Life Hacks! (Dear Ryan)

Hey guys And welcome back to another episode of "I Dare You"

That's not what we're filming "Dear Ryan" is what I meant to say Before we get into the "Dear Ryan"s though I just wanted to do a quick shout out and thank you to every single person that downloaded the Tee Hee app And I know I didn't say much about it on this channel But on HigaTV I released a video announcing it

And we got over 100,000 downloads in one day It was like #10 in the App Store for iPhone users And for Androids it was #3 or something crazy like that So I just wanted to thank you all so much I'm still posting daily

So for all you who haven't gotten the app yet, make sure you check it out I'll put the link for iPhone and Android in the description box below But with that being said, here's another "I Dare", here's dammit, why do I keep saying that? Here's another "Dear Ryan", here we go "Dear Ryan Show us how you would confess to someone you like"

I'm just gonna be completely honest The last time I think I literally told somebody that I like them was probably in high school And I'm really embarassed But it's in the past I did it over AIM

If you guys don't know what that means, it's an instant messenger, kinda like MSN messenger Not that you guys would know what that is It's like Facebook messenger, but it was for AOL You guys don't know what AOL is What am I talking about? Anyways

I did it over the Internet And I'm kind of embarrassed about it Cause you should say something like that in person to someone Kinda like how I would do it now So something like this

Hey could I talk to you about something? Sure This is uh, this is awkward I know we've been friends and just friends for a really long time now but I just can't, I just can't hold it back anymore I think it's time you know Well, I (double tap Instagram photo) (leans in for kiss) (text kissy faces) Dear Ryan, can you parody the Big Bang Theory!? Okay, lemme first say that I actually really really like this show

When it first came out I absolutely loved the first two seasons But then I started to notice how much they use the laugh track If you ever do get around to watching that show Or if you already do, then try to count how many times they use the laugh track every episode What irritates me the most is that they do it on parts that are not even intended to be funny

But yet you still laugh because you hear other people laughing (Ryan sifts in chair) (Laugh track) (continues to sift) (continuous laughing) Uh Sheldon What are you doing? (Laugh track) I'm trying to find my spot It feels different for some reason Did you change it? (Laugh track) Sheldon it's a couch

It's not gonna change (Laugh track) Well that's just not true at all If a chemical compound can change then surely a physical sitting device can go through a physical change as well (Laugh track) You know that's not what I'm talking about Sheldon (Laugh track) I never know what you're talking about

(Laugh track) Well that's just rude (Laugh track) Is it? (Laugh track) Yes Loser says what? (Laugh track) What? (Laugh track Clapping) See what I mean? I just hate when shows put in laugh tracks to make it feel like you should be laughing even though nothing funny happens It's like, come on

Where did all the intelligent comedy go? What is, what is with all this immature forced comedy? Oh like you can do better? Yah As a matter of fact I probably could Then go ahead Okay Uhm

The Big Bang Theory? More like The Big Fart Theory! (crickets chirp) Get it? Big Fart Theory? Cuz the show stinks You know That's what I was (crickets) uhm (crickets) Ahaha

Big Fart Theory I get it now Dear Ryan, Can you use Internet Explorer? Yah sure Let me just get my time machine (Laugh track) Hahahahahaha! Dear Ryan, Can you do a Higa Bros episode please, Only Ryan and Kyle! For those of you who don't know Kyle is my brother

People are always like, shocked that I have a brother Cuz they never see him in videos But, like, it's not that I don't want him to be in them My brother just never has wanted to be in videos with me Even when we were growing up and I would be like filming stuff, he would always be more into video games And even when he would be playing video games, I would be like, "Hey can I play with you?" He'd usually say no because I wasn't good enough

And it didn't matter what game it was Like, whether it was Counter Strike or Star Craft, or Street Fighter, or just playing cards I just wanted to play a game with my brother Any game and I never could

♪(Intro: Do You Want To Build A Snowman)♪ Kyle? (Knocks) (Kyle): Go away Ryan! (cow barks) Yeah See? My childhood wasn't easy Tough streets of Hilo Hawaii Took a lot out of you when the Nintendo was only meant (knocking) Ryan? Wanna get something to eat? Can't you see I'm filming right now? GO AWAY KYLE! Dear Ryan, Can you be Anna or Elsa from Frozen? Who? From what? Dear Ryan, Can you teach us some life hacks? So I made a video about extremely lazy people and how those people are actually the smartest people Because they come up with solutions to solve problems

Well that's exactly what life hacks are So basically, I just took a bunch of things that I can relate to the most, and I came up with solutions in the same way Here are some of the my life hacks that I can relate to I hope you guys do as well The Diet Life Hack

Are you one of those people that likes to start diets but always ends up giving up on them? Well, this life hack is really easy All you have to do is buy a bunch of mirrors and attach it to all your unhealthy food with a little note that saw "ewww" and you'll probably never break your diet again The Phone Finder Now if you're like me and you're always losing your phone, this one's perfect for you All you gotta do is attach a chord to your phone, and make that chord attached to some kind of base, and put that base on a wall and there you have it! You'll never lose it again unless you lose your house

(Laugh track) Shut up The Fart Filter Now I know this one doesn't just relate to me Have you ever had one of those days, where your farts are just rancid? And I'm talking like really bad Like when they come out and they're super hot

I don't know why I made this motion That is disgusting My right hand is a fart Those farts that like in a cartoon if a character were to smell them they'd have X over their eyes (Ryan farts) Oh dude this is gonna be bad

Oh my (faints) Well no more smelly farts thanks to my life hack I call the Fart Filter All you have to do is take a fabric softener, tape it to your underwear Right about where your you-know-what is And the next time you fart, it'll smell like fresh laundry on a summer's eve

(Ryan farts) (ding) I'm sorry I've been free-styling this whole video It makes no sense Then again, when does my videos make sense? When do my videos make sense is what I meant to saaaaay Okay in all seriousness

I know that you guys wanted real life hacks And I actually do have one real life hack And I know you guys have already probably heard of this because I've been seeing posts about it But I've been doing this middle school before the internet even <i>existed</i> That's not true It <i>existed</i>

But it was slow And I had dial-up then And there was no post about this at the time so I invented this life hack That's not true I learned it from my mom

She probably learned it from other people Basically, it's called The Shower Steam Ironing Thing I don't know why It's not even that hard But I hate doing it

I hate ironing my clothes So if you ever see me in public, there's a 50 percent chance that my clothes are wrinkled, Or I used this life hack And basically, all you gotta do is take a hot shower, and bring whatever clothes it is with you into the shower with you You just gotta hang it somewhere where the steam is hitting it, but not the water And once you're done with your shower, all the steam should have gotten rid of all your wrinkles

And if not you can use my backup life hack to get all the wrinkles out All you have to do is shout "MOM Can you iron this?" (Clapping and laugh track) Shut up! Stop the laugh track That wasn't even funny I'm so sick of these stupid, poorly made, immature jokes that take no thought at all

It's just, "Oh let's put a laugh track cuz we think it's funny" It's not funny! It just makes me so mad that sometimes I just wanna I just wanna I just (farts) Hahahaha

(Laugh track) Now that is comedy Totally That's a smart joke Hey thanks man I hope you put your fart filter on, right? My what? (Everyone collapses) Hahaha

Okay That's enough Laugh Tracks Not even once TEE – I said not even once So leave your questions in the comments below and you could be responsible for the next video Haha Your hat

MOOM HEEEEEELP HAahahaha Woaaahhh Oh I almost fell

Guy: Oh dude Hahaha (Ryan falls) (rubs thigh) Ooh that thigh hurts (Rubs thigh) If I do this fast enough it's not gonna hurt) It hurts It hurtsss! So thank you guys again so much for watching

If you want to see bloopers and behind the scene click the one on the left If you want to see the previous video click the one on the right And also just a quick announcment To all my lamps in Beijing I'm actually gonna be there on May 28th For the Lenovo tech world event They said they're gonna be showcasing not only just my life hacks that I just did Which I think, are still the best life hacks I've ever seen But also some of your life hacks as well

All you gotta do is hashtag IHackedLife on Twitter or Instagram and they might pull yours And we're going to be showcasing all the best ones And if you don't want to do that you can just continue to singing along to this song with me Ra ta ta Ra ta ta

That's not the right song

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