Making an Anime! (BTS)

Old man Sean, hey sonny I don't know if your old or just homeless you can see my underwear oh look, there's holes in it

You can see my leg hairs, ooh what kind of underwear are you wearing today This ???? boxers hmmm about to shoot the first scene of the day Except its not the first scene of the day, ya missed it like four hours little ryan, thats you, whats that let me see it thats a voodoo doll proceeds to make weird noises we got two special guests today This is Monica Sandra, and they are playing attractive girls who are not attractive to Sean, nope? Greg reacts to dirty jokes What lipstick are you wearing um I love it

I don't I left it at home Let me try it Cut smiling that's great , thats awesome Oh my God I love that lipstick oh thanks! What is it? ya know i dont have it with me, can i try? tried sure And we're the longer On the real are you sorry that you are doing? Oh, you're back Let me get that Thank you

Oh good let a wrap on them Whoa, well there's a PG Like that Paco? Yeah, it's just so fun Be that rating RPG you this is you just yeah, we're getting flag we're getting flag boys No, so me, and Eric's personally give greg react the same mmm Okay, how's this for fanservice her girl's best unit of the day? That's great Tashtego your wife Oh my that's your tea Sir, are you eating Candy no? That's how that's really hard That's my tea buddy Loud as my job there you have enough for the class give enough for the class you have a little bit Yes care to give me you know Rows and rows all you guys wait on the asshole a little ryan says hey Ryan, Kevin Ollie rancher Holy smokes, it works little Ryan Y'all be my friend God is working you do it sister

She's the first action scene of the day Right left right yup? Wow Fits to your arch BC We'd like to keep things professional super professional That's great Oh good That's awesome, so Freakin Professional it was so professional Explain this better

So what is this for? We're going to do like a spotlight right over and Ryan Mm Got to put light up there Yeah, but as you can see our stand is Beyond reach all the way across to me, and so that gap somehow Yeah, I got a professional gap filler I don't know what we use, but this profession is definitely professional so professional Derek said he bought ditto for 65 K and now he says he got money problems Yeah, be sure to watch me and Derek So when it comes out DM great Nunchuck not afraid not chocolate The best part about yesterday even though your pervin I think dana was laughing more way to me oh We're getting near the end of the shoot everything backfired Sighs what's your favorite animes leave them in the comments below some kids just drove by on their bikes as I said what movie you guys filming weeaboo – Well filming we have one that's pretty funny

Those kids are crazy We're done That's why it's said Maybe happy handsome Daddy you Can turn that shaming pity I can topple if you want What do you go to jail so much akI?

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