My First Escape Room!

Hey guys! So I know I'm late to the trend as usual I finally did an escape room for the first time

And because it was my first time, you can probably already guess, but I was just kind of awesome? I don't know like really, really good? Hands down, one of the best person I have ever seen, play this kind of game? I'm sorry, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I mean, I do have a 100% success rate

And I've only done one room so far, so like Wait until I get some real experience under my belt That number's only gonna go up! I mean you can even ask the people that I went with, who've actually done escape rooms in the past, like, just how naturally good I am and how great I was for like my first time! *Greg disagrees* Well, I mean you didn't ask them So But even then, you know- you s- they were like- Okay fine, I suck! Okay, I suck! I SUCK! *intense suck through the mouth* I'm not good at escape rooms, okay? And yes, it might seem like I'm making a big deal out of nothing well it is to me

Because I always thought I would be good at escape rooms You know, I love puzzles and riddles, and I'm usually good at that stuff I thought I'd be a natural fit But I guess I just, I don't know, I'm just not good at them Guess I just, um

I'm not as smart as I thought I was You know? Hey! This is the part where you guys are supposed to be like "Hey, come on, it wasn't that bad, it was your first one" You know? Right? *No* Look, some people's brains just work in different ways

It doesn't mean I'm stupid, okay? I'm not dumb! Look, just because I'm a college dropout and yes, I cheated a lot in high school and middle school to get better grades so I didn't really retain anything and, yeah, okay, sure, they tested me as a child for ADHD because I couldn't perform so-called "basic tasks" like, raising my hand when I'm supposed to or not paying attention, or not punching a girl in the stomach for cutting in front of me in the lunch line even though she saw me there first! Doesn't mean that I'm dumb, okay? I just, believe that I was there first, Hannah! (comment jeff if u see this easter egg) And, Hannah, if you ever end up seeing this video for whatever reason, Um, I am very, very, sorry for that Kindergarten me was just a jerk

Who was first So Anyway! Back to the topic! One of the worst feelings in the world is finding out, that, you know, something you always thought you were good at and maybe, you took some pride in it, you're not only not good, you're also the exact opposite You're bad BAAAAAAad! And the only feeling worse than that is when everyone else around you who thought the same thing of you, finds that out as well People always used to ask me to go to escape rooms They would say things like: "Ryan! You should come with us, dude! You'd have fun!" "Yeah, you'd be really good at it!" "I think it'd be really easy for you too

" "Yeah, the way you think outside the box, you'd be perfect for it, come on! Let's go!" Paco: "Yeah, what they said!" Well, if you guys say so! I mean, I guess I could give it a shot- Yeah, that's kinda why they're not the, uh, happiest campers right now So boop :3 *Greg is not amused* It's not like I wasn't trying, I tried really hard! Just, maybe, a little too much, to be honest

I mean yes, sometimes, thinking outside the box is great for problem solving But I tend to naturally already think outside the box whether I want to or not, See, if you've been watching this channel long enough you probably already know why I would be so bad at these things To make it easier for those of you that don't, this is kind of what it was like for me And this is not a reenactment of what happened, this is just the kind of things that were going on in my mind, while the actual escape room was happening

It's probably easier to just watch it Take a look! Arden: Okay, so one last time, as we mentioned earlier in the prep room, we will be watching you, so just to reiterate, no phones, and remember: the key to escaping this room is in this box And in order to open it, you need to figure out the clues leading to it Do not try to force this, or anything else in the room open If it's not opening, it's not broken, you just haven't figured it out yet

We've had people break things in the past out of frustration, and, unfortunately, we've had to ask them to leave That's not fun for anyone, right? Especially us, because then we have to fix it! That sucks Alright! Well if there's no other questions, I'll be- Ryan: How interesting Arden: Um, what was that? Ryan: You said that the key to escaping this room that we're locked in is in that box Yet, you know that we know that we have to think outside the box

To see into it Huh *Everyone: ???* Okay! Um well if there's no other questions for me the timer begins as soon as this door closes

Good luck and have fun Derrick: Alright where do we start? Will: I don't know, I mean she just said this is our way out Paco: Well look at the box for writing or something Sean: There's only a lock on here! Paco: Uh that means we have to find a key of some sort

Greg: Yeah, yeah yeah, okay I'll check the books Sean: I got the maps! Paco: I'll get the desk then Will: Alright, there's definitely gotta be something with these chests Derrick: How about these cups? PO? What does that mean? Will: Huh

I don't know Paco: How is this broken? Ryan! Uh why don't you look at the ins Ryan! Ryan! Ryan! RYAN! What are you doing? Ryan: I think I I think I got it! Paco: Got what? Ryan: I think I figured it out! Will: What, like the next clue? Ryan: No- how we get out of this room! Paco: Ryan, you're wasting our time That's impossible Greg: Yeah, we just started Ryan: Guys, look Remember when she came in here to explain the rules? Paco: Yeah, what about it? Ryan: Well, when she came in wearing all white I started looking around the room for all these other white things and all of a sudden, I just realized all the walls around us are white

A-And they're surrounding us like we're in some kind of institution, li- like we're in some kind of box! And then right as I was making that realization, she goes, and picks up ANOTHER box, a-and tries to open it in front of us! Paco: What is your point? Ryan: Guys, call me crazy, call it a hunch, call me maybe But I really think that, if we wanna get out of this box, We have to figure out what's in THAT box! Will: Are you being serious? Ryan: Yeah, why? Paco: She JUST told us that Ryan: Oh Well, um- Paco: See! I told you we shouldn't have brought him! He's gonna slow us down! Ryan: Okay! Okay! She told you guys about the box but in order to get it open I noticed there's actually a- Paco: A keyhole! Yes! We know! That's the first thing we talked about! Derrick: That's why we're looking for hints to find the key Ryan: Actually that's not what I was gonna say but- if you wanna find the key, I could actually show you guys where- Paco: No! We need HELP! Actual help! Go

Go look at that deer or whatever that is! Ryan: Oh you mean the sheep head? Paco: That's not a sheep! Ryan: Lamb, sheep, same thing Will: I dunno, maybe bison? Derrick: Triceratops? Sean: That's not a dinosaur Greg: Could be Sean: It has two horns

Greg: There's horny dinosaurs Sean: What? Greg: What? Paco: WHAT ARE YOU- WHAT ARE YOU GUYS EVEN TALK- Look, we've wasted so much time that we haven't found a single clue yet Greg: Yeah, I got nothing Sean: Same on the maps, there's just random circles everywhere Derrick: Yeah, same here

Will: Yeah, I got some different colored water bottles but I don't really know what they are Ryan: Look, guys, all I'm saying is You guys don't know where to even start I could just get things going and just let you guys know where- Paco: Okay, fine, where do we go, huh? Where do we start? Ryan: Well, I mean- I would start with the hollowed-out book Paco: What? Ryan: The hollowed out book next to Greg over there

Y'know, third shelf from the top on the right Should have a big letter "A" on it Sean: What the *suspenseful music* Yeah, it should be like, some kinda wristwatch or something

*all gasp* Paco: How did you know that? Ryan: Well, I mean I could tell you guys, but like you said, I don't wanna waste everybody's time, so- Will: Okay, we were wrong We- we're sorry Derrick: Yeah, just tell us what's next, c'mon Paco: Yeah Ryan: Okay, well that hollowed-out book had a watch which shouldn't be working, because when a watch doesn't work, you tend to look where? At a clock, which is also not working

So it might appear useless until you see the bottom of the clock, which says made in China Probably wouldn't think too much into that, until you realize that this whole room is covered in maps and one of those maps happen to be China Now the map of China has a bunch of different cities circled, but since they provided us with some kinda line graph of some sort with the x-axis being the minutes and the y-axis being the hours, we can assume they want us to use the times on the broken clock and the broken watch and basically use them as coordinates to find our two cities that are most important Will: The clock says 3:45 Greg: Mine says uhh

6:40 Ryan: It should come out to Shanghai and Beijing Then we take the broken ruler, which is also made in China, and measure the distance between the two and it should come out to about 2 inches

It doesn't have to be an exact measurement, you just have to know that they're saying two inches Will: They're "saying" two inches? Ryan: Well, technically no, not two inches, two in-chest Will: [gasping] The chest! Derrick: Oh, yeah! Ryan: See those weird colored bottles you found earlier? They're all different colors, but only two of them in the chest are actually the same color Making the "two in-chest" the only couple Just like the cup-holes that Derrick was figuring out earlier

And since we now know which cup to pour the liquid into, we can follow the tube all the way to our last puzzle – the instruments And obviously, we all know we only need piano, so we forget about the other one Then we get the sheet music to- Paco: Woah, woah, wait what? How is it obvious? How do we KNOW it's the piano? Ryan: The cups, they're labeled "PO," remember? "PO"? Paco: What? Ryan: PO! P and O Piano Ryan: Didn't think I had to explain that one

Paco: Okay, fine, but it still doesn't explain why you think it's the last puzzle! Ryan: I mean, we knew from the very beginning that we're looking for keys, right? What has more keys than a piano? Sean: Hey guys, there's a note in here It says, "To find the key, you must play the keys using all the keys that lead you here in the correct order" Derrick: Using all the keys that lead you here? Greg: Correct order? Derrick: What does that mean? Paco: The clues

the things that lead us here! The book was the first one! Derrick: Oh, that's right! Derrick: It's empty Paco: On the spine! There's a big "A"! That's how you knew where to start! Ryan: Nothing stands out more than a big "A" Will: Play an A key! Sean: What else do we have? Greg: Oh, um

there's a G in here! Sean: Okay, G Will: Oh! F! Sean: F, okay Greg: Another G! Paco: A! Will: Another A! Derrick: One more A! Sean: Is

that it? No-Nothing happened Will: That was the last clue It led us to the piano, right? Ryan: Yeah, but maybe try it again, but altogether

Paco: Alright so the order was A, G, F, G, A, A, A [plays the tune quickly together] Sean: Doesn't it sound like Mary Had a Little Lam- [sheep baaing sound effect] [everyone saying ooohhh] Paco: I don't know how you did it, but, I'm impressed Ryan: Well, there's only one last thing to do Nah, man You do it

You deserve it Okay NO RYAN [wood breaking] Paco: What the hell?! Will: Why would you do that? We have the key! Derrick: We're probably gonna get disqualified now! Ryan: You guys still don't get it, huh Paco: What? Ryan: Look There was never a key in the box to begin with

[footsteps approaching] Arden: Congratulations! You guys set a new record! [guys making comments in disbelief] Derrick: I thought we were about to get disqualified! Ryan: See, from the very beginning she mentioned that the key to our escape was in the box She didn't say there was actually a key in the box The box WAS the key! Which is why when I asked her about anything outside the box, she gave me that weird look, remember? Arden: People don't usually pick up on that so fast Ryan: Well I did know something was up but I wasn't like absolutely positive that I had to break it yet, because it was two of the rules, like don't break things and don't use phones Then I started noticing all the random phones in the room, and I realized maybe we're supposed to break the rules

But even then I wasn't absolutely sure, until I saw the broken ruler Arden: Exactlly Ryan: Broken rule-r [chuckles] Clever Will: Breaking rules! Sean: How did we miss that? Paco: No! This is the stupidest escape room ever! Ryan: Hey, it's okay, man

Some people just don't know how to think outside the box Some people just can't break the rules They just do what they're told And you know what we call those people? Sheep [sheep baaing sound effect] [sitcom laughter] [synthpop music plays] [cheering from live studio audience] Yeah, you already know it didn't happen that way

Like I said, this is kinda the fantasy version that was actually going on in my head during the escape room I was trying to make all these connections, and make things work I was overthinking everything This was just to show you the kind of things that were going on in my head, while the other guys were doing the real work If you wanna see how the escape room actually was in real life, I uploaded a vlog on HigaTV

It's just like a real, tiny bit more accurate and realistic than the one that you just saw Although I will say just thinking about that escape room and writing that skit you know, the one you just saw, I actually think I developed a technique that will help you, or even experienced escapers how to get out of any escape room pretty much with the same success rate as me, a hundred percent And I'm not just talking in a fantasy, I'm talking reality Because in reality, that other version would look a little bit more like this Nah man, you do it

You deserve it Okay [wood breaking] Paco: What the hell?! Will: Why would you do that? We have the key! Derrick: We're probably gonna get disqualified now! Ryan: You guys still don't get it huh? Paco: What? Ryan: Why don't you guys take a closer look? There was never any key in the box to begin wi- Huh wait what is that? [door opening] Are you serious? [Arden stuttering] Does that mean we win? Arden: I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask all of you to leave, right now Ryan: Oh, okay

Will: Damnit! Greg: What the hell, Ryan? Paco: See what you did? Ryan: Yeah, I do We won [scoffs] [Ryan walks into a wall] This is a bathroom, though

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