Warning: The following video contains stupid and dangerous activities Do not attempt to reenact, recreate or reincarnate any of the following stunts, dares or pretty much anything that's performed in this video

Viewer discretion is advised Special Guest *mumble* Are you a Packers fan? Are you a fudge packer? I like fudge I like *mumble* Welcome back to another episode of I DARE YOUUU! We take your dares deh deh deh We take your dares, put them in a hat and if we draw it the player then decides how many points is it worth based on how daring of a dare it is If a player passes another player can take the steal DUN DUN DUN! The first player to get 10 points wins something amazingly not amazing, as well as their name in the hall of fame! Nope! Just kidding they get the ball of lame

It's basically writing your name on a ball of aluminum foil It's pretty lame We're all writing our loser dares Ryan: You do not wanna lose and pick this one! I'll tell you that much I'll tell you that much

Derrick: Alright, who wants to go first? Greg: Sweatiest armpits? All: Oooohhh Ryan: Sean it is, Sean it is Sean: Hope you get a really funny one I dare you to have the person to your right or left (your choice) to give you a titty twister Sean: Oooohh Greg: How about we do left AND right? Ryan: Wooo, on each? Nice Sean: Oh, for ten seconds Greg: Oh we have nipple *mumble* bro i'm ripping one off 3 okay yeah three's good Ryan: how much rotation anyway you can grab then- Sean: How much rotation? *laughing* 3

2 1 GO! *screaming in pain* STOP! *makes unattractive noise 😂* well i gave you nip *mumbles* Sean: oww they're kinda hard! * laughter * Ryan: I was twisting pretty far dude! Will: well technically I stopped it at 988, so we gotta kinda do that over Ryan: Lets start by giving it up for Sean! Sean: Yay, Thanks! Yeah that sounded like a motorcycle legit

*makes motorcycle noises* Ryan: Hey yee! oh two *mumbles* Gotta do both I dare you to wear something for the rest of the game Group decides what you'll be wearing Depending on what you guys pick is the point value Greg: We got a nice little cute dress

And some bangs! * laughter * Ryan: That's gonna be so irritating though Ryan: thats gunna be so irritating Oh there you go! Cute! kawaii! I think we need one size smaller This is two points for theahhhhowww Thats an extra point! its like rough kinda There we go ahahahahaha Ryan: Does it look good? That looks sick

You look fabulous, bro Thanks guys I think i could rip this right now ahahahaahah thats a good 2 points Ryan: 25! I'll give you 25 I dare you to launch a rubber band at your face Greg: OOOOOOHHHHH This is like a good one point if you come out like an inch

2 pointer This is like 3 DAMN and if you go to like the point its about to break thats like a four five One This is one??Thats about a One and a half Almost a two Almost a two this is two? Yeah Wait I thought that was 15 ahahahahahahahahah that was like a one! 15 you guys changed it on me ahaha that's a 15! that was kinda weak This guy does far, bro! Oh dude Woaah! Woaah! Do I have a mark? Yeah hahahahaha We'll give you a rebuttal Alright, I'm going I'm going! Woooooo! Dude, hurry up That's the best I3, 2

5 25 *mumble* Ahhh What was that? 25 That was like 25, ahahahaha Alright, 2

5 I'll take it Nice Good Job I'll take it See, you got your 25 and you don't have to wear bangs and a dress like me

ahahahaha Wallpaper Play the rest of the game with your pants inside-out Maybe we up it Everything is flip-flopped Wear your socks on your hands

Your underwear outside of your pants and your beanie wears your head Everything's backwardsGotcha, man Hahaha That's a good 25 I'll do that one

That's the same as this Yeah All day I'm just gonna flip it Ta-da! Taa-da! He's Quailman

he's Quailman Niiice, dude Nicegot the socks on the hands Ayy dude, You have a stain on the back of your shorts over there Yeah, had some Taco Bell earlier ahahaha Let's go, Greg! Let's go Greg Jump on a chair with a blindfold on Sean: Ohhh, that sounds dangerous Take a marker and draw a gangster tattoo Roll around in the backyard!

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