I Dare You: ULTIMATE WEDGIE! (ft. Justin Chon & David Choi)

[Miranda Sings]:To teach you a new dance that is popular nowadays [Miranda Sings]: um there's this [Miranda Sings]: new dance called the nae nae [Nigahiga]:Yo was that the last , I dare you we did here, when Miranda was here? [Dave]:The last was with the uhuhuh

cool Asa Akira [Greg]: No it was with [Will]: Akira? *giggles* [Will & David]: ASA AKIRA!!!!!!! [Justin]: Asa is a f***ing porn star dude *laughs* *Greg's excited laughter* You know that um *hehehe* She tweeted out to Jeremy saying "You know I wish Jeremy wasn't into Christianity and more into whores" OHHHOOHHHHHH [Justin]: That's what Asa said? [Ryan]: Yeah πŸ˜‰ [David]: Dude, her tweets are funny [Justin]: But she's cool though *laughs?* [Ryan]: *almost spits out drink from laughing* [Will]: It came out [David]: It literally came out πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ (DEEP BREATH OUT) WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER EPISODE OF I DARE YOU! We take your dares, put them in a hat and if we draw it the player council then decides how many points it is worth based on how daring of a dare it is if the player passes, another player can take the steal DUN DUN DUN The first player to get 10 points wins something amazingly not amazing As well as their name in the hall of fame NOPE, just kidding They get the ball of lame

You basically write your name on a ball of aluminum foil it's pretty lame Welcome back to another 'I DARE YOU' [Nigahiga]:we have two very special guests [Ryan]: Featuring members of BGA *chants* BGA BGA BGA Mister David Choi I'm David Choi

[Dong-Saya-Dae plays in background] that's it *the others laugh* [Ryan]: And of course we have Justin Chon My name is Justin And welcome to 'I Dare You' *Butt slap* [Ryan]: Now we have to do the loser call we all write our own daresand basically the person with the least amount of points has to do it So you don't want to make something too crazy bad'cause you might be the loser So we're all gonna just like take a paper, take a pen Write, write down any dare you want *Tick Tock Tick* So now we got all our loser dares in and we got to figure out who goes first How do you want to decide this? Whoever can pull the most nose hairs out You just know you're great at that

That's why I hear you can die if you do that Alright, whoever can pull out the most hairs where ever on your body Did he just say you can die from that? *laughs* Who ever can pull out the most hair from anywhere on your body Get's to go first Well you go first, then I got one Yeah that's eight

Chon's on next Oh my God Those are extensions Does it count? Dude, you said the hair from anywhere I'd say Justin wins

I dare you to wear diving goggles filled up with water for the rest of the game The entire game?! They're like below the eye, though So it's like a little, it's kinda annoying You got a point to do it already And a point when you come back to your turn Oh, yeah yeah yea Okay, I'm down You're going to have, like, the BADDEST mark on your face after this Okay, let's do it Greg- It will be too much *laughs* that worked, that worked *dramatic silence* Justin – I can't breathe

*laughs* *laughs* alright one point for Justin *claps* *one point added to score* Let's go Greg! *drumroll* Greg – I dare you to put Legos in your shoes/socks and walk up the stairs Alright you go up and down the stairs and then you gotta jump Ow! Let's go see what they look like real quick So this is like one point just to do like this dare But for the jump? This is like 15 2 points 2

5 3 points This is a bag of jewels Oh my goodness Oh it's in there, that's gonna hurt dude Theres so much snot in my thing *Opens Goggles* *Yelling* *Yelling* *More Yelling and laughing* *Laughing* That's so gross *Laughing* *Censor* You got it you got it Greg! Tap dancing *Ryan yells Oh* Not that bad *Laughing* Thats a high jump I think this is it Oh this is high, this is high This is high! Oh my gosh *Greg drops to the ground hard* *Yelling* *Yelling* *Yelling and laughing* oooh indentations! hey no blood though no blood Alright thats a three pointer I dare you to lick a whole window frame Alright! Like what is that, like what? Like a window frame, a dirty window frame dustiness aw i see like some disease in there you can't see disease I can see it *everyone laughs* This is a four for 5 more you gotta make sure your tongue is clean

you gotta go *slurp* 45 or do you wanna just lick it I'll just lick it for 4 Alright! There ya go! Lets go David! Oooooooooooh!! Thats disgusting! (Omg ew he probably has aids) *Hideous Laughter* [Ryan]:That is so gross! [Ryan]: Dude you're nasty I can't believe I did that (thats what ur mom said when u were born) *Police Siren Imitation* I dare you to wax your armpits

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