3 PewDiePie CONGRATULATIONS! Oh yeah, and I also have one the more

Woo: v See? Who needs buttons Silver 100,000 subscribers while I had the button and button Diamond Gold? Its not care anything: v Most of the time only: I mean, I also v interested one bit: v But not the kind always thought of it =)) But it is a little strange, do you think? It was so weird! [Pokemon] As if you have 1 child and 1 child Wartortle Blastoise but Squirtle no children so Squirtle But anyway, I was being digress This video is not about what we do not have it's about what we've got With her, it's 10 million subscribers Diamond button

And I can only say 1 thing that it has changed my life! Oh my OMG! Things were brilliant too! Switch them off !!! Things have changed since I received the Diamond button: v Suddenly, I had the feeling of power, of knowledge I have the vision of the world than ever before deep Water, wetter: v And I suddenly could see how air moves: v I can smell the music again :)) With the new look was given, I was able to find the true meaning of this award for me is nothing Absolutely not about the fame that comes with it, nor to fortune It's to make my father proud Dad I want to get things published – This is what I? – That's 10 million subscribers Diamond button Only a few people in the world get it and I want to announce it –

to finally published can also be proud of me – Oh, son, you do not need to bring anything to announce at all! – Dad – This is no ordinary father say but father was always proud of you! – I love you, son! – I also love you! OK, obviously I've exaggerated things too much: v The receiving node Vajra really have not changed that much: v At least in terms of reputation and assets: v As I said, these things, fame assets

We never important to me Never Before the remains because to make my father proud And that is the true meaning of the Diamond button for me

Dad I want to get things published – This is what I? – That's 10 million subscribers Diamond button Only a few people in the world get it and I want to announce it – to finally published can also be proud of me – I do not need the damn thing

OK, yes, maybe this award is not something that one can understand and appreciate :)) But it also MEANING THAT Phet! And I was pretty sure that this prize awarded to her late years, as most did YouTubers 10 million subscriber celebration some years ago: v And yes, it's not Oscar or Emmy and getting it not make you famous or richer This fact also that things are not made of diamonds in terms of value should this stuff is just a number 0 :)) But you know what, I want to say to the naysayer and you or doubt, this prize (Naysayer: People always pessimistic attitude) top that: v OK, this award can still do many things, okay? Firstly, it can still become one beautiful ornament in the house I mean, you have to put it on the floor or on a table because it was too heavy to hang on the wall But it's still nice to look at only: v Alternatively, you can carry it with you wherever you go because it is very good to start the conversation: v Ooh Heavy really

What is this about? Let's opened it anyway What is this? It's really heavy, oh wow: v 10 million subscribers, huh? Many basting it: v – Ask yourself what you

question: V – You just say something? – What? Huh (x2) – You say something, right? : v – Oh no, I do not think so – OK, all right :)) Look this stuff away! =)) See? And that's just one small part of the valuable and helpful this Diamond button :)) That alone was not mentioned that it makes great paperweight how =)) Or something blocking the door, a platform for those with low height Can it? Hour into cans squashed then :)) You can also subscribe to and it will become an outdoor fryer =)) In the refrigerator and you'll be playing for a glass of water you drink :)) I'm sorry, his intention is to make one video thank you Obviously that has not happened: v Obviously his last just kidding Well, it looks like that: v You can fully use the Diamond button for this purpose :)) I mean, literally always, when I opened the box and look at the prize First thought is appearing in my head I finally know my looks like from the perspective of the spider: v * Musical Illuminati * Her again digress: v Seriously, although the above joke, I just want to thank to all of you

and of course YouTube Maybe you already know this but its actually not in the mood for great prizes I do not usually watch the award shows as people or as Oscar, Grammy, Emmy, Teen Choice, VMA whatever =)) Not me hate them, just do not find it attractive programs just my personal opinion only I mean human instinct is to feel happy to be recognized by one something but in my mind, I feel that we've put too much value on these awards Again, a different topic digress :)) But do not misunderstand me, I really appreciate this award YouTube has really no need to send anything alone reaching 10 million subscriber milestone but they still do it But what I still cherish more than that is the truth that all of you still watching and supporting me And I really thank YouTube not only because of the prize that his award was also for more excuse to do this video and thank everyone who helped her achieve this award from the first day as well as the subscriber like you Really Well, thank you very much You know you hear this all but that still has not changed I hope you know that 90% of their time Sleep is all about 50 40%

30% Eat it all again 20% is 50%: v So 50% of their time devoted to making these videos :)) I really always in the process of doing that every day one video and I hope you understand that things just because you want to create the best content Do not comment on the video! : v I mean, I still have not received the Silver button that 100,000 subscribers

But as I said, I do not care Not like his style trying to wait it anywhere : v I also do not lose sleep at night because of it: v I'm not listening carefully one all day long

waiting for the doorbell to ring, you know, hope that it is the postman gives her something =)) No (right ring) :)) See, I do not it does not matter: v And lessons of this video: OK, I do not need one award to make its existence valuable and you, too! I am a little too confident and their self-esteem is too high Plus, like I said, I received a Diamond button, okay? So why do I still need a small silver button Stairs this ??? What long YouTube: Sorry for taking too much time, but do not hesitate

This thing for Asian YouTubers which we prefer! "Congratulations for reaching 100,000 subscribers" RiceGum? Oh, there it is Finally: 3 Thank you, buddy :)) Teehee !!! Was it Evan channel VanossGaming not? Not sure I'm imagining it

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