Juju on that Beat! (Classical Edition)

It's finally time, this is the day! After all the mean comments, all the ridicule, all the insults It is finally december and I can finally shave my beard The beard's finally coming off Count down with me 3 2 1 Damn! I lost 10 years! Who is this guy? I'm not used to this anymore! Oh, missed a spot

Yep Now that it's gone I noticed I need a haircut Anyway, now that that's done with, welcome back to another episode of Dear Ryan! Let's do it! [claps] Hey guys! I know I sound a little sick and that's because I am so just bear with my nasal-i-ness Nasal? Nasal-ness I'm just gonna start it

Dear Ryan, can you solve the Rubix cube (and no tricking or twisting my words) completely You're asking me, the king of solving the cubes? That's not a good name at all Solving a Rubik's Cube? That's so easy to do Dear Ryan, can you do the best impression of Dragon Ball Z characters? I'm not an impressionist-ist Impression-ators Pregnant

I'm not an impressionist I mean, I've done some DBZ voices in the past It's one of the most tiring things to do 'cause they're almost always yelling And it probably doesn't help that I'm sick, but like everything else on here, I guess I just gotta try it, right? I might have to get some references real quick I haven't watched it in a while

Alright, let's try this I can't do this! What!? Just Little Jon What!? That's preposterous! What? That's preposterous! Ha ha ha haha! Hello! Woo! My name's Trunks and I am from the future And I have to go to the bathroom My name is Piccolo

Special Beam Canon! Hey guys! I'm Krillin and so useful! I'm Yamcha I'm just as useful as Krillin Why do I kind of sound like a surfer? Ha ha ha ha ha I can't tell if I'm a girl or a boy! Say goodbye to this entire planet! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Vegeta? Can I have some of your hair? Come to papa! I've got something to show ya hehehe I'm sorry guys I can't do it

It's not just 'cause I'm sick, I don't think I could do it even if I wasn't But I tried! Or did I! What are you trying to say? That I edit my voice when I sing? You know what? How dare you imply that I can't sing! Sing! Sing! See? All natural talent Dear Ryan, you should do the human pyramid with your friends? How do I get up here? I'm gonna step on you, ok Ryan? Yeah, go! Ta-daa! Yay! Don't you guys want to be making a ton money doing absolutely nothing? Now, how does that sound? Y'all ready for the Ultimate Pyramid guys? The last one? Yeah! Let's do this! I'm ready! Up on 3 Ready? The last one One

Two Three Ow! Lower back! [X Files theme plays] Dear Ryan, can you turn a rap song into a classical song? Walked into This party, And these girls Are looking at me Skinny jeans on, And you know, My hair, my hair, my hair Nappy Juju, Oh, juju Oh, juju, On beat! And now you slide, And then you drop, And hit the folk, Don't ever let it stop! Juju, Oh, juju

Oh, juju! On beat! And now you slide, And then you drop, And hit the folk, And now you're ready For the next part of the dance Running man on that beat, On that beat! Aye! Running man on that beat, On that beat! You, Ugly! You, Ugly! You, Your daddy's son Yeah Sorry you guys had to listen to that Sorry you had to look at this

You know what? No, okay? Enough with the negativity I don't know why I'm being so negative about this I'm happy I'm proud of this beard! You know what? I'm okay with all the comments, and all the ridicule and the insults You know why? Because I have high self-esteem and confidence

And I'm not gonna let a little comment here and there change who I am And you know what? For all you kids out there who are watching this, take this as a lesson from me No one tells you how you should look And you shouldn't conform to what everyone else wants It's about what you want

Just keep doing you I am talking too much Overall, all I'm trying to say is, "For all you kids out there, just remember this one thing Just be yourself Don't listen to the haters

Teehee! So leave your questions in the comments below, and you could be responsible for the next video! Ow! (Laughter) Oh-ho! Aw, you guys look like Tsum Tsum! Damn, you're going to trip me out! That was good! William! That was a good one! Uh, welcome to my studio, Come on in! Sound-proofing Dang! Here we go! Girls! [Beatboxing] Colonial time is a very fun time!

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