Movies In Minutes – Chronicle

– You're gonna want to get this on camera – ♪ It ain't about the cha-chang-cha-chang!♪ – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's racist, dude

– Critics rave Chronicle is the best superhero movie since the Notebook – All right, guys – So we found this green thing in a hole – Critics rave, chronicle is incrediblely okay – What is this? – It's a glowing green thing, and if we touch it, we'll get powers – Wait, how are we gonna get powers? – I don't know Actually, that– that wasn't explained

– Critics rave (rave music playing) Critics rave Chronicle's a non-scary version of Paranormal Activity, but it's still scarier – Drew! – Static – Watch this, watch this – What? Oh my – Oh my god, dude Dude – Dude (laughter) – Not bleeding

– Yeah! (laughing) – All right, watch this Watch this Ha! (grunting) She's welcome (screech) – What the hell? You made him go left, Andrew Andrew! – Why'd you do that, man? What the hell's wrong with you? God! Huh? Was that an accident? – Was it an accident, Andrew? Was it? Andrew

You need to stop! – What's wrong, man? – I'm worried about Andrew He's changing Did you do that on purpose? Andrew This isn't a game, Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! Look at me, Andrew An– You're doing it on purpose, Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew, stop! Andrew, stop it! Oops, I rewound too much

Hehehehehe! Teehee! Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! – Andrew! – SHUT UP! – Wait, if I'm here and– and you're there and Andrew's here, then who's holding the camera? – ANDREW!

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