Nigahiga: 亞洲連續劇 (Rant on Asian Dramas) 中文字幕

You know there is something I always do not understand it? Is Korean Or may also include all the Asian Theater They played like all the same things But people continue to spend a lot a lot of time looking at In fact, do not even look at these pieces, I can almost predict what every rally played First, they will fall in love Then things will happen to make them very sad Then their love is back Then someone very angry Then the next someone will die In order for you not watching the Asian film friends understand The play is roughly like this Kiss! Since the first day we met Look at your deep, dark brown, the color of the eyes stool I understand one thing I love you I will love you forever Love you forever Kiss! I do not love you anymore You will not be my true love But you said I lie to you! But you just said now just over five minutes Everything will change! farewell I am back! Kiss! You just do not say farewell? I lie! My life can not be without you in my life I need you to believe that they can not just leave you I'm really sorry, slippers I will not let such a thing happened As for you

We Farewell (Finish) Wait! No! Must have died job Oh, this is really a touching (Polujony subtitling)

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