Movies In Minutes – Saw 12

Hello Ryan, I want to play a game I hear that they torture you, until you can't take it anymore

Until you die "Who are you talking to?" I don't know "Critics claim the Saw 12 is 6 times better than Saw 2" "Why would anyone go there?" They don't have a choice They knock them out, and bring them there "How?" Like this

Three times better than Saw 4 You want a candy? "Ok, Sure!" Almost as good as a Seesaw "I dont feel so good" And 24 times better than Saw 5 "Where am I?" "Who are you?" I am someone

"Oh, ok" But that's not the point, I wanna play a game "A game?" "What kind of game?" It is a game about whether you live or die Because for the past 10- "Is it a board game?" Uhhhhh "I love Monopoly" "Just putting it out there" What? No "Xbox?" No

"PS3?" What are you talking about? "Game Boy Advance?" "Wii?" *sigh* "Wii would like to play" "SEGA" This is not that kind of game "Oh, ok" As I was saying, for the past 10 years- "Let me just stop you right there, if this is Halo 3 you can count me out" Aaaa what? "Ok, your gonna make me say it, I find Halo 3 boring now

" I think I hate you "And when I say Halo 3 I mean all the Halo games," and any games similar, so no Counter-Strike, Call Of Duty, Gears Of War, maybe World Of Warcraft, you know I'm not sure but-" Listen this is serious I am not talking about stupid first person shooter games Nor, am I talking about the World of Warcraft I am talking about a game, whether you live or die

This is a game about a life Your life "So like, Sims 3?" Saw 12 Coming soon "Let me go right now!" Capt by CaptVidscom

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