Nigahiga: 每日一字:Swog (Word of the Day: Swog) 中文字幕

Wait You will not feel strange in front of where this image? Have you felt this strange guy where it? He too wanted to cool the The result has led to the opposite effect This is what he swog up! Swog: someone is in a bad and failed to show their style May also be understood as the contrary, "a type of" (SWAG) of Swog with similar or related words include: Loser, bad, unwanted, mental retardation, bumbling, gynecomastia Not cool, thinking, scary, digital 6 (6 symbolizes imperfection in a particular culture) There are guys proposed SOPA Act (United States Anti-Online Piracy Act) He betrayed this video may be removed (Lamar Smith, US House of Representatives) Because I'm going to show off his picture (Lamar Smith, US House of Representatives) Here are some examples of swog Hey, okay? Brother Hello Brother Hey, dressed fit Oh You know I have always been very type ah Swog! Swag (type): one thing we have born Asians I have a super Christmas style If you claim to have type You are the most likely swog I lifted 135 pounds super type! I sometimes play the piano, super type! I'll cut grass type! type! I opened the door stool, type! My wallet? Versace's Type! X3 My shoelace? Versace's I just do push-ups My toilet paper? Gucci's I have this from a small country I use Instagram (photo dating software on the iPhone) I just bought a cherry flavored lip balm Type! X3 Type ~ Here are some you should try to avoid scenes of swog Oh, right, you just 克里斯布朗 and little Justin says That that, ah, tomorrow I will go to Hey, Mom Yeah, the Lakers, praise it Yeah, the Lakers show On ah Kobe, the ah, Kobe, on the ah

(102-94 end of the game) That, uh, D-Trix, Victor, JR, as well as Kev, ah Ladies and gentlemen, you can shut it? Yeah I was watching Gossip Girl (album, translated as "Gossip Girl") Hey, you have not heard the new song The new dubstep songs (an electronic music) I hate dubstep, man Oh, yes ah good things that have been noisy "Oh wow babble," I also hate They tell a story about how they do not eat candy Then, uh, ah

Ladies and gentlemen, you can quiet it? I was watching Vampire Diaries Jesus (the album, the translation of The Vampire Diaries) Brothers, watch the sunset I wish I could see just fine, too serious pollution I'm not sure it is not contaminated Jesus I think it looks like a fog They really man's best friend I like to watch kids slip cat

D-Trix is ​​apparently killed a man, then they burned his body You can quiet it? I was watching A Walk to Remember Jesus (movie, Chinese to "retain a feeling") In fact, I want to see In fact, I love Mandy Moore's (actress, A Walk to Remember heroine) Let's go Brotherhood! Hey, I'm still wearing glasses On ah, Kobe, on ah Kobe, the ah My toilet paper? Gucci! I wish you peace I wish I had just finished my own type! Five thousand six hundred seventy-eight No, you're inside and you are in the whole screen in Still inside, still Now out (polujony subtitling)

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