Ignored (Clash of Clans Song)

I'm sitting on my bed I'm contemplating life All the struggles in my head I've been waiting for so long Had time to write this song What did I do wrong? (Did I do wrong?) I'm like a ghost in your chatroom (Ghost in your chatroom!) No-ones talking when I do (Talkin' when I do!) I'm always send in the best troops (Send in the best troops!) I got our clan name tattoo! So why! Does no-one like me! You never invite me to war! (To war) And I! Wish you would send me! My castle's empty! I'm feeling so ignored! Whoa! Woha! Woha! Whoooooooooa! And I

And I just go to you? Never missing your requests That ever came from you (Came from you) Raid! I'm raiding everyday! As my archers die away I hunt elixir for your base to improve! Another war is declared! (A war is declared!) But I'm not there! (An' I'm not there!) I quit my job for this crew (Got no mo' money!) I got more clan name tattoos! So whydoes no one like me? You never invite meto war (To war) And I

wish you'd send me, my castle's empty! I'm feelin' so ignored! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoooooooooa! My shieldsare coming to an end My walls are broken in, I can't defend from your negligence and rightright before my eyes

I got notified to my surprise for the first time in my life! I see troops! My castle is full! I was wrong! They cared all along! But then I checked, now I know I have no friends Cuz a real friend wouldn't send Level 1 Goblins!! So why?! Does no one like me!? You never invite me to war! (To war!) And I

wish you would SEND ME! My castle's empty! I'M FEELIN' SO IGNORED!! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoooooa! Feelin' so ignored!! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whooooooa! Feelin' so ignored!! See, that's why no one plays Clash of Clans with you Oh So Game of War then? YEAH!!!! Oh wait, our phones are broken! So whydoes no one like me? You never invite me to war

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