Making my Mom Rap like Eminem!

Hey guys 😀 So this week's video is gonna be A little bit different I just had this random idea And I decided to do it So I apologize in advance There is a lot of YouTubers that You know, love to do videos with their parents But my parents absolutely hate being in videos 🙁 Mom, Seeahm

do like this like you're doing hula Like straight And then act as if you're to "sneeze" to your left shoulder *Ryan's mom laughs* Yeah Like that Do it again *laughter* *devilish sound* I don't know! *All laugh* And basically my mom is in town and i got her to "agree" To be in a video She just doesn't know what it is The way I thought of this idea Is that my mom

cooked for me She made me spaghetti for dinner She had no idea of what I was talking about But I just kept saying, "Mom, Spaghetti!" ♫ Mom's spaghetti, he's nervous But on the surface he looks calm and ready ♫ She was looking at me like "What the hell is that shi-" Sheshe doesn't know the reference She doesn't even know who Eminem is! Because of that dinner, I had an idea to make my mom rap an Eminem song Of course she would never actually rap But I thought of a way to trick her into it And force her to rap Whether she knows it or not All I really had to do is trick my mom into saying the words that I needed her to say First thing I did is I took all the lyrics from Eminem song and turn it into puns I don't know why I did this Its not like she knows the lyrics anyway But I did Step two was to get my mom to say all the puns Somehow So what I did was I told her I had this "IQ Test" Or it gonna be like this questionnaire It's really simple so all you have to do is answer the simple questions We are just gonna ask youahmrandom questions Its okay don't worry about that *All laugh* So

Go Aaaa that chair Over there Sure Damn you tryna turn up! Turn up! This is for some kind of "IQ test" we're- "IQ TEST?" *starts laughing* You just have to answer question that's all As you know all was basically all I was doing is getting her to say the puns I needed There was a bunch of different techniques I used Sometimes, I would just show her pictures, Ryan: "What is this?" Ryan's Mom: "Rabbit" "What's this guy's first name?" "Hugh

" "What's the title of this magizine?" "Newsweek" "What is that?" "Oh god" *laughs* "A butt" *all laugh* I also had her do some fill in the blanks "Don't worry [blank] will be okay" "Everything" "When the police are looking for a criminal, that criminal is

?" "Wanted" "Finish the blank" "HEE" I'm not gonna lie, there were some where I kinda FISHED for the answers that I wanted And the WAY that I wanted them Kinda made her say them over and over again till I got the right tone that I wanted

but she still didn't catch on "What is this?" "Yo-yo" "What?" "yo-yo" "Can you uh say that slower?" *laughs* "Oh let me ask it to you slower!" (Sure that'll help) "*slower* What is that?" "*slower* Yo-yo" "Perfect!" *all laugh* "What is this?" "Butter" "What's that?" "Butter" "One more time?" "BUTTER!" *all laugh* And obviously some words I had to break up into two or three puns just to make one word

For example the word: Moment Opportunity Or Or, what ended up becoming my favourite pun "Is that a planet?" "Yea what planet is it?" "Uhhh Venus Mars? Mars?" *laughs* "No it's not Venus nor Mars It's" "Jupiter" "What was that?" "Jupiter" "What if I put an exclamation point next to it?" "JUP-ITER!" *all laugh* A pun for There were some questions I thought for SURE my mom would answer in a certain way But, it just shows how differently we think

"So you know in Frozen" "What is the famous song?" "Oh, I don't know" *failed attempt at singing Let It Go* "What is it?" "Oh Let It-um" "What?" *all laugh* "Let it–Let it grow?" *all laugh* "Oh 'go'" "So it's?" "Oh, Let It Go!" "If Jackie Chan were in France, what would they refer to him to as? What would they say?" *roleplays*"Excuse me

?" "*In French accent" Jackie? *all laugh* "Oh, Mister Chan?" "Okay but what is 'Mister' in French?" Oh, Monsieur? Yeeaah I think that's it But so, what would it be? "Monsieur Jackie?" *all laugh* "Mister Chan not Mister Jackie!" "How'd you say that in French?" "Monsieur Chan" "Okay, now say it quicker

" "*quicker Monsieur Chan" "Quicker?" "*quicker* Monsieur Chan" "Again?" "MonsieurChan" "That worked!" "*sighs*" *all laugh* Derrick: "You're doing great!" We think very differently, so it wasn't that easy to get it out of her But yeah! When I first started this, I thought it was going to be easy! I was wrong

It was a lot harder than I thought With that said Here's me TRYING to make my mom rap an Eminem song, using ONLY puns Ryan: What's your favorite channel to watch that I hate watching? Lifetime Ryan: What is this, generally if you just look at it? A wedding – What kind of wedding? – Horse wedding

*laugh* – Do you know her name? – Who, Gwyneth? – Yeah What's it pointing to? – Her back – So what is that? – Gwyneth's back – Remember you made something for dinner? – Corn beef? No! *laughs* – Spaghetti – Yeah, but what kind of spaghetti? You kept saying it over and over – What – You're my mom – Yeah? Oh, "Mom's spaghetti!" ♫ [intro riff to "Lose Yourself"] ♫ ♫ Loser cell fin dumb me you sick ♫ ♫ duck mole mint chew ohm knit ♫ ♫ Jupiter net fur let it go ♫ ♫ Jew lonely kit one shot ♫ ♫ Donut monsieur chan stew blow ♫ ♫ Dis Oprah tune it teacups juan sinner lifetime ♫ ♫ JUPITER! ♫♫ TEEHEE! "It's Eminem: Marshal Mathers" "Ohhhh" "I don't know that

" "That's your rap name" "Really

?" "Marshall Mothers" "*quotes* GOTEE!" *all laugh*

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