Musicals In Real Life (BTS)

Paco: I'm recording you Are you recording already? Paco: Yeah, I'm recording Okay, then you give me an intro! Paco: No! Always asking me for intros, Pay your dues, Doo Doo! Ryan: Oh, see! Not so easy, huh? "Oh! Why don't you just say the intro for me?" "Hey! Say the intro!" "It's for BTS!" "I'm Paco!" "I respond to every comment that compliments me!" "No, I respond to negativity as well" Ryan: "That is true" You're the meanest person, out of everyone here, to the fans Oh, definitely

Ryan: Because Paco has the biggest ego, That, Even if you insult him, it doesn't- it just- it just bounces right off of him Check out my belt, check out my studded belts Step Boys Paco: Derrick, More of me? You gotta do what Sean did [Paco's back with the quality content] What did Sean do? Aye, you guys gonna see none of me now Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Oooh! What is this? If you need those copies those bootleg copies just highlight your boy @ slopsmcgee, instagramcom Hey guys, uh, you guys can preorder my book right now! Online! at

ugh, my god, I always never know where to get things I don't even know my own merch site Check out my book Oh! You know what, This is my first time promoting it I should probably promote it more We're making 'em right now I'm having a book tour, mini book tour just in the US, [a moment of silence for all us international fans] I think It is so lit Greg: This way Paco: Excited? Can I read this? Ryan: No! Don't! Don't look, dude! Don't even look Don't- Paco: C'mon let me look a little Ryan: Don't! Don't! Paco: What is that? Is that your defense? Ryan: Yeeah Derrick: Can I look? Yeah, you can check it out, Derrick Paco: Wow, c'mon dude! Check it out, read it all Aye watch out, dude Ryan said you can't look bro C'mon like a really lame way to get into a song, so

so I- Darn, too late "Freaky" I messed up "Freaky

" oh f- "I make my way to the window" Sean: You okay? What did I hit? Sean: You hit the self I hit this corner, huh? Sean: Yeah Damn, that kinda hurt Paco: I got the goods! Woah Ah, yes Time to read this It seems to comics and writing, so it seems to be cool so far

Are you reading my book? Oh, umm [#PunishPacoTime] [#PunishPacoTime Episode 2] Buy a real copy of Ryan Higa's How to Write Good online and go to the meet and greet to get yours signed or you'll end up like Paco! I didn't think it was this cold! Paco: Look at that body though You better not put my fat in I haven't been working out Hey use it You gotta censor me Don't look, dude Don't look at my fat Paco: Hella sexy (don't look at my body) c'mon show 'em everything What's over here? Ryan: Don't look in there! Ryan Higa exposed in his new book, How to Write Good! Get the dirty truth online and meet him in the book tour! Links in the mthsbrt! Can I get a towel from someone? BG: Ooooh, take it off! Take it off! Everyone: Ooooooooooooooooh! This is hard Don't say "ew"! Hard time taking off your bra? I need help Sean's experienced SEXY SEAN STORY COVERED IN RYAN HIGA'S HOW TO WRITE GOOD

JUST BUY IT Do you wanna see something? Ryan: Derrick, move closer [Police Officer Sean is very quality content] Up against the wall, punk! Stop struggling! Stop struggling Everything's going to be okay "Bonjour!" That went down on my head! Ryan: It froze Paco: Huh? Where's your foot? Oh, ayee! Get outta my brain! I'm losing it, bro I'm losing it! [same] "Can I just say something crazy?" Paco: What do you wanna say? Nothing For those who don't know, Daina can sing pretty damn good Aw, thanks! I hope to be a Disney princess, one day "

One day, I'll know How far I'll go-" Ow! (Continues to sing in pain) I don't know why I descended Ryan: That was really good, Daina! That fall, that was good That was really good I'm happy with that if you all are happy with your shots Paco: Damn! Who's that hotty over there? Straight up nips Ryan: You gotta censor all of this BG: Nip slip Greg: I'm 30 years old Paco: Touch my hand! Touch my hand! Touch- Ryan: Can someone escort him out? He's being disturbtive Ryan: No! *Quietly* Yes

(Paco is yet again capturing the most quality of quality contents) (Fanservice Supplying King, Paco) I know how much you guys love a wink, so I captured that just for you! Ooooh, put some of that in here too~ Ryan: ew Paco: Ooh~ [Sean approved] Paco: You hella ripped your pants more Ryan: Here, here, here That's from my belt I'm 30, 30 years old Ryan: Damn How many rips, on video, do you think we got? And that's not even like

you guys still haven't seen all of them RIP Greg's RIP pants There's a scientific reasoning to why my pants rip, Ryan: you got a big ass Paco: Show me that booty, show me that booty rip Ryan: Greg does have a nice booty though Derrick: I told you Greg has the biggest butt! Hey guys, It's your favourite RHPC member Paco Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video and if you did, please come out to the book tour and if you live in a city that is not by the book tour leave a comment with your city try and get upvotes hopefully you get so many upvotes the publishers will see it and want to send Ryan out to you guys! So, again, thank you so much for watching this video and hopefully we can see you guys on the book tour Have a good one!

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