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Narrator: In a world ♪ (music) ♪ Narrator: There is traffic (car horns honk) Narrator: And other stuff, too (Ambulance siren wails) Narrator: That have nothing to do with this video

(Explosion) ♪ (Rock Music) ♪ (Hammer hitting nail) (Sound of iron against shirt) And then he was like, "Do you like guacamole?" (Incoming message alert on phone) (Fury)Team, we have a situation It's time to come back in ♪ (music)♪ (Fury slams hands on table) -Avengers, I brought you all here -Hulk: Nick Fury I thought you were black I am, every time I look in the mirror all I see is black And you all look black, too Anyway, why don't you all introduce yourselves? Hello, my name is Tony Starch Also known as "Ironing Man" The power to eliminate any wrinkle

-The-or: I am The-or With the power to give you or you options -Captain: -Hello everybody My name is "Captain Canadia" -and my power is I am from Canada, eh -Hulk: Uh hey guys, I'm actually the "Incredible anger management Hulk" I am the Hulk but I don't get angry anymore Unless I see blood or a dead body or maybe someone texting while driving I hate that Sorry we are late

Who are you? I'm Hawkeye Black Widow Starch: You guys look like the spy kids Not really superheros Captain: Just like me, eh, except they don't have a movie The-or: Even Spider-Man had a movie, and he wasn't even invited (Laughter) (Spider man sighs) Starch: No, no, no seriously, you guys should probably go

Fury: The situation is, there is a girl named Regina and she is all tied up Regina: Help I am tied up! Fury: And she is tired Regina: And I am tired Fury: And she is bleeding Regina: And I'm bleeding! Wait, I'm not bleeding

Oh, yeah I'm bleeding Fury: And you must rescue her before she gets run over Starch: How are we supposed to get there? Fury: It's all been arranged Starch: You think they would at least pay for our cab Captain: Hulk, I want you to turn into The Hulk and stop the runners

and I want you to hammer the tires -Alright men Starch: Just because you have the word Captain in your name doesn't mean you are the captain The-or: Or maybe you should give me -your iron and I will give you my hammer -Starch: That's what she said -Hulk: Stop arguing it's not helping -Captain: It's time you start listening to me The-or: Or maybe

[Indistinct dialogue] (Sound of shoes on pavement) (Regina cries) -Captain: You think she might be dead, eh? -Hulk (thinking): I only get mad if I see blood or a dead body or someone is texting and driving (Hulks screams) See what you guys did? I'm the Hulk now! You don't look like a hulk Your not even green or big You only have big mole on your face Oh, Yeah? If I wasn't the Hulk, could do this? Weeee! (deep breathing) They thought I wasn't in this movie

(Jazz music) Go Now what? If we don't start working together we are not the team A What am I even saying? This such a bad accent it's not even Canadian

I require socinese I reqiure a new hammer (laughing) I know that's so bad -Oh, that's my line? -Yeah Oh yeah? If I wasn't the Hulk, could I do this?

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