I Dare You: GETTING TASED! (ft. Timothy Delaghetto & Anna Akana)

Warning The following video contains stupid and dangerous activities Do not attempt to reenact, recreate,or reincarnate any of the following stunts, dares, or pretty much anything that's performed in this video

Viewer discretion is advised Yeah, I mean,we could give each other herpes No, but then, you would already have the herpes But, there's like, A,B,C herpes Yeah, like mouth herp or general herp Oh, I thought they were the same thing Because,like,cold sores are herpes Yeah, it's a form of herpes

So you get cold sores,yeah Sometimes, though not on the outsides, just like, like when I get a cut, there'll be like a little A little like, bubble up? Yeah Ohhhh That's a herpe? Yeah Yes Welcome back to another episode of I Dare You!!!!! We take your dares ,put them in a hat and if we draw it the player council decides how many points it's worth based on how daring of a dare it is If the player passes, another player can take the steal

DUN DUN DUN!!! The first person to reach ten poins wins something amazingly not amazing, As well as their name in the Hall of Fame Nope! Just kidding They get the Ball of Lame You basically write your name on a ball of aluminum foil It's pretty lame Hey! I'm Tim

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