I Dare You (ft. FouseyTube & Dtrix)

Warning: The following video contains stupid and dangerous activities Do not attempt to reenact, recreate, or reincarnate any of the following stunts, dares or pretty much anything that's performed in this video

Viewer's discretion is advised I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win but that's (inaudible) Ohhhh my GAH Oh mah gah! WooWOOhoo! (Clap clap) (Clap) Welcome back to another episode of


We take your dares, put them in a hat and if we draw it, the player council then decides how many points it's worth based on how daring of a dare it is If the player passes it, another player can take the steal DUN DUN DUN The first player to get ten points wins something amazingly not amazing ,as well as their name in the hall of fame NOPE Just kidding, they get the ball of lame

Basically just write your name on a ball of aluminum foil It's pretty lame So right now, we are here with a very, uh, well two very special guests

You guys already know D-Trix right here WOooo Wassup ya'll, it's ya boi D-Trix and man, you should come to my channel it's so much better The Dominic show man come No, seriously, come, it's been tough lately the last two years (laughter) And my very good friend, Yousef

Whats up, everybody, it's ya boy Fouseytube But even if I lose, my eyebrows still are better than all these fools oohhh so fleek So, we are all going to write our loser dares The loser basically has to do a dare that one of us comes up with And we're all going to put it into this cup right here If you get first, we have a prize, I haven't told you what it is yet

But, uhh, loser dares? Loser dares (Clock ticking) That's done, boys How do we decide who goes first how about the person with the longest eyebrows You want me to go? I'l go Ryan's it! (CLAP CLAP) Alright, here we go Rip out 2 of your eyelashes

I don't think it should be THAT much What?! I think it should be 5 for both No way~ I'll do it for 5 each one

(Everyone): Ohhhh~ Oh, dang That hurts, trust me I pass it, I pass it Here, I'll get it for you, ready? Wait, no no no, we just met We just met

Wait, wait, wait AHHHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, that was it? I actually go it, look Ohh, I felt it (I literally have no idea what D-Trix was saying) I was starting to question this like "Maybe I should've

" Let's go, Derrick I dare you to ride a skateboard on your butt really fast and have someone knock you off really hard with a pillow How about this, if he gets through all 4 of us

So half a point for each person he gets past Guaranteed how many points? Guaranteed 2 2 total no matter what

And then everytime he gets past, that's a half So it'll equal 4 at the end Sure, ok sounds good 3, 2, 1 3 points? Is that fair? No, I think he got three and a half

Yeah, three and a half Hold a cup on your butt Kim K style and try to flip it You don't have a butt do you? You need a butt to do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 05 I'd say 3 if he flips it because that's hard

He has to flip it and land it back on his cakes He ain't got no cakes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oh, he might land it I don't think he's gonna land it Let's try it

Three tries Alright, first try Yo, more bro More Last try

Aright, guess that's 05 for Greg Take a plank of wood and hit it really hard on your head But how hard is "really hard"? Let's gauge it There's like a meter

You get points based on how hard you hit it Give me the score after We couldn't find wood so we're using a dish rack DOM DOM DOM DOM DOM (shriek) 3? 3 He just said he has a weak stomach

Is there food stuff in here? There's some stuff in there I'll throw up(bleep) I dare you to eat Greg's leg hair I'll give you knots Don't play with it that's nasty 3 points

Did he literally just rip it off? I don't wanna look at it, I'm just gonna grab it Ready? Unnghhhhh Yousef lips just go like this, yrnnghhh! I dare you to lick the dirtiest item in the house no matter what it is The toilet seat How about not the top of the toilet seats but the bottom of the toilet seats No way! Wait I'll steal it for the toilet seat

I'm trying to win Let's go look at it first, we just go it cleaned, and I don't think they did a good job That's PISS! I ain't licking piss I'll pass this to anyone 4 points here

You gotta hit this outer area I'm out, I'm out I pass I'll do it YES! DAS DA GREG I KNOW BABY! Dom just had a houseparty, and this hasn't been washed since

It's so salty Dude it's so salty There's so much taste oh my god So it's my turn I guess? I guess we keep going just keep going

Cover your head with silk stockings or leggings and take it off without using hands But if you get it off in a certain amount of time You get an extra point

Imma stand up then 3, 2, 1, go 4, 3, 2, 1 Ayyyyyy So Derrick doesn't get anything but we made a proposal

2 points, he has to wear this for the rest of the show I could like barely blink in this thing I dare you to run into a door as hard as you can Let's go find a door Ryan's stealing this, my knee hurts

Unnnghhh Ok, ok, I'd say at least half a point I'll give you 3 and a half I dare you to have everyone say a funny joke while you have water in your mouth for 2 minutes If you spit it out before the 2 minutes are over, you lose points How aout Tobasco? A cup? How about instead of jokes, it's tickling Why'd YOU get all excited??? 15 seconds

Tobasco or water? Wanna do Tobasco? Double the points I'm down So it's 2 for doing it right? So if I make it, it's 4 Ok let's go If you spit any out, then it doesn't count

Tickle him harder! x2 He's got 5 seconds! Alright, at this point, I just wanna beat Ryan Make a taco out of the first five things you pull from the fridge Let's take a look Since Dom has really good food, each of us are gonna pick a thing And we're gonna put it all together

Point per thing then? Yeah point per thing This is like a ghetto taco First is Milo's Kitchen Steak Grillers Badaboop I had this before, and I know it's nasty

Coffee grinds And they're from Hawaii, ew Peppers from the pickles Gonna trim my nails Have someone eat it

Alright, give me negative points I don't care (Bleep) you and your nails I'll give you 2 Automatically pick from the loser cup

Oh, my god, I think I got my own Tell you what, each of us puts whipped cream on something in the house And you have to lick it off Better not be the toilet seat So stay out of the bathroom then? So my first item is this skateboard wheel

How many points am I getting? 5 total, you gotta do all of them We gotta keep it quiet because my dog's sleeping So salty That's DEEP in there It was so salty You are not going in the crack! I don't know dude, that's crack Drink a cup of soy sauce That's a lot of salt

That's a 3 pointer Dom, if you try to steal this for the win, it has to be soy sauce in a shot glass and we all get to put something inside What is it that you're putting inside? My fingernail Monkey na? Coffee What about the way he has to take it? How about this? For the win? For the win

Set it up, baby This is how you know it's salty Because it comes out this slow Oh that's a nice clean nail Let's put whipped cream on top baby, whoo

So, you're the winner Well, first we have to do the loser dare So Greg is our loser So, is it wipe, bite, wipe, bite, wipe, bite? So 4 wipes? Or we can do one disgusting thing How about we dip it into toilet water

So dip it in the water, and deepthroat it( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Let's go I just peed He deepthroated it We gotta get the thumbnail before the sun goes down Come in together a little bit

So we're setting up the prank right now We're doing an I Dare you with Yousef He's a pranker We're including a scare prank, where Dom has all these Mountain Dews that Mountain Dew actually sent to him But we're gonna put Sean in this mask right here and he's gonna be hiding in this the whole time and when we give him the signal he's just gonna pop up and scare him and it's pretty legit scary

Sean's about to be in there for 2 hours I feel like I'm peeking into someone in like a bathroom stall Looks legit Come in together a little bit Damn, how tall are you, bro? ahhhhh wooohohohoho That was good, can't even lie

So simple, but the fact that he was in here for 2 hours So we just did our prank We gotta do the prize Reallly, really, good prize You get Sean's mask

Ohhh~ But then we also got him the shoes You also get to sign the ball We never pranked anyone on I Dare you, so our first prank was on our favorite pranker And also thanks so much to D-Trix as well Rahhhh

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