Naruto The Movie! (Official Fake Trailer)

NO! Ok?! Naruto is too good of a show to spoof That's why I've never done it

Ok? It would take so much work an-and effort and I would have to make the full movie if I did and I-I would have to make it right So NO!! So stop asking Ok, I'm not going to do it

What would it look like, though, if I did do it? Naruto: The pain of being alone is like no other Why me? Why am I always the one that's different? They look at me with those eyes like I'm some kind of monster But one day they will acknowledge me I will keep fighting I will keep pushing through I will become the Hokage no matter what! Because that

Is my way of ninja! Shikamaru: NARUTO! That's fine but we just wanted to know where you wanted to eat Naruto: Oh Well Sometimes I feel like ramen, other times it's rice! Naruto: Can't find him

NEJI! Neji: BYAKUGAN! Naruto: Well, don't squint! That's bad for your eyes! Here! Neji: Woah! Gaara: So MuCH SAND!!! Shikamaru: Kage mane no jutsu Naruto: Hey, Sakura You're kinda dropping crumbs on my floor

Do you think you can stop eating like that? Sakura:AHHHH!!! Naruto: No that's good! Cause now we can sweep all the crumbs under the crack

Naruto: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!! Sasuke: NARUTO! Naruto: SASUKE!! Sasuke: NARUTO!! Naruto: SASUKE!! Sasuke: NARUTO!!! Naruto: SASUKE!!! Goku: GOKUUUUU!!!! Naruto: Goku, what are you doing here? Goku: You know I'm not quite sure Bet you guys can't fly!! Naruto: What? Naruto: SASUKE!!! Sasuke: NARUTO!!! Huh, yea I guess I could just make a parody trailer Nah, that'd be too much work


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