I got Hacked!

Hey, guys So I've been having a really bad week

Couple weeks, actually If you don't already know, a bunch of people have been getting hacked on Instagram For the past like, couple weeks And, well, I was one of 'em They hacked into my account

They changed my username, my password, they deleted all of my photos For whatever reason, they even took the time to block a bunch of people that I was following and a bunch of random fan accounts that you guys made And I know that it's just Instagram, and you might think I'm being overdramatic, or just overreacting But you weren't there

You didn't know what it was like It's not an easy story to tell But it went something like this It started off simple, I clicked on my Instagram, I was signed out Didn't think much of it, maybe I just needed to update it but there was no update So then I tried signing in with my account name, Notryanhiga And my incredibly complex password, a And it still wasn't working At this point I knew something was off So then I went to twitter, and almost all of the tweets were telling me that I got hacked So then I thought, well that's new At that point I went into my email And I was shocked :O I had not tens, not hundreds, not thousands But seven emails from instagram requesting to change my password which I know I didn't request So finally, after all the clues were adding up I did what any other man would think to do and said, "Hey, Sean" He said, "Yeah?" And then I said, "Can you check to see if my Instagram got hacked?" And he said, "Okay" And if was as if time stood still as I watched Sean go into my profile

And at that very moment I knew exactly what he was going to say 'cause his face said it all It said, "What was your account name again?" "notryanhiga," I answered Sean: Oh yeah And that's when I heard the words that would eventually lead to my inevitable doom

Sean: Yep, you got hacked And that's when I realized, my Instagram, my life, my everythingwas gone

Foreverwhat will I do with my Instagram account? How will I remember anything I've ever done? How will people know what I've been eating? Why would I even work out again if I have nowhere to show people that I did it? All of these questions had led me to this very spot: the edge of a balcony Where I thought there was nowhere else to go but down

But then Sean said, "Well you could also come back in and we could, you know, like talk about it or something" *crunch* Both: Mmm! *mumbling* Okay yeah, you already know it happened nothing like that That's how it looked in my head, at least This is what it really looked like: Damn, somebody just texted me that my Instagram got hacked Will: What, for real? Sean: Yeah, all your pictures are gone dude

Ryan: Wait, all of them? Sean: Yeah Ryan: Damn Will: That sucks

Ryan: So you guys wanna go get Taco Bell or? Sean: Yeah! Will: Let's do it! Ryan: That's not even a joke, that's what really happened We went to Taco Bell

The most pain I felt that night was probably when I was -sittin' on the toilet!- But in all seriousness, I really did get my Instagram hacked Fortunately, I was able to get my account back and like some of the pictures, but I still lost like over-over-I lost thousands of pictures That's the crazy part: the hacker had to go and delete every single picture one-by-one, like there's no "delete all" button He had to take the time to go and delete every single picture And I know most people would be extremely upset by this, and I'm not gonna lie, I was a little upset

Not even upset, I was just confused I was just like, "Whywhy would anybody do this? Like what do you have to gain from this?" Literally, this was done out of pure hate, 'cause like what do you have to gain from

deleting all my pictures and blocking people, you know, that I follow and blocking fan accounts? Like at least those anonymous hackers, you know the ones that, you know, where those vendetta masks? Like when they hack people, at least they're hacking like really important people or like gigantic corporations and they have reasons for why they're hacking them I'm not saying that that is how it should be handled, but at least they have some kind of purpose, you know? This hacking had no purpose, like the only reason to do that was to hurt me, and the people-the fan accounts that got blocked And just because I already know the comments, no, I didn't get hacked by the Anonymous people; they only hack like really important people

And like big businesses and- Yeah-it's-I'm not important enough to get hacked by them I probably should not say that, I'm like asking for it Don't hack me! But anyway, off topic

The reason why I wasn't upset by this hacking was because-it was actually pretty-opening I mean, it didn't make me upset, it made me realize that I'm actually really happy Because honestly, when it first happened and after the shock cleared, I thought I was actually going to be a lot more upset than I was Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, that's like my entire life and somebody tried to take away a big part of that And honestly, I felt almost no difference

I mean, obviously I was a little annoyed, but overall, I was still happy! Take away my pictures? I'll just post more Take away my entire Instagram account? I'll just make another! Same with my Facebook and even my Youtube: if you take away my Youtube channels, granted, Youtube can restore them because they have everything backed up, but even if they didn't, if you take away my Youtube channels, I'll just make another channel Sure, I'd lose all of the subscribers and views, but you actually helped me to realize that that's not why I started making these videos in the first place If all I cared about was views and subs, I wouldn't have posted that 30-minute video that I just posted last week I could have easily turned that video into 6 5-minute videos and uploaded, you know, 6 different videos and get literally like 6 times the views, but again, that's not why I do it

To the hacker that did this, um, I know your intention was to hurt me or make me feel bad, but really, all you were to me was an inconvenience Andhonestly, I'm not upset with you

At all You hacked MY account, deleted all MY photos, inconvenienced me, and yet I feel sorry for you 'Cause if your life sucks that much, that you have that much hate inside of you to do something like this, I'm not trying to say this to make you more upset, but I legitimately feel sorry for you Because I can-I can empathize with you I've been there

I've been depressed in the past, it's not a secret, it's-if you watch my "Draw My Life", it's all there As much as I hate to admit it, I know what it's like to have so much hate inside of you that you just want to spread that hate You want the rest of the world to feel the same pain that you feel, and it makes you even more upset when you see happy people because you're like, "That's sh-that's not fair" The world's unfair! Trust me, I get it! I was literally you growing up, except probably not as smart 'cause I don't know how to hack things Basically what I'm trying to say is not just to the hacker, but to all of you that are watching, rather than getting mad and feeling like the world's unfair, and that you have to get even by making someone else feel that pain, just know that these people do these hateful things for a reason! Their life sucks! You don't need to get payback, they're already suffering Getting angry and wanting to spread more hate is not going to make you feel any better it's just going to turn you into one of them: somebody whose life sucks Sorry this video turned out to be such a bore I just felt that rather than complaining to you guys and making you feel more negativity towards this hacker for doing this, I tried to turn this whole situation into a positive like a learning experience

I actually had another video idea that literally was just making fun of the hacker and you know, breaking down why he did everything and making fun of him, then I realized it literally goes against everything I'm saying right now It'll just add more negativity This video was to just let all of you guys know that if you're unhappy with your life, making others feel your pain is not going to make you feel any better I still believe that happiness is a choice, and it's on you to make your life better, no one else If you choose to do more hateful things, you're choosing to suffer

That's your own fault Look, terrible things happen to everyone, but it's your own choice, it's your own decision how you deal with that My situation is the perfect example: I got hacked and rather than getting upset and posting a more negative, funny video, I posted this one instead Probably should've posted the funny one With that being said, once again, I just want to thank every single person who's still continuing to watch my videos

Again, I'm sorry this is not my normal video and it turned out to be so preachy, but, you know, I just want to live in a world, you know, where one day, not just hackers, but all hateful people will somehow turn to- Hello Youtube world We are Anonymous The following- Gosh this is such an honor- Wait, who is this? It's me, Ryan! I mean, I-I never wanted to get hacked, but the fact that it's you guys, it's such an honor, I never would have thought of myself to be that important, where this is- Wait, this isn't PewDiePie? N-No, I'm R-Ryan Higa Oh, wrong guy, sorry *mumbling* I knew I should have posted the negative, funny video

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