Lightning Orb! (Teehee Time)

(Greg rapping) Do a Teehee Time (everyone) Yep! Let's open the boxes (everyone) Yep! Eating some cake

(everyone) Yep! Tips! Touch tips! (lalalalalalalala) *music* *fart* Yep! Ohhhhh! What is this? Some noodles right there Greg: Happy belated birthday! *party blower* I mean it's belated, so Hey, check this out, y'all! Ohhhhh! *laughing* *talking* Look at your hair your hair! *music* Best Crew

Some durian fudge bars Damn

Oh, are these bugs? Sean: What? Ohhhhhhahaaaa! Some roasted maggots! Will: These are bugs! Sean: They're maggots, dude, they're fried maggots! Ew! Alright, this is fromMoi Ching *playful music* *gags* *playful music* *gags* *playful music* It doesn't smell bad out of the package Will: Maybe it was just my fingers *laughing* *Sean sneezes* *drum roll* It tastes kinda drity Sean: I might actually eat some of these Will: Damn, Sean's gonna eat some plugs

Sean: I'll try it Will: Fried chrysalis Oh, it's a big one! – Greg: Hold on, hold on – Derek: It looks like clay Will: How sure are we that these are for human consumption and not like, lizards? *drum roll* Will: Sean the bug eater Ryan: Oh, you're Bear Grylls, you're Bear Grylls, you're Bear Grylls! – Will: That's good calories – Sean: It's not that bad *boing* Ryan: Really? Oh, dude! Will: We are definitely playing with that

Ryan: Hell yeah! *smack* Derek: Open your pocket up *playful music* *laughing* Derek: Ohhhh, that was close enough! Ryan: Keep going! You win

Will: You just gotta cheer him on (everyone) Derek! Derek! Derek! Derek! Ohhhhh! That was close

You gotta cheer harder (everyone) DEREK! DEREK! OHHHH! YEAH!!! Will: Oh, I smell something

Greg: Durian, durian It was durian Durian

Will: I'd rather stick two chrysalises in my nose *laughing* This is fromChing Pua Li from St

Paul, Minnesota Greg: The Mineapolis Forty Miners Ohhhhhh! Will: Hanate! *laughing* – Will: Hanate doll – That looks weird PENELOPE!!! What? (singing tune of Muhna Muhna) Penelope! Du du, du du du Penelope Jake Evans, he's a blacksmith

OHHHHH! Derek: Are those things sharp? Can I throw this? *playful music* Nope *playful music* Ryan: Ow! Aaahhh! Damn it *metal lands on ground* *laughing* Aaaahahaha! Ooh, this is my favourite one actually! Sean: Dude, candy blast bomb! Hey, this is the thing from Spencer's gift shop! *laughing* Sean: Yeah! Ohhhhh! *cheering* Will: Forces of lightning! Ohhhh! Derek: This is that kind where you *Will screams* (mockingly) I'm scared (everyone) Woah! Greg: Remember on, uh, Space Jam? *laughing* When Michael Jordan gave the ball back? Touch it "Touch it" *laughing* Yeah, that's it! Hey, you guys want your powers back? "Pat, you want your talent back?" *dramatic music from Space Jam* (being filled with basketball powers) Thank you Josie Sean: Thaaaanks

Derek: Josie from Alaska! Sean: What's this? Greg: From Ky Nee Derek: Ky Nee! Greg: Got the rest of the (everyone) OHHHHH!!! Derek: oh, oh, oh, oh Sean: Yeah! Greg: We collected them all! Now we can use our powers! (making jibberish fighting sounds) What is this? Greg: It's from Spencer's! *laughing* Spencer's gift shop! *fish singing "I Will Survive"* *laughing* – Greg: I wanna try

Oh yeah, it's strong *fish singing "I Will Survive"* It looks like hell, like it hurts when it bends This is tight, too! Sean: Yeah! Cool! The king of the lamps has arrived! *royal music* Sean: Who's this from? Ginny and Matt (everyone) Ooooooh! More Smarties Sean: What's this? OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (slow motion) OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Derek: Crazy It's like the

– Ohhhhhhh! – Damn This is AWESOME! *whistle* SNACK TIIIIIIIIIIIIME! *whistle* Do it Do it! (chanting) Do it! Do it! Do it! Oh my god, that's a lot

OH!!! Oh, that's a lot – Is it good? – That's pretty sweet, dude Realmaplesyrup

Maple syrup, eh? I think you're a Canadian now, Sean! "He's not your friend, guy!" Will: Tanya TanyaTanya and banana *laughing* This looks like, a book you would buy at the store, right? Actually, Ryan Sean: Oh, damn! Dude – You're in it! – What the heck? Sean: Dude, that's an old picture! Ryan: This is so legit! She actually gave (everyone) OHHHHHH! All the flavors! – Ryan: This is from the same person? – Sean: Yeah Ryan: It's Sean's room! Sean: Sean's room! Nice! Thanks! Thank you Su Yin This is like, legit *music* Will: Oh, snap

– Derek: It's going right now? – Will: Oh, snap! Derek: It's dialing *phone dialing* – Ryan (to Greg): You're talking! – Ryan: Don't tell her who it is – Josie: Hello? Hello, is this Josie? Yeah

Hi *snickering* This is Greg From Teehee Time *snickering* *gasp* *laughing* How are you? We got your package – We just wanted to say thanks

– Ryan: (devilish voice) We've got your package Derek: Thank you! Ryan: If you ever wanna see it again, you'll send us more glowing balls *laughing* Greg: You sent a glowing ball thing? – Josie: Oh my gosh – *laughing* Ryan: Or you didn't send it? Greg: Are you crying? – Ryan: Did you go to Spencer's gift shop? Yes or no? – *laughing* Where did you get the ball from? Josie: Um, at Walmart

(everyone) Ohhhh! Sean: Ohhhh! Walmart – Will: Good guess – Derek: Close – Sean: Close *laughing* Greg: You said to give you a call and we gave you a call and

Ryan: We're just saying hi Greg: Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the gifts What? She's a rapper! *laughing* Sean: Wait, how long ago? May!?!? *laughing* Ryan: Well, we just got it now! *laughing* Thank you so much

We'll talk to you next time, that's a lot of alliteration time! *laughing* – Thanks Josie! – Josie: (indistinct) Greg: Yeah, no worries Can you say bye to all the Teehee Timers out there? Josie: Bye Ryan: Give us a teehee, tell her Greg: Yeah, uh, give us an, um Sean: Give us your best teehee Ryan: To close the whole video Josie: What? *laughing* Thanks for reading/watching! You should really sub to HigaTV if you're not already Or don't, it's you're choice I can't make you do things Subtitles by: MarioXD

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