Lessons To Learn From 2013

So I know it's not on the title and I haven't done it in a while, but this is pretty much an Off the Pill video For those of you that are new and don't know that series, Off the Pill pretty much means that I can get pregnant at any time

No, it's mean that I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid, and off the Pill means that I don't take my medication I just caught on the camera and talk to it and let my mind flutter

That's the best word that I could come up with See, I needI need my medication

*transition music* Hey, guys! So today I'm going to be about some lessons that I learned this year, but before I get into it, first of all, let me say that I'm sorry that I haven't posted a video in a couple of weeks The video that I'm currently working on is taking a lot longer than I thought, and it's been something I really wanted to do all year, and I just never had the time for it, and I still don't have the time for it That's why I missed two weeks, but it should be done next week, so I hope you guys actually like it when it comes out You may not, and I don't want to give away too much, but to get you guys excited, here's a quick preview Yup

There's gonna be a character with two eyes in it for sure Alright, I didn't show you guys what it was about 'cause i don't want to spoil it and also kinda because we don't have that much done yet (silence) Eww, what is this? It looks like a lizard But we just finished filming, so it should be done by next week, so be on the lookout for it Back to the topic

Before I distract myself again, here's all the lessons I learned in 2013 432i Thanks to Vine, I learned how every different race be like in every case scenario Another lesson I got from Vine is that you can be racist as long as it's funny and on Vine, White people be like While people be like Black people be like

Black people be like And I'm all like Nope, still not gonna download it

I always saw these kids doing "The Cup Song," and I never knew how to do it, but thanks to Anna Kendrick, nailed it (cup tapping rhythmically) YES! OH MY GO– (engine noise) Twerking showed me that if dance keeps continuing down this route, one day there's still hope that I can be a dancer EDM music showed me that lyrics don't matter anymore Sluttier and more sexual the better when it comes to getting views Having your shirt off in every single picture and flexing a little, making it seem like you're not flexing does not make you a douche

It just makes you Justin Bieber Whenever anyone passes away, it's sad, but if you're a homeless guy and you pass away from a drug overdose, most people are like, good riddance! But if you're a celebrity that passes away from a drug overdose, it's the saddest thing ever to people People sympathize for you You have an excuse You're a celebrity

No matter how successful, how good-looking, or how good of a person you are, it doesn't matter Every time you get into a car, you're risking your life, especially if you're speeding, because cars treat everyone the same They don't care who you are They're all about equality They're not racist, so stop racing them

Nelson Mandela passing away is such a big event, but I think people went a little overboard with how sad they were about it I honestly think both Cory and Paul's death was way more sad Nelson Mandela lived till he was 95 People shouldn't be crying over him They should be celebrating him

I honestly didn't learn anything from this one, but I couldn't not include it Grand Theft Auto V taught me that the only thing better than killing and stealing is killing and stealing with your friends Whenever a new iPhone comes out, you probably shouldn't get it, because before you know it, next one's already here In Robin Thicke's song "Blurred Lines," the lyrics "What rhymes with hug me?" taught me that if you don't have good lyrics to write for your next line, just ask What's a good joke to end this one with? Seriously

I learned from Lorde that harmonies make everything (harmonizing, repeating) sound good Kanye West taught me and the rest of the world what it really means to be a genius Although you gotta be pretty clever and genius to come up with such a catchy "ahead of the game" name like North West where your daughter Being the non-genius that I am, I probably would have came up with something stupid and delayed like South West Sorry, Southwest

Lizard neck I genuinely love YouTube and YouTube is always teaching me things This year, I learned that I should probably be into gaming videos I also learned when you're powerful enough, you can do whatever you want no matter what anyone says or thinks For example, this year, when they integrated Google+

So yeah hope you guys learned something Anyway, on a serious note, there's one last thing I wanted to say in this vlog Thank you to every single person that subscribed to this channel We recently just passed 11 million subscribers (kids cheer) And I know that may not be considered a lot anymore, especially when you compare it to someone like PewDiePie, who has way more than that, just know that I genuinely 100% appreciate each and every one of you that continue to watch and support and share my videos, especially if you made it this far into the video

I know this one's not the most interesting one in the world No matter how much time goes by, it's– I'm always gonna appreciate you guys, and thank you guys so much, and like I always say, and I know it sounds super cheesy, but from the bottom of my heart, which is also the middle of my ribcage, to the top of my thoracic cavity, right underneath the clavicles, on the right side of my sternum, right here in this general area, thank you guys so much I know there's no way I can know all of you, and I can't physically thank every single one of you, but you guys have done so much for me, and I know I physically can't give you guys anything, so I'll leave you with this one last thing, one last lizard neck LIZARD NECK!!! Looks like we're evenly matched (evil chuckle) I'm not even getting started yet

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