Musicals in Real Life!

Hey, guys! So I've been watching a lot of musicals lately, like La La Land or Beauty and the Beast And I just feel like musicals are back in style all of a sudden, but to be honest I was never the biggest fan of musicals

at least when it comes to movies Like I don't mind watching like a musical play or like a show, but if I'm watching a movie, I kind of just want to watch a movie I want to see how the story unfolds you know? I know that's not normal, but I- there's got to be some other people out there who feel the same way

No, just me It's like okay yes I get that no one is as tough as Gaston or as rough as Gaston It's like I got it in the first 10 seconds, but instead we got to listen to that for another three or four minutes And don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't like the songs Usually they're actually really good songs I still listen to the Frozen album I probably shouldn't say that out loud I just feel like most times when there are musical breaks, it's literally just that It's a break from the movie

And what's even more annoying is most times it breaks into this unrealistic world, where none of the rules matter And yet when it's over, everybody pretends like nothing happened I mean when you're really looking at it from an outside perspective, musicals are freaking weird And I get it they're musicals, but I can't help it, it's just how my brain works I mean could you imagine what it would be like if things that happen in musicals happened in the real world

That would just be so so What the hell is this?! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! we just thought we were part of the musical Get the f**k out okay please don't hurt us we just wanna be a part of the musical come in my house never even invited them

End scene! MUSICAL In real life Beauty Pretzel the Beast In musical everyone knows exactly what to sing at the exact right time knowing exactly where to be and not just a group of people sometimes the entire town Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour, bonjour! Hey, hey why are you doing it multiple times? You suposed to do it once remember? stupid! Well Charlie didn't come out here so i do it another time Bonjour! You know what guys um I'm just gonna keep it going so um ♪♪♪ "There's goes the baker with his tray like always " hello? ♪♪♪ "There's goes the baker with his tray like always

" ♪♪♪ "There goes the baker with his I heard you the first time, okay? the bread isn't ready you yelling is not gonna make the bread cook faster well I'm sorry, can you at least come out with what you have? did you not just hear me the bread is not ready, what do ya want? uncooked bread? go ahead! Well I mean you know what, speaking of which I really sick and tired of you stealing a loaf of bread from my tray every single morning you come around here It's not free you know? I'm sorry, I'll pay back eventually but can you at least come out so we can get this done? Fine ♪♪♪ "There goes a ba" BONJOUR! Everyone: CHARLIE! La la la eh In musicals you can meet somebody for the very first time yet somehow your brains and bodies are connected because you already know a perfectly choreographed dance together Despite barely knowing each other OWW! What the hell? A: You supposed to put your feet together on it R: No, no no no

*Arguing* Okay, you know what, just keep going I'll do

What are you doing??? The tap dancing! You slide over I'm the one who supposed to do the tap dancing, you supposed to R: Just keep go A: Why? How am i supposed to know if we never practiced this before? like how am i supposed to know? A: You know these things already! R: Okay fine, okay

You think they're alright? I think they're dancing but there's no music *still arguring* Weird Frozeeeeed fla In musical there's always duets Or two people randomly sing on the spot Despite not knowing what song they're singing and those people are usually mind readers because they know what each other is gonna to sing or they're both Eminem in disguised and they're really good at improve okay, can I just say something crazy? I love crazy! ♪♪♪ "All my life has been a series of doors in my face and then suddenly I eat an orange!

" Wait, how am I supposed to rhyme that with ♪♪♪ "I've searching my whole life to find my own place" ♪♪♪"and maybe it's the party talking, or the choc " How am i supposed to rhyme why would you give me that that's not even an orange! That's a tomato! Tomatoes can be orange! Okay fine, then why did you give me orange? in all of the words you could've gave me 'syringe', 'door hinge' wow, okay you wanna play like that? yeah! Okay fine start the music again quick! Start it! Oh, you're talking to us? Who else? Oh! um Five, six, seven, eight *Clicks button* ♪♪♪ "I mean its crazy

" What? ♪♪♪"We finished each other's" -♪♪♪"Sandwiches

" -Sentences! See, that's what I was gonna say, see? You see how stupid you feel now b*tch? *Inaudible voice* llliiittle mmMermaid In musicals sometimes the main character doesn't realize what the real world is really like but in real life ♪♪♪♪ cue the music ♪♪♪♪ *gunshot* The End RENT *Trumpet sound* In musicals the lyrics don't always have to make complete sense because it's all poetic because the music was there isn't that one logical person that's willing to call them out on their BS " butt" in real life Guys! Shut up Sorry sir we've just been practicing well as your landlord I've been getting a lot of complains so can you guys keep it down okay you're not the only ones in this building this is but the main song what are you guys even singing anyway five thousand seven six No it's five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes it's about how a year isn't measured in minutes or hours or cups of coffee it's measured in love what no no that's a horrible unit of measurement you want to measure a year a simple math yeah we know we can measure a year in 12 months 52 weeks or even 525 actually that's incorrect you guys are all very stupid and wrong See, the 525,600 minutes is roughly 8,760 hours, there's 24 hours in a day, so we divide by 24 giving us 365 days, which we already know I think there's 52 weeks in a year and if we want to convert that to months how many weeks are in a month? Four? That's right four so if we divide 52 weeks by 4, we don't get 12, we get 13

So you're saying there's 13 months in the year, see? So maybe you guys can keep it down now now that you know that your song's stupid? Oh, and by the way you guys all owe me an extra month's rent from last year for that 13th month Can we pay in love? No (whispers) Yes Mayonaise In musicals, the singer is the ultimate live performer Nothing can ruin that person's performance

Not the environment, not the strenuous dancing or anything else that's physical button real life Oh may have broke one of my keys whoops ♪♪♪"Beyond the line when I cross that line" ♪♪♪"See the line where the sky meets the sea?" ♪♪♪"It calls me" ♪♪♪"And no one knows, how deep it goes" ♪♪♪"And it seems like it's calling out to me, so come find me" -Charlie: Bonjour! -♪♪♪"One day I'll know" -Will: Dammit, Charlie! That's not even the right song! -Charlie: Whoops! -♪♪♪"How far I'll go" *Spits* (Bee infestation) Wooo! *Gunfires* *Knife slicing the head* Haig School Musical In musicals, time stops for the main characters And their little time stop does not affect everyone else

*Calming piano music* I can't do this Troy, not with all these people staring at me *cough* Hey no no hey hey look at me look at me hey hey look at me look at me no right here look at me look at me look at me no no no not ShH Shh sHH shh SHH sHh Shh Look at me! (Quietly) Send me nudes What? It's like the first time we sang together, okay? Just like in kindergarten Remember? I didn't know you back then Exactly *Calming piano music* Hurry up! We're Soaaa- Annnnd time

Wait what? We didn't even get to sing yet! Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you wasted everyone else's time Next! This is your (Bleeps) Fault Lialanding yeah I don't even know what to say for this one so but in real life you know

in real putting real it's getting really old I'm gonna stop doing those butter knife! *Awesome Animal noises* End scene! yes before you guys comment I know I did a lot of Disney animated musicals I'm sorry if I left out your favorite musicals I know there's other better musicals out there like I said I don't watch a lot of musicals these are the ones I watch I'm not embarrassed to say that maybe a little and also to my fellow people who aren't big fans of musicals I'm sorry you had to listen to so many terrible songs and this trust me I don't even like hearing myself sing but I didn't want to go hire singers just to make this stupid video and literally made all the songs sitting right here on this laptop sitting in this very seat with a really bad mic so thank you for making it this far into the video and sorry that you had enjoy that don't worry there's not going to be any more singing because really if I did end with another song that would just that would just be so so predictable and kind of messed up because I just said I wasn't gonna do it and also that's a very lame way to get into a musical so I'm not Wait did Mac's always have a free button on their keyboard? Oh I get it that is that's even Lamer, it's a key that's "free" It's Freaky (Free-key)! So freaky! It's something weird to like *beatboxing* No one's gonna join in i'll just leave *beatboxing* *laughing*

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