If I Quit Youtube…

Hey, guys! So, this video is something that I never thought I would actually do Clickbait I'm not quitting YouTube Well, I didn't exactly say that I was going to quit, but you know having the words "quit" and "YouTube" in the title, It's kinda, you know, it's kinda clickbaity But it's not, I promise And at the same time, it's still not completely untrue Let me explain The truth is guys, over the past year or so I umm I uhm Sorry, it's just umm

heh It's just really hard for me to gather my thoughts When there's loud cheesy, emotional music just playing right in my ear (Very annoyed) *Greg holding radio playing music* *Ryan shakes head as Greg backs away* *Ryan Sighs* As I was saying, I already told you guys I'm not quitting But, there are gonna be a lot of changes and Let me just- Let me just start from the top so that I can explain Over the past year, I really have been considering quitting Youtube *Dramatic music starts* And- *Ryan knocks radio out of Greg's hand* *Greg walks away* See this is why I can't have a serious Heart to Heart talk with you guys because I I keep cutting away to random things It's my own fault And him! Tryna make this all sad It's not sad Look guys, all jokes aside Let me just be real for a second It's not that I don't want to do Youtube and I- trust me I do realize how great of an opportunity it has been For me and and still is But I just wasn't having fun making Youtube videos anymore And I know it's a first world problem, OK I'm not "having fun at my job" I know everybody is supposed to have fun at their job But in order to create really good content and unique things You have to have fun doing it, at least that's what I believe in I'm not a machine like other Youtubers, I need inspiration I mean that's one of the reasons why I hardly posted last year And it took me pretty much the entire year to realize why I found myself falling into the typical Youtuber trap of Trying to create videos that work versus trying to create videos that Well

You're inspired to make- things that you wanna make Even if that means creating videos that I know for a fact that a lot of you guys probably not like Or understand or most likely be offensive The kind of videos I used to make when I first started Youtube You know, when I wasn't afraid of disappointing people or being too offensive or getting less views or whatever I just finally realized at the end of last year that I was forcing myself to create videos that I don't even feel like making And I was holding so many different things that I really wanted to make, I just was too afraid to do it And by the way, I'm not talking ALL the videos last year In fact, towards the end of last year, I started posting some of the videos that I wanted to post and I felt the consequences I mean I saw the views drop, the dislikes go up but honestly I felt better because I did something I've been wanting to say I'm sure you can figure out which videos I'm talking about But anyway, once I made the realization that I wasn't having fun anymore Um, towards the end of last year, I knew that I had to do something about it and make a decision Either I need to just do something and quit Youtube entirely Or I need to make changes and make Youtube fun for me again And just start posting you know, whatever the hell I want wanna post and do the shows That I wanna do, despite all the negative consequences that come with it The dislikes, and the bad comments, and the you know the losing subs or whatever it is Just, I just have to do those things because that's the whole reason why I started Youtube in the first place

All I have to do is stop caring Stop caring about the things that don't matter Stop being afraid of failure andand chances take chances and try new things

Things that I would've never done you know, in the previous years But if that's what it takes to allow me to continue to do this and have fun doing it Then, I'm just gonna do it That's what I've decided Until I realized just how much easier it would be to just quit Youtube entirely and just do something else So I went with that *SLAM* *Music plays* So over the holidays I really thought about it

If I were to quit Youtube, I can't just do nothing I had to think what else could I possibly do? And obviously my first instinct was to do something similar to what I already doEntertainment I always wanted to be an actor and right now, specifically for asians, it's a great time to be an actor For the whole Asian movement going on, you know, spreading diversity and whatnot

Yeah, asian actors are kind of a hot commodity right now Hmm, Trust me, I know what Hollywood's looking for Ryan: "Hi I'm uhh Ryan Higa, and I'm here to the audition for the role of Glen" Gina: "OK, whenever you're ready" Ryan: *Breathes In* *Coughs* *Whispers "Ok"* Glen: "Maggie(In Asian and Country accent) I need you to promise me That if I don't come back from the Pharmacy, I need you to be strong, Live on and do it for the little ones

Because if an un-" *Interrupted* Paco: "UhhExcuse you, what are you doing?" Ryan: "Acting?" Will: "Yeah and I'm sorry, What kind of accent were you doing?" Ryan: "Asian

Like the race" Paco: "I'm not sure if you got the notes but Glen is an Asian-American character who was born and raised and raised in Georgia" Ryan: "I'm so sorry, I just assumed because this is Hollywood and I saw Asian written on the character list uh" Gina: "That's OK, we'll just take it from the top again" Ryan: "OK" Paco: "And remember that he's born and raised in Georgia" Ryan: "Georgia

Got it OK" Glen: "Maggie (In accent) I am from Georgia And I need you-" *Interrupted* Paco: "Alright I think we're good here, right?" Ryan: No- what, no, no, no, please I uh, I can do better Ryan: Just give me notes or anything Paco: Fine, one more time from the top but just lose the accent Ryan: But the character, it says he has a slight accent- Paco: Yeah, a southern one, because he's born and raised in Gorigeia

Ryan: Southern! oh my god Im- I can do southern! I can do southern Gina: Last time, from the top

Ryan: Okay *Breathes in* Glen: Maggie *In southern accent* I need you to promise me I don't come back from that pharmacy, I need you *Music drops* To bing bong, ling long, do it for the ding dong, ya ching chong Ryan: Da da da da dong dong dong dong dong Ryan: End scene *Breathes in, breathes out* I um, improved the song at the end I'm sure you guys can get the rights I even thought about some other jobs that are not entertainment related I mean, I never been opposed to a regular 9-5 job Or a part time job even I probably wont initially get the best job, because I dropped out of college But, like a normal job, ya know? One that requires basic skill, I mean, I have a ton of amazing advanced basic skills I could wait tables, I mean, I've done that before

Just in case it gets, ya know a little windier out here, Um, anything else you guys need? And you- you know what? I didn't take your order yet huh? Ill be back! Ill be back! *In deep voice* you know- whats that-? List me uh uh "I'll be back! The governor! Ya know? Whats his name? Ah! Dwayne Johnson! ya, I'll be back, I'll be back! I could be a babysitter, I mean, I've raised my dogs since they were puppies It's basically the same thing *Laughs* *Baby cries* *Sprays squirt bottle* *baby stops crying* And if no one wants to hire me, Uber driving I'll be my own boss I actually think I'd be an amazing Uber driver

I mean look at me, Im Asian You know what they say about Asian drivers right? *Grunt* Great Asian driver Yup! Better buckle up! *Seatbelt click* Cause we're going drifting! WOOHOOO And if none of the other things work out The very last thing I thought about doing, and trust me this is the last thing I could think of I thought about going back to school, and getting my degree in nuclear medicine Which was my original plan before I dropped out But the thing is, I'm a different person now, OK? A whole decade has passed since I've been in college With all the knowledge that I've gained over the years, here on Youtube, *Scoffs* This time around, college is gonna be like NOTHING Ryan: Hey you um, you wanted to see me? Roberto: Yes, Ryan

This was supposed to be your final thesis essay And you started it off with "Hey Guys" Ryan: Yes, I know it is umit's a little rough in the beginning But it builds, its a build essay and it gets better like By the conclusion, it's pretty strong Roberto: With that being said, thank you for reading

If you liked this thesis, please leave an A And be sure to subscribe for more essays coming soon Ryan: They are coming soon

That's– Roberto: Ryan, Ryan, Ryan You can't honestly expect me to accept this, can you? I mean This is ridiculous Ryan: What? Roberto: First off, you didn't even type it out

And not only did you not type it out, but you didn't write it in pen, you used pencil Ryan: Wha–No that I could definitely, I could convert that if you give me like 2 or 3 days Roberto: OK, OK and, and how many times have i told you I do NOT want you using puns in your essays? Ryan: I honestly do not recall writing a single one in there like if, if there IS a pun, it's probably– Roberto: For my thesis, I would prove that a plant can survive off a flash of a camera Guess you could call it, My Photosyn-thesis

LOL? Ryan: Yeah, I should've took the "LOL" out Roberto: Alright, Students at this University spend monthsMONTHS working on their essays and You spent what? Maybe an hour, tops? Ryan: Okay, no? Okay, that is that part is untrue, okay? You know what that is? That is

justa That is a soda machine that doesn't take coins Roberto: What? Ryan: It's nonsense, because the ending statement alone took me over an hour And even more than that Roberto: Really? Ryan: Yeah! Roberto: This, this took you an hour? 4 sentences, 4 sentences that

that took an hour? Ryan: The ending statement, that's the conclusion, the back of that Roberto: The back of what? Ryan: At the end Ryan: TeeHee Ryan: It's supposed to– Roberto: GET OUT! Ryan: Okay, um Overall, what I'm trying to say is, there's gonna be changes on this channel And I know that a lot of you praise me and respect me for not changing my content Over the years, but this is something I have to do for myself Now that doesn't mean I'm gonna stop posting the videos that you guys are used to It just means that in between those videos, because you know, those videos take A lot longer to make, sometimes a couple weeks to a month, sometimes 2 months, I am gonna be posting other things as well The other things that I have been too afraid to post Like rants that don't necessarily have skits in them Or skits that don't necessarily have vlogs Ridiculous songs that we've made that make me and my friends laugh

Probably not you guys And a podcast that I've been wanting to do And I know it's not something completely unique, every Youtuber has one now but, We've already done a few and I just love doing them I love being able to just talk about things on a deeper level with people And not, not just comedyThings that actually matter to the world I mean it's a whole other side to me that you're gonna see You're gonna see that I am a serious person and we discuss very important issues Ryan: Contrary to most guys, I don't like gigantic boobs Do you guys think that um

ninja is authentic? You don't love skirts You just like the fats David: There's lettuce and tomato? Will: Fresh che- yeah it's a sandwich, just a simple sandwich Ooh, mustard? Will: Yeah What kind of mustard? Dijon? Wow, that was very fast, that's impr-, that's impressive Well that got really deep We started talking about beastiality I agree All important things that really matter to this world Off the Pill Podcast coming soon Anyway, I know a lot of you aren't gonna be sticking around for all these changes and these different types of videos Maybe we'll only see you on the you know the bigger videos, the ones that you guys are used to Or maybe never again But I just wanna take this time to say Thank you to everybody who stuck around All the people who have been watching over the years I mean if you made this far into the video, you're probably one of 'em, because its pretty boring Thank you guys for being loyal Thank you guys for continuing to watch Especially through last year where I barely posted anything Ever since I really considered quitting Youtube, I actually had time to think about it and It's honestlyAmazing that I have been able to do this for so long and it's really all because of you guys Some of you have been here for over 10 years, it's crazy! Sorry I know this is weird for me, especially for you people who have been around for so long You guys know me, I- I dont't like any videos

cheesy like this But like I said, changes are coming and I know it sounds selfish but I need to do it for myself And I just think it's time for me to just, you know, be more open and honest and real with you guys Because again, all jokes aside and take away all the skits from this video You guys are one of the main reasons why, not only do I want to continue doing this, but why I'm even able to Just, Thank you! Okay? Thank you guys! I- Like I said, I hate those emotional, over emotional videos that are- just seem so fake but You guys umhave no idea how much I truly appreciate Every single thing that you have done over the year- *Static* Greg: Th- This one's not as good or- Kinda using *mumbles* *Greg awkwardly backs away* *Sighs* See this is why I need the podcast (Angrily) I can't ever have a SERIOUS MOMENT in here! Oh yeah! Speaking of changes I'm dropping a music video next week And I don't know if it's a diss track but it's the closest thing I've ever gotten to one It's not really a diss, its just basically telling the truth Because I am going to be exposing a bunch of Youtuber's that I have met over the years Not all them Just the one's that I've met in person The one's that I feel need to show their fans what they're really like outside of Youtube So get readyBecause in a week Everyone

Is getting EXPOSED Well not everyone, like I- I mean like I said, just very- The specific Youtubers that I've met that I feel like their fans should know what That- Just, next week there's a- there's a music video coming out next week and Just check it out, I don't knowWhatever Captions By Kalina Manova

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