I Dare You: Jumping Bellyflop! (ft. Ricegum)

I can't believe you volunteered to do this I know

We've got other shows; Dear Ryan, Parkourse We haven't done a Parkourse in years Nah, it's been like, a few months Welcome back to another episode of: I Dare YOU! We take your dares, put them in a hat, and if we draw it, the player council then decides how many points it's worth based on how daring of a dare it is If a player passes another player can take the steal DUN DUN DUN The first player to get to 10 points wins something amazingly not amazing, as well as their name in the Hall of Fame! Nope! Just kidding, they get the Ball of Lame, you basically write your name on a ball of aluminum foil, it's pretty lame

Alright, today we've got a very special guest, some of you guys may know him as RiceGum! Greg: Hey guys nice to meet you! (laughing) Yo, what's up guys it's RiceGum, I've been training my whole life for this and I would rather die than leave this house a loser Damn, we can arrange that Now it is time for us to do the loser dares The person with the least amount of points has to do the loser dare, so we're all gonna make up our own loser dares and put it in the loser cup And, if you have the least points you have to pick from the loser cup

Alright, let's do it [Ticking] How do we decide who goes first? Whoever has the most obnoxious underwear Obnoxious? Brightest underwear Oh, Sean's is a little obnoxious I got some plad

What you got, bro? It's just red I dunno, but his is pretty bright Rock, paper, scissors Scissors (laughing) Why did you say it? I won (laughing) He's confused

It doesn't make any sense Derek goes first *clapping* DEREK GOES FIRST! First dare of the day I dare thee fill underwear with eggs Kick briskly in crotch

Wait, what? Kick briskly? Alright, how many points is this? I think I'd have to rate this after I see this I say minimum, you get three Okay We're gonna do this escalation style, first person kicks, you set the tone, next person has to go harder, harder, and then Greg goes last, and he goes the hardest Okay, ready? Yeah

You didn't even break it! I missed! OH! That was a slap kick! OW! Right on the leg! Yo, that was a judo kick right there! Do the haka first! (Haka) (Greg being sexy) Oh my god I'm a little scared OW! That was like right on the side That kind of hurt my foot, sorry Derek What was that like 5 points? I'm going to give you like 3 and a half alright I'll take the 3 and a half Ok, let's go Greg Greg got more messed up than Derek did Yea, my ankle hurts for sure I dare you to put your legs through your shirt armholes for the rest of the game He is the only one thats dressed up to it I know I'm always like that One round one point Max 3 One point initially next round another one next round another one Alright Quick fashion show Good job Greg

Alright lets go Rice *banging on table* We have yogurt? Lets go look in the fridge So we don't have yogurt so were going to use this Banging noises What is that? (I have no idea) Seasoned soy bean paste Were going to be a stylist today

(a very good one) What do you think this is worth? Ill take 3 or something Im down for a 3 3 Points Looks like saulsa *Awws and laughter* Thats a gel? Does that feel good? It feels pretty good Everybody get some highlights

Auh Dude There you go that's bomb Looks like a Chinese restaurant Lets go Ryan *Banging noises* *Sighs of pain* Thats crusty Its was worse (Not as bad as my toe to be honest) I'll give you 3, 3 is a good base

Got to lick one time? Got to do a couple laps 1 2 3 4 Oh my god How many then? 3 You down? Lets do this God look at that What if i threw up on his foot extra point? Alright ready? *SREAMING* Its so salty! Uh so salty why? (because of sweat) That was crazy x2 What if its wet toilet paper but be slap it on you What if we make a cast? Ooh a mask! Yeah So is this one round or a full game? Ill steal it from you! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO If you chicken ill do it Do it less than 3 Yeah proba- no if its a full game ill do 3

Oooo a whole game? Don't do it Sean you already got thre- You talked him into it x2 Just got to pee real quick Oooh that looks soggy! There you go This isn't sticking There you go that will help the hat

Yeah Done x2 Banging Lets go Derick Wait what? I think they think there at the other house I like the spining jumping thing Shall we make it first then gage the points? Got to make it a little risky

Yeah Im down Okay Someone get some matches some gasoline (NOW THAT WOULD BE A GOOD BBQ) Were gonna have Derick spin 20 times On this platform up here And has to walk all the way from that platform gonna walk all the way cross to right here

lets do this If he does this how many points hes getting? 3 Okay 3 gimmie a little more cause that rock is HOT! Alright 4 points If you fall in that's a fail You still get 2 points Alright count it 1 yo this this is kinda scary

2 you did not need the bat I know he could a just spun Alright Faster 18 19 20 GO

OH dude fall towards the pool AWW DUDE *SPLASH* Got hella wet Now there is egg in my pool now Alright good job Derick Nice atempt Greg Banging noises It should be we slap you One point each hit and we are pick you own thing

What ever we want how many do you want from this Point per slap Point per slap we all pick something here we go Are you ready? * Breathing sound affects* *Scream* That wasn't too bad

Gimme to me Derick! OW 1 2-3 3! *Screaming* Pow OHHHHHH OHHHHHH OHHHHHH Which one was more sore mine or his? Yours was like a whip Two different pains Im kinda turned on Alright lets go RiceGum *Banging on table* WHAT? Drink water? Were you crocs at? Taco? wereing it for his whole life

Im down Oh my god! Ill take two shoes and like How does thing work Ill do it for 3 man DANG Ill do it for 3 to 2

5? NOOO You would not do it for 25 Ill do it for 25 I did not come here to lose man

You re husseld him Oooh Theres crust in there! SCREAMING You nasty Hes gonna puke no hes not *BANGING ON A FREAKING TABLE* AGAIN

Cemet is kinda tough (No shit Sherlock) puddle of legos we lift him up we grab a limb each one of us Ooh of the ground? (OF COURSE OFF THE GROUND) Along is if my head is safe im good What is this worth? x2 4 and then 5 Alright I just want to meausure Oh my god this is gonna hurt A little higher give me a 4 1 2 3 BANG ow Thats so sore! What happened? It was the guy with the mask he couldn't see! Can you do that? Lets make him Vandare Hes on to different boxes and he stands on the other boxes and forms sepretly Ill do it im down

1 Point 2 point 4 Point *what happen to 3? 1 2 Go Ah dude Thats a one Okay keep going OH this is a vandale HEY WOAHHH Ill give you 2 here X2 Thats 2? *THATS WHAT IM SAYIN? Ready go! You gonna need help? AH dude im falling Keep it going You hella flexable Falls Thats pretty good

Ill give you a 3 Ill give a 3 two Good job Sean So Derick How many points? Maybe a 3 for a pretty decent hit

For a whole punch or slap yeah Lets add you 2 in there For 4 points punch in the stomach Slap in the face Then a whip? Ill kick it yeah you do the towl whip Or whip or actaully Greg You know how to do that the towl whip? Try it

Oooh Oooh Alright lets go Derick *Slap* Flex *Punch* *Kick* OW Towl Whip Hes like bending over I quit dood Good job Derick Alright Greg Like in his ear? I better get 2 points if its in my ear

Its gonna get infected What if you lick is hair? What if you put this much of his hair and was like *slurping* himm AWW that goes for me Just this patch right here You got to lick it till its clean RiceGum is gonna get like 05 a point, yeah half a point

Just to let him suck on his hair Alright 2 points for Greg GO This is so weird! Dude i don't think you getting it out Bro you got to suck harder bro Use you tung I am

I mean its kinda comin out Yeah its getting clean its getting clean *Coughing* Sorry x4 I think thats good bro Dang Good job Greg Lets go Lets go! Woah So how much points is this Lets go look at the bike and lets go look at the road

How much is worth Bryian 3 3? Aw dude CRUSH You okay dude? Yeah im good I heard a crunch Lets go Ryian do it do it

This is basically doing losing to win You can steal it for the win If its something to steal Well check it first Ready? Ready

Alright Oh wait its my own NOOO Noo We just measured this its about ten pounds (on a BTS video) 3 points to get hit With the Diamond Play Button

From each one of us This is for the win right here Have you won? Not since second channel Dang Number one POW AWW DUDE THAT LOOKS SO BAD

Right on the bone! 123 POW That wasn't so bad READY? You farted right on my face So this is a contraption that we made That can swing From a to b And in it goes

This is nuts 3 2 1 pff OWWWW DUDE ARE YOU OKAY? that one hit Hey but you won YAY *WINNER SOUND AFFECTS* Here you go bro heres you prize THIS Good job Wooo This is the first time you won a I Dare You on here

On first channel I Dare You With that being said Sean has the least amount of points So he has to be the loser dare Rice Gum Belly flop X2 Is that possible? Im not if i can reach from the balcony We could go from a ladder or something

I do have a ladder Alright good Lets do it I have to i can't pass it Alright This is the loser dare I guess

Boo loser 3 2 1 OWW *plop* Thats gonna hurt Oh hes dead geez hes dead X2

hes not you getting red now Good job Sean Can i slap it? Thats just an excuse for showing off you abs Yeah show em Greg Like we said Ryian gets to sign the Foil Ball for the first time And i already know what the surprise is

You win you own surprise! OOOH *look at Greg for a sec* YEAHHHHHH Feel how heavy this is Just drop this on my foot Thank you again for are speicel guest RiceGum Check out his channel Thanks for tuning in for a new tea time

Talk to you next episode

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