Movies on a Budget!

Hey guys, so if you followed me on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, all my other social media You probably already know this, but the movie that I filmed a year ago is finally coming out

I'm GAAAYYY! And also it's coming out as in likeyou can watch it online But anyway, and just for those that don't already know If you do choose to watch it, it's not gonna be like one of my videos 1

This movie's not a comedy It's a thriller/horror and I only acted in it I didn't write it or direct it or anything because if I did I would probably ruin it And actually that thought alone kinda got me thinking: A lot of you guys are always telling me that I should actually direct real movies and mainstream movies I'm telling you right now that is a terrible idea, I would ruin your favourite movie And not just because I would turn everything into a joke, but mainstream movies are nothing like making these videos They have crazy expensive budgets with huge sets, stunts, really good acting

It's just an all around huge gigantic professional production crew What do I have, I have this *snaps* See? We're even better Which is why I picked some of the most expensive movies ever made and recreated them to show you guys what they would look on low budget And more importantly what they would look like if I directed them Movies

On a Budget AUTOBOTS TRANSFORM *Transformation sounds* *Transformation sounds* Beep, bap, beep, beep, bop, Beep, Bap, Beep, Beep, Ah, a parking lot *badass music kicks in* *engine revs up* *tire screeches* Yes! Damn it! I WIIIIIN! Can't believe I lost that parking lot MY SPOT BABY!! YOU GOTTA FIND ANOTHER ONE Oh look, another parking

They're looking iki meow Kawai lani Umamao ker a o kailo ker pung Hikimaekerlaoulergar Ker lao mer Ker ting ke um ke pukerver ke nana Simon Nala Simba Nala wtf Ryan XD Timon Pumba Skysarcsm Skysa der der long cha chita Hapunaru Shimon Kwa Outa tita toma Man ti tae o! Toma! joy polla malu tama Sibom pa chita ta gu ta Miki Hoe oy takanake ou kao!!! *suprised face* Targets engaged Fire the missile Fire missile 2 *ri

p* lol *Screams of agony* *dramatic music plays* laser comes out of nowhere Hi Darth Hi Ryan How's it going? Good How's your mother? IDK How's your father?! He's dead FOR REAL? yeah Most epic fight in scene in history (Ryan screaming) Obi-Wan never told you about your father He told me enough! He told me you killed him! No! I am your father! NO, that's not true! That's impossible! Oh is it?! When it comes to 22 year old Luke Skywalker Darth Vader, you are the father! WHHAT!? NO NO NO THAT'S F*CKING BULLSH*T DUDE And like I said that's what would happen if you gave us these expensive movies to make We'd make them better

Obviously this wasn't serious at all One day when I do make an actual legit movie a legit feature film it's not gonna be like this ridiculous skits, it's gonna be a lot worse But anyway! When I was writing this video I've got completely off topic as usual This video was supposed to be telling you guys about the movie that I did but once again I didn't do that And actually the producers of the movie wanted me to do a video promoting

you know this movie but I did this instead And you know why I'm not doing all this promo? Cause I'm not some kinda sellout, okay? That's just gonna use my YouTube channel to promote things, okay? You know I'm not gonna tell you guys that oooh– the movie comes out today, September the 16th, the Friday so you can get it online anywhere You know- you know I'm not gonna say that! I'm not some kinda promo whore that's gonna subliminally tell you to watch something you guys don't wanna watch I would never do that I stood up to those greedy producers and I said ''Look,this is my channel, okay?'' This is my channel and I have morals

I'm not just gonna go and tell people that they can order this movie right now at Tellmehowidiecom For the simple prize of 999$ at tellmehowidiecom for the simple prize of 999$

NO!! Okay I am better than that I told them I said them what I did I said What the Guys in all seriousness, the movie is out that's all I needed to say If you have an hour and a half and 10 dollars to spare please go check it out I actually think It's very good for something

Again keep in mind it was a low budget and I still think it turned out really good If you wanna know more just click the link in the description If not and you guys don't wanna watch it that is perfectly fine I would just see you next week, here ON A BRAND NEW EPISODE OF DARTH MAULRYY!!! On the next episode of Darth Maulry, Vader has another son I'm GAAAYY!

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