Is Justin Bieber Racist?

First off, sorry I didn't post a video last week I was actually in Australia and Singapore for a couple of weeks

But anyway, I haven't done a rant in a very long time I mean a legit rant from back in the day where I would just turn on the camera, wake up, try to figure out how I turned on the camera before waking up–you know what I mean Just ranting in one spot with no cutaways But I didn't say anything about <i>tearaways</i>! Aaay! It's a bad joke [crowd goes 'awwww'] Not a good start

So back to the topic The last time I made a rant about Justin Bieber called <i>Bieber Fever</i> he was the biggest thing in entertainment Literally, that should tell you how long ago that was And I was basically talking about this innocent, humble 16 year old heartthrob However, four years later you say 'Justin Bieber' and you definitely don't think 'innocent, humble 16 year old heartthrob' anymore

Anyway, even if you couldn't care less about Justin Bieber, we all know who he is and how he's been getting into a lot of trouble lately From vandalism to drugs and, most recently, a little racism And for those of you that might not know, about a week ago there was a video about Justin Bieber making a black joke where he says the N-word and pretty much everyone called him a racist And obviously he publicly apologized for it But then a few days later another video leaked of him making another racist comment, this time in [soft form]

If you haven't seen that video, it's basically 15 year old Justin Bieber singing his song, 'A Less Lonely Girl!' But instead of 'girl' he uses the N-word and sings it over and over And just when you think it couldn't get any worse, he brings up the KKK And if that first video wasn't enough, after this second one everyone is calling him a racist He's been caught with drugs, doing so many other stupid things, and now this? I could easily pick the safe route and talk about how unfit he is to be a role model because, honestly, I agree with that He should not be a role model for kids

But that would be boring because everyone else is doing that right now or they're going to be for the next couple weeks But if the question is if Justin Bieber is racist, I can honestly say that I see both sides And I'm about to give you the side that's probably a little more unpopular Like I said, I still don't think Justin Bieber should be a role model for kids Not because he does drugs or does other stupid things, it's because he gets caught doing them

He can take all the drugs and do all the stupid things he wants It's his life But he has so many kids looking up to him, he has a responsibility to not let those things get out But that's just my opinion And now because of those two leaked videos, everybody and their mothers are saying that Justin Bieber's a racist

And, personally, I really don't think he is I'm sure a lot of other people agree with me too, but they don't want to say it because they don't want to sound racist Let me tell you why Both of these videos are of Justin Bieber when he was 14 or 15 years old And as a teenager everybody says and does stupid things

And if you're in your twenties and you could still see your MySpace I bet if you went back and read it you would see how stupid you are You'd say things or write things that you would never do now And if you're a teenager now, you might think that things you're saying and doing aren't stupid now, but check your Facebook in 5-10 years and I'm pretty sure you're gonna think otherwise And I know a lot of people are gonna say that him being a kid at the time doesn't make it any less racist I agree, he doesn't

He said the N-word and some pretty racist things that got out to the public But like I said, everyone does and says regrettable things when they're kids And even if you don't excuse him for his age and you still think he's a racist, as bad as it may sound, he was clearly not serious about what he was saying I mean, in the first video he was literally making a joke Jokes aren't meant to be serious

If you were black or a stand-up comedian that wasn't black and he said what he said, people would just let that slide It's just because he's Justin Bieber A lot of people don't like him, so he's instantly a racist In the first video, he was literally making a joke It was a racist joke, but still it wasn't serious

The second video's a little edgier, but it's still pretty obvious that he was joking I mean, he's spoofing his own song while other people are laughing with him It literally looked like a video of a bunch of friends goofing off together, hanging out in a room privately I'm sure he never meant that video to be seen or heard ever, just like the Donald Sterling situation Which brings up a good point

There's a big difference between the Justin Bieber situation and Donald Sterling See, I do believe that Donald Sterling is a racist because in his recording he says some things that were clearly serious and not meant to be a joke or make people laugh But the thing that makes him racist is that he actually sees other ethnicities as inferior to his own and he acts upon it See, that's a real racist Justin Bieber just said some racist things to make people laugh

Sure, call him an idiot, but he's not a racist There's no evidence of him treating people differently because of race Even if sometimes he acts like an ass to fans or flight attendants or Seth Rogen– it's not because they're black He's an ass to everyone! Equally! He's an equal ass! I mean, look at his Instagram He has black friends

I'm pretty sure if he didn't like black people he would not be friends with them So overall, to wrap up, no I do not think Justin Bieber should be a role model for kids and in no way am I defending him, but he's not racist I guess that is kind of defending him But I'm not defending him because I'm a Belieber I just don't think it's right to be calling someone a racist when they're not

Calling someone a racist is a big deal in this day and age and you can't label someone a racist just because of a couple of jokes they made back when they were a kid! I mean, if you can honestly say that you've never said something as a kid that you wish you didn't say, and if you never repeated a black joke or any racist joke that you heard to a bunch of family and friends in a private location thinking no one else would hear it, congratulations You literally might be the best person in the world The best person that I know, at least You should be the next Justin Bieber! The President, the Pope! Because you're pretty damn close to perfect and people should be following a role model like you But then again, if you really do believe that you haven't done anything wrong in your life and you think people should follow what you do, it's pretty cocky of you to think that

And now I hate you See how that works? And I'm gonna say it again: Just because this video is based on racism and I already know the comments, my last name is Okinawan so it's pronounced HEE-ga Not Higga So it's pronounced NigaHEE-ga If you're interpreting it the other way, that's because you're reading it wrong and that would make you a little racist! But anyway, thank you guys again so much for watching

Like I said, this was my first rant in a long time without any cutaways Although I did have a lot of urges to do so, especially on that one part of the video where I said: "Wigglehe's an ass to everyone! Equally! He's an equal ass!" So close

TEEHEE This video's racist, man Nowhat?! You can't get away with saying all of this

You're not a stand up comedian, you're not black, and you don't have any black people in it! Yes, there is! <i>You're</i> in it In the very beginning, remember? First off, sorry I didn't post a video last week I was actually in Australia and Singapore for a couple weeks What?! I'm in the video? See? What'd I tell ya'? Hell yeah, I'm a n——-!

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