Most Annoying People On The Internet

Hey guys! So I recently realized that I've been using that I've been using the internet a lot more than I used to I mean I use the internet all day

Whether it's YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, when I have nothing better to do, passing time on the toilet, when I'm in the elevator with someone else trying to avoid an awkward conversation [Using phone to avoid awkward conversation in the elevator] And of course, late at night when I'm in bed, and well you know, I am a guy so of course I'm gonna watch some Naruto – NARUTO! I mean I'm on the internet all the time and I've discovered that there's so many annoying people online Well I mean there's a lot of annoying people in this world, but I mean the internet finally allows us to see all of them

I'll admit, I have a lot of annoying internet traits as well For example, I can sometimes be one of those annoying people that uses acronyms way too much Like 'lol' or 'lmao' 'lmfao'? [Deep voice] Everyday I'm – It may not seem weird when I'm texting or typing it, but when you really think about it, it would sound really stupid in real life – Hello? – Hey man, what are you doing? – Eh, NM, HBU? – Uhm, nothing, just wanted to get some food

– Ok, LOL! – Yeah, uh, you wanna come? – K! LOL! – So, um, where do you want to go? – IDK! LOL! – Are you really laughing out loud right now? – OMG, LMAO! Yes! LOL! – All right whatever, I'll just come pick you up in a little bit – Ok! TTYL! Colon and parentheses, colon D, caret underscore caret, less than 3 – Dude STFU! – Ok! – There actually should be an acronym for the most annoying people on the internet Like 'MAPOTI' What? At least then we'll have something to write to these people when they're being annoying online And here's some of the other annoying people I discovered on the internet Take a look! The "Attention Whore" Everyone has seen a guy or girl like this These are the kind of people that will post whatever it takes to get people to give them attention

Also known as people who fish for compliments – [Camera shutters] (girly voice) People keep saying I look like Selena Gomez, but whatever – The "Hater"

Also known as a troll, the hater is the most common annoying person online These people are so upset and bored with their lives that they try to make other people feel the same way about theirs They always find a way to take something positive and them make it negative somehow – [Piano music] I finally met my goal and lost ten pounds! – Um, then why do you look exactly the same? – Dentistry school was a pain, but I finally graduated! [Record scratch] – Dentistry school is not even hard, you f*cking idiot, get a real job – Just got done with Japan's tsunami relief fundraiser

About to head over to the children's hospital after the Save The Planet and Puppies convention – [Record scratch] Oh, wow! So you wanna care about Japan you f*cking jerk! – The "Overused Sayings" Person Pretty much anyone who says, – YOLO right? – SWAG! – Cool story bro – Mad, bro? – Totes! – That's what she said! – Shake my head! – Right! – That's RIGHT! – Legend, wait for it! – My god, I can not! – DARY! – OH my gosh, I can not! – Nobody got time for that! – I can't! I CAN'T! – Why you no?- – What is air? -Do you even lift bro? – I justdead! – And of course, last but not least – Dear Ryan! – Dear Ryan! – Dear Ryan! -Dear Ryan! Can you do Gangam Style? – The "Overly Deep" Person If you don't know someone like this personally, you probably have seen at least one of these pictures that they made These people would take a picture of some beautiful scenery and come up with a quote for it that's just absolutely brilliant and beautiful

– [Piano music] If you always say no, you'll never say yes – The "Hash tagger" Usually found on Instagram, the hash tagger will take a picture of something and just put way too many hash tags on it It's like they treat it like some kind of game to come up with as many hash tags as you can relating to the picture The "Food Photographer" Look, I understand if you made the meal and you're proud of it

Or even if you ordered something that looks absolutely amazing But you don't have to post a picture of every single meal you're gonna eat – (camera shutter) (pop) Hot pockets make me happy – The "Unrelated Captions" Girl These are the kind of girls that always take pictures of stuff, but the caption that they write to describe the picture has nothing to do with it

It kind of looks like this – – (girly voice) (piano music) Patience is a virture (mouseclick) -(very high pitched voice) Sometimes your heart has to let go (mouseclick) – (deep voice) Just ate a hot pocket – The "Trying Too Hard Guy" I don't know if girls actually fall for this, but we've all seen those guys that try way too hard to impress them These guys will post the corniest things to get girls to think that they're the perfect guy – Hey ladies Do me a favor Don't show me your boobs Show me your mind! – The "Not Enough Information Person That Makes Posts About Their Current Situation But Doesn't Want To Talk About It When You Ask Them" Person If you're gonna post something specifically meant for one person to understand then send them a freakin' message Or at least when we're caring enough to ask you about it tell us what you're talking about! The "Wannabe Rapper" Those people that try to act all hard and cool by posting pictures of their money and guns, and tattoos, I don't know other gangster stuff

Pretty much wannabe rappers The "Grammar Nazi" I mean the grammar nazi has got to be one of the most annoying people and yet – – ACTUALLY, 'grammer' is spelled with an a! – Everyone on MySpace And last but not least, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, or even YouTube, there's always that one irritating guy who's always complaining about others Where's the cutaway? OH HELL NO! [PSY – Gangam Style] You happy? Now please stop

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