Nigahiga: 聖誕精神 (Off The Pill – Christmas Spirit) 中文字幕

Hey everybody, it finally went to December You know what this means, right? Christmas is approaching it! (Right around the corner, literally "hiding in the vicinity") (Right around the corner, literally "hiding in the vicinity

") How he knew? I recently told my friend played some controversy What is the debate about the Christmas spirit, but because I had no friends So my friend on the part played by the lamp Hey, Ryan Hey, okay? Table lamp Christmas is coming I want to say what you want for Christmas gifts? – Oh, I do not need gifts ah – do it this way I really do not know what you want to send No, I mean really I do not have anything you want ah You do not support the haste and tell me I do not want anything! Oh, because you already have everything, right? No, because I do not want you to spend money specifically I do not need to buy some stuff This is Christmas is Christmas ah to do so! Your Christmas spirit where to run!? Well, you know what I want to do? What? The new lamp! We now sounded the same as you! Well maybe things are not quite so But I do with my friends began to debate Then he said I was not the Christmas spirit Real or fake? I would not have the spirit of Christmas to a friend just because I do not want to hard money used to buy things I do not need!? !! not Christmas spirit when did you become money to buy something for someone else? Never such a thing! That sounds more like a horse called in the end is what the voice? Ma bark! They eat what? Hay! In short! We continue to Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas music is part of the A fun, enjoyable, right? Wrong! If you have carefully listen to the words of the lyrics of Christmas music But the fact that they are not happy (the title song of all Christmas carols) (Snowman Voss ground) (snowman come to life to play with kids) Are you kidding!? Snowman becomes live!? That would be terrible, like ** I do not know why I just said is muted Are you kidding!? Snowman becomes live!? It takes a terrible fire, like In the straw house in the woods in the windy days Gasoline everywhere

on straw (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) (Red Nosed Reindeer sure to be laughed at stories from the self) Take him to the vet, he was ill Santa Claus came to town He looks at you while you sleep!? When you wake up and he knew? Sounds like a stalker Vampire or Edward? (Play scenes from Twilight) I like watching you sleep It makes me deeply fascinated What Ghosts!? Get out !! it is good (I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus) You betrayed my father!? (Under the bar under the snow, right, right) Well cold (Grandmother stepped past the elk) Grandmother ~ But then, in fact, I am very happy Christmas carols have been no significant changes Otherwise, you can imagine it If today we hear Christmas carols become like pop music? Where I wanted for Christmas Is you! Under the mistletoe Ah that last part is just a joke That fact is Justin Bieber's new Christmas album Speaking of this I have anything to say The singer will launch on the first Christmas album before Christmas Is because we know that there are a number of problems because of stupid to really buy Christmas In short I do not mean to pour cold water on everyone holiday And I feel like I have a little digression end, but my focus is Christmas spirit is not to spend money Nor is it to buy something you do not need to listen to the song Nor is your socks stuffed inside something, or

Or caribou, or reindeer Or Ryan deer

(he replaced himself in front of reindeer reindeer Ryan) Christmas spirit is to make himself happy with you So this Christmas, tell your friends, right "We do not worry about things for a gift It is really nice to listen to some Christmas music album it YTF is Christmas " Kidding you do not have to buy the album Because in fact, not so good But since it is Christmas I can let you look at a bring it on Thank you for watching Happy Christmas In fact, I hate people like to say these words Happy Holidays! (Polujony subtitling) Teehee! (Polujony subtitling)

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