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Hey guys! So, before I get to the actual video I have a huge announcement *Sigh* I said HUGE announcement! Thank you I Just want to let you guys know that I am a genius now In the literal-ly arts Because I wrote a book! Yayyyyyyy! Gotta' start working out again D: And I know this is very sudden news for a lot of you Specially if you don't follow me on Twitter at @therealryanhiga Or my Instagram at @notryanhiga Or on my Facebook at the fac- Facebookcom sla- ugh??? But the reason for that is that I don't like to promote myself

Or my own products, because I this that's very selfish and conceited and I think– facebookcom/higatv That's what it was

Make sure you guys like my page, share all my videos, and make sure you guys go check it right now But yeah, I wrote a book It is called "How to write good" and this is the cover This is not the actual book, I just printed out the cover and put it on a different book

This is Radio Graphic Pethology for Technologists, fifth edition Obviously, my book is gonna be better Because my book has pictur– Oh, this has pictures of brains and stuff I don't know why, why am I reading this? But yeah, I wrote the book It's called "How to Write Good" It's veryI mean it came from my mind so it's very different And I'm going to be honest it's v- super weird I don't think most people who casually read books are going to like it because it's so different But, uh – say that you have a big announcement, I did that, in fact I said it was huge Don't let the fans know this is a promo, Of course not, I'm not an idiot And very important, Make book sound interesting Do not call book weird or anything else negative Towards the*awkward silence* This book "How to write good" is so damn good It is

sorry, so damn well Can't be making those kinds of mistakes anymore, I'm a published author now This is the best book ever It is not weird, it is not anything that I have to say negative about it It is exactly like every other bestselling book out there right now Except for the fact that it hasn't sold that much yet But other than that, it's the same thing There's a coverwith pictures in it There are words, so many words I have the best words, huge words *um* going off topic The reason I'm bringing this up, other than I am promo- not promoting my book *wink wink* *bright smile* *triple wink wink* *triple bright smiles* Is because writing a book is a very important stage in a YouTuber's career It means I am in one of the final stages of my YouTube career And my YouTube life, so Ooh, yeah! *laughs* What are you guys doing? That means we can get out of here right? Yeah, it's really cramped back here I have to poop so bad No, I said one of the final stages, not the end *ugh* just watch the video There are 10 major stages in the life of a Youtuber You already know one of the final stages called write a book But we'll get to that later Also keep in mind some of these stages maybe out of order for some people But for the most part these are stages almost every YouTuber goes through at some point So let's start with the first one Stage one Just For Fun Not all but the majority of youtubers first start at creating their YouTube channel because of an interest they had and they want to give it a shot Not for fame , Not for money They basically started making videos just for fun Stage 2 I'm Smelling Poo Will: What? 'Cause

'cause you're famous now So you think you're the s*** You know? You could've made a better title than that Yeah, I feel like you just said that because it rhymes K- you know what guys, can I just – *sigh" Stage 2 I'm smelling poo This is the stage where you first start to discover your popularity You start getting recognized from the streets, you have fans, people want pics and autographs, and for you, you pretend like you don't enjoy all this attention because it happens "all the time" But deep down, Let's be real, you love it, 'cause you feel special The more successful you get, the more hate and negativity you'll receive and this is the stage where you make your first video about haters and why you can't understand why they're so hateful because it bothers you a lot knowing that even though you're so loved, There's a lot of people out there that hate you Stage 4 is when you get even more popular The peak of your YouTube career And with all that fame, you get more and more haters But now that you've seen it so much You've learned that hating on haters doesn't work This is the part where you put on a cool guy act and pretend that hater comments don't affect you anymore But in reality It still does There's always that moment after your peak of your Youtube career where things start to slow down a little bit and that's when you begin to freak out and start questioning yourself You start doubting your own content And eventually, you start to change your content In order to try in bring your growth back to what it used to be It's pretty much desesperation time This is where you start using the old strategies, such as: Click bait thumbnails and titles, collabing with other random youtubers so you can increase your subs and this is when you start doing more popular, trendy challenges Just anything it takes to get you more viewers and after a while, your content's not even what you started out making You're just making stuff to get views You're depressed now, Because your YouTube fame has been dying down for a while now However, this is the stage where you magically turn that all around by watching one inspirational, motivational speaker on Facebook talk about happiness 🙂 and then you take that speakers advice to heart and overexaggerate it not just to yourself, but all your fans as well After a few months of being overly positive, you realize you were putting up a front and you weren't really as happy as you were pretending to be or preaching others to be Now you decide: do you keep making Youtube videos or do you quit and go and pursue something else like acting or making a movie

And regardless of what you decide, You still make a video telling all your fans that you want to quit YouTube *angry punching* You told everyone you were done with YouTube, but You're back It was a joke What a suprise After such a long break from YouTube, You feel hyped and refreshed And ready to start taking YouTube seriously again You also found that passion again of what first got you started However, this doesn't last very long Because of your long break from YouTube, Your growth and your views are lower than ever perhaps its time to take drastic measures Maybe you should rebrand yourself maybe start drama with another YouTuber Maybe it's not about what kind of videos you want to make, But what kind of videos will get you more VIEWS stage 9 write a book yeah, i started the whole rhyming the title thing after the intro so you know stage 9 write a book, time stage 9 write a book time is to write a book like I mentioned earlier one of the last stages in a youtuber's life is to write a book this is the point where you believe you've gone through so much that you feel the need to write a book first you finish the book then you don't promote it at all which makes the book publishing company very upset with you and tells you need to promote it , or else which you then say tt i don't care you don't scare me i'm not going to sell out and make a promotional video just to sell books what kinda person do you think I am a person who just randomly promotes my book How To Write Good and say that, oh it's available for pre-order and, in Amazon right now links in the description next to my tour dates that I going to be going on in the next month in the following cities ABSOLUTELY NOT! is why is what you say then (silence) stage ten the end this is the stage after you write your book the final stage, you're finally in a great place where you're happy and satisfied in content with what you done with youtube career and you finally think it's time to make that last video it's a heartfelt video where cheesy music begins to play where you start thanking everybody for everything they've done for you for this incredible 10-11 year journey what ever it is for you that you've been on and you just try to show how much you truly truly appreciate that And even though you're known to be comedic you shouldn't not be taken seriously this is the one time that you are genuine with your viewers and you really really just can't thank them enough for everything that they've done And it gets a little cheesy none of that really matters because it's all about the appreciation you have for the fans and well, it's time It's the end The end of stage 10 On to stage 11! Wait what? Stage 11 the same issue I had rhyming with 7 Stage 11's go- heaven? No, this stage is not even called 11 This is stage One one

Because in stage one one You repeat back to stage one But you have twice the fun Because you finally understand how to truly live like a YouTuber and enjoy it Because as we know that was the whole goal to begin with To have fun! It's one big completed circle Do what you wanna make

Make what you wanna make Who cares if it's a boring video with no skits in it? Who cares if there's really poor drawings in there? Even if you're not an animator and they look pretty bad Throw them in there! Doesn't matter if you're having fun Twice the fun! Stage one one – So it's completed then? What? -Stage one is done? So it's over, right? We can finally leave What? No! It just repeats You just have to add a one in front of it now From stage one one: twice the fun, We go to stage one two

I'm smelling PFFT I warned you

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