Good morning everyone How are you? Today, I will do something different from usual Do something new I wonder what I have never done before It's Paco First of all, let me tell you why you thought of doing this Are you sure? That was when I was shooting a video This is it Was that stupid? It was bad Was it stupid for a long time? What? You are doing too much ww It's a poor advertisement At that time, Paco had imitation pierced From then on, Paco has been affected I do not suit you, right? What? Understand? So, today I decided to go to open the pierced earrings Because I will not rage today It may not be like Wild Card I will calm down today And I think that you will see the situation Please let me see that Paco opens a pierced earring Let me have an intro Well, today is

# $% & "3 # In other words, it sounded different from usual Something Oh, my piercing may be nice Wild card video can also be taken But I am afraid of needles That's why I'm really screaming

((needle)) Are you scared of injections? I used to cry at a hospital in the past At the time of blood donation or dog? "Yes, I will go," And, I Aaaaaa " There was a little child next to me, so I'm really joking I'm like "Because it's not my fault

" You went to pediatrics department? Yes, I went to pediatrics I already It's 18 or 19 The doctor said, "Why do not you find another hospital? I mean "No, my teacher is OK ~" Feel free to go why ~ Doing that, do it today I am clean and safe for Paco I will watch over you so that Paco will not die in front of you

I want you to be with me I'm a psychedelic, because it's boring just by him I'm a boring guy Some time ago I was dancing like a K-Pop dance What's wrong with me Show me K-Pop no way! Yes you do! I hate it! You told me to show it Oh I'll kick a tiger how are you What happened

I! Do you dance together? Disagreeable 123

4 so You are a loser (Loser) L I am the winner (Winner) W An old man But I will return to losing dogs So, do it to the right Right Ahh

Well, next time Behind Stretch out Losing dog · winning group · losing dog · behind · stretch Oh, it's growing up Intersection Intersection shoulder~~ shoulder~~ well done I like like I got separated from my head

I'd like to check if I'm pierced Of course, that's fine There is a friend who can not forget to make it for the first time, I want to shoot it Oh, I refuse shooting when I drink Sorry I got it Thank you Why is it not good? Let's call it Claire's Oh, next time Are you doing piercing? Yes Is it okay to shoot it? At that time I have to ask it directly understood The third I'd like to check if I can drill If you are a piercing you are doing it For the first time I have friends So, I want to take a picture of it and take a reaction or something, but is it okay? OK Is that okay? Well, I will go there a little more Let's do it I found a place so that Paco will finally pierce Alright, I can become like me ~ ~ I do not want to be like you Seeing Paco pose Stop! ! Imitate imitating! I will make a big ring I like studs, because I'm all right A little more, feelin '? get nervous Because it is a needle? I hope it suits you properly Is not it a purple rhinestone or something? A girl's glue why Because it's a girl, is not it? All right, get off

I can not do it, I'm getting a seatbelt Do not go away, get out I arrived, I'm parking now <Jaws> You gotta do it of course Goodbye, the ears of the virgin I will miss you I feel bad, do not touch it Goodbye pure kun Did you put it in your fingers? Do not display my personal information! I am waiting right now

I am looking forward to that bread Pan (It sounds like more to break) I see~! ! Sasatsu and you can erase the sign of a while ago? Are you nervous? Hold on a minute What's wrong Name is? Sam Sam is opening Paco's piercing from now ~ Because I told you that he will break my ear surely~ I have to make a little makeup It's okay~ seriously I'm scared Is there something you can not do absolutely? Do not bend Do not turn Do not thrust your head in water Can not put your head on water? For two weeks What about the shower? No, for two weeks Oh, that's the usual thing A joke? w Shower and so on OK It is properly sterilized and disinfected, these studs are properly Is it silver bad guy? Oh, there are Oh, you may like it Do it? Can you tell me how to open the opposite ear? No, I want you to stop it Do not do I really do not want you to do it OK? I got it Why do not you open it with a gun all at once? Do not pierce with cancer You should stop it

really? Why not? Because after all that is not using any equipment Just set the guy who can drill a hole in the gun Because I shoot and let my ears pass through That's the point where you break your ears Oh well, what is it that you do from now? Are not you going to break? Drilling holes with these needles ((needle)) I need needle phobia Do not worry, it'll be fine Grasp my hand Get on the nipple I also want to open men's nipple earrings Wow, men's nipples ~ You can also discount it Hey, I will not discount that much Even so, up to 2% Off to you Recently few people can open it I have to think a bit I will disinfect with alcohol An old man Oh, I smell a lot from this dirty child It's a shower For one year A year's worth? ww I am really scared Even a 6 year old child can do it But I am 5 years old! So All right! I promise you Because I am a child I can endure it I do not understand it so well Even if my parents scold me and beat me, I was a child Therefore, I do not remember! I understand! Paco puts on the ear who I have on my nose I'm ready It is quite a cockoo

With this mirror Disney's princess right Alrighty Oh oh! ! What, folding style I was really serious, but Luck luck All right No more bad things anymore Mirror Is it OK here? Yup Do not break it What is the last word? Final word! ww Oh, my side

Oka, take a deep breath ~ Hey, do not show me! Sucking! Nice Cant Believe It this Something seems to have been made by my mother let me see It feels nostalgic something Seriously something nostalgic pain A cute needle Something Uoooo

I am sorry Mom Something Now my fingers' fingers, it really contains power Can I crush acne with that needle? What

have not come, hey You'd better take it off Do you suck me? You regretted me Regret? Second preparation good? It's patchy Ready to be scolded is full Breathe in suddenly ~ Breathe out I worked hard

Come on, my shirt is bloody Hey dude do not lie The second one hurts, is not it so! why? I'm running out of endorphins at the first time Ahh~ The main clasp is tightened Thank you for the advancement of the fastener technology Is it bleeding? Disagreeable! Well, it did not come out at all! What? My body is really strong Miroyo, this invisible muscle I'm glad you came really I am glad to hear that I called the other shops, though It was a shooting shoot Okay, I do not mind I was able to do it It was painful? A little! But, as I was thinking about K – POP dance Again Do you know what it is? I understand K-Pop, but it is not that much

Ooh, I teach, teach thus put it back Make L By the face Is this true? s True! So, doing this behind And this furifuri Is that okay? It's my first time to do such a stupid thing ww Well, this time to match the music So you have to adjust really Then Tell me about 123 Ooh ~ 1

23 34 5

Is it a dancer or something? Yes, we are break dancers w w Welcome !! wwwww So you can do it right now ww very good K-Pop star You can stab a non-working guy So, I will dance in the back When we become a K-Pop star I will support you then thank you Leave it to me But we can not speak Korean Derrick, you nipple earrings are you? Aka Nana! Hold on a second Opinion box Yup It's good Oh god, thank you! Take care! See you Hey, you did it

I did it Do not talk to me any more It is still early for you Look I first opened it when I was high 2 My parents opposed it That's why I was told Are you a bad child? No, "I will not open until I get All A" But that was impossible, so I ended up having it in the end I can not open it because it is not easy to open it My friend made me do it I opened at a gas station Huh? In the end it was ballet, I was more refined, I could not do All A What was GPA when you were in high school? 40 (Cant Believe It!???) I came back Finally opened, Hey I am happy

Is it bad? Here it is Here is also good Here too Well, I do not mean I did it in the wrong way that's right favorite? Woooooooo

Oh, it was a painful person Even those who are watching it hurts

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