Nigahiga:籃球員的日常生活 (Daily Life of a Basketballer) 中文字幕 (Featuring Jeremy Lin)

Oh, hey, you just did not notice I am "Lebulaien 乔丹尼可斯 Walton" (LeBryant Jordanicus Walton, player names a bunch of complex) I've played about

16, or 17 hours history Basically I can be a big shot As a professional athlete My day workout from start It is the routine of push-ups one! Sit-ups one! In addition of course, a sprint Well done People often questioned my exercise But this is, people say, you can only choose one among the heavy weight or And I do not believe that a so-called heavy so I have done a complete set of exercise What you have just seen, I will make three times the whole this is nothing for me After I finished a workout I'll talk to the coach to the stadium to meet He is really at the stadium as their home will never stay there He was so focused dedication In fact, he is the best coach I've ever seen He always give me a lot of the best tips and advice So you need to do now is to put the ball in the basket Then the ball will continue to move last fall to the ground Look, you just have not done the Is to throw the ball into the net to make it call out to the child to go through this part but at least have the ball fell to the ground So you bear the fate of the whole team Sometimes I feel when others need more help Think of my cousin, Jeremy Lin He was the first Asian American to join the NBA How you, brother? You say you need help? (This man is a Taiwan-American Jeremy Lin, since 2010 the effectiveness of NBA Warriors) How are you? Thank you brothers are willing to come and help me (this man is a Taiwan-American Jeremy Lin, since 2010 the effectiveness of NBA Warriors) – No problem – you can really help us get the ball to win it? Yes ah, er, of course, Oh, really thank you so much Very grateful to you, goodbye I really do not know why he would not take me utilize I certainly can do to help ah I was his cousin, but he has no respect for me (Jeremy Lin, point guard, NBA Jincheng Warriors) Perhaps this is because I'm not black My logic is this: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar What are these great players common is? Yes, they have names which "A" the letter You said Jeremy Lin? I think he will not do (no name "A") After all, you know, people say there is no A is not "No A, no way" So even if he would dunk useless You know, as a professional athlete Must have a sponsor with supporters So I have also shot commercials There's nothing Hey, LeBryant Anything to smoke marijuana with medicine? I need to! Nikey, to do bad things! (Just do shit, imitating Nike's just do it) I also filmed retro advertising, the use of black and white picture with slow motion, so that the overall look magnificent another connotation (NBA strike) (nothing place) Anyway I want to express is that basketball is my favorite sport Stupid strike is taking place is so stupid I just want to watch it ah So, please Come on, Please Do not strike How I ran outside to come? (Ryan's bad joke) Stop it, man, I have a busy day Will not let you come in, Jeremy will not let you come in – In the end you have to boring long? It seems that you are locked out of it !! (locked out, with the strike pun) You smile too early, man still early What the hell ah!? People often on my exercise As a professional You seem too

After all, you know, people say there is no A is not, so Not thrown What is that!? He was so focused dedication to the sport I forget what to say Really thank you, iPhone S

In fact, I have not the thing

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