Making a Stop Motion Dance! (BTS)

First shave of the day Take a lot of pictures and then try and do like some kind of wave thing right here and the wave's gonna continue this This is all going to be gone So I have to reverse shave and in the edit you reverse the pictures It's gonna sound like a *shaving noises* and then the wave continues

Some people just can't grow beards It's like Paco! He can't grow a beard I really can't Will: "There it is!" Yo! *whistling* All white! with a beard, scruff, and necklace! Let's do less than more *shaving noise* Greg: "3, 2, 1" *singing* Yeah *Piano playing* So, we were working on this dance video, but we realized that we need like, some actually good dancing to reference *laughing* Yo, we tried to make a reference, look at this Well, I mean, it's good, but you just want it to be, like, unbelievably good We're gonna have some of our friends make some choreo for us and send it to us and make a dance We need these transition pieces Fill in the blanks between the dances Will: "That looks good, dude! That looks gooood" We're gonna do that; we're gonna go frame by frame and match Ryan up That's how we're doing it if you're wondering how we made it That's how you do it (those are the secrets) All right, so it is day two we finally figured out what we're doing today This is harder than I thought it was going to be I thought "Oh, it's gonna be stop-motion so it's gonna be easy," but you know, my body just can't do certain things that other people can do We also have special guests

That's why its so loud right now Figure skaters Olympians represent America Today we're gonna actually work Yesterday we didn't do much because we didn't know what we're doing Ryan's forearms don't have the flexibility he wants for tutting so we have replace him with Derek Is it because you got injured? Boy, there's metal in here Greg: "3, 2, 1" We move in now, there you go, 3, 2, 1! This is kinda hot! This way one Okay, please be running back and forth fixing them up every time stuff he does I Rat one date day – yeah, I'm ever so sore tomorrow Okay It's wrapping day – I feel bad The ships came to hang out and they sat here all day

Watch this work Typical Olympians So we just started on May 3 with the it wasn't a make-a-wish just did like a foundation Not not make a wish but you came Birgeneau make a wish no better way to start your day day 3 Yeah, we I tried to make you Riley This video we have some very special guests and those guests are Alex I am On PC shit sips clap Hey We're doing like this much You holder all right, you guys are good That's rap videos done Okay tres day three Got all the easy stuff done Shirt smells Bananas with bananas are always fun Yeah, pretty good Pick up from here tomorrow not Monday for ya for another two days, I would say maybe I Don't understand things anymore Five say we're doing break dancing Got tired you buy these huh? Probably what are these called the no he got one of your bzees the banan Easy's What Yeah, exactly like that Skating My legs are on fire And Six thousand 62,000 squats four thousand push-ups just responds and I worked out this morning That was a bad idea before her Put on your nice fit the second to the last scene today I think I don't know anymore We're just doing water stuff We're doing the water stuff I'm doing the water stuff, too I'm doing the water stuff too, that's three, Sean it's four, five No, we're just doing the water stuff 2018 and handball contest Old Yeah, alright, let's wrap everybody That's so loud alright six days a lot of moments a lot of things happen, what was your favorite moment Even even know is even know what I just thought she

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