I broke my Nexus One!

Blue! Red! Purple! Green! GOOGLE! Has this ever happened to you? I hate cups! But lucky for you, I'm gonna be talking about this product right here The Nexus One Phone! I might know what you say I don't need new phone! I have phone! But can your phone do THIS? Wheeee I don't think so! And did you know that the Nexus One has 5 Megapixel of Camera? So now you can take a good picture of yourself And put it on F**kybook and write that you are ugly so that people disagree with you But really, you are ugly What? You still don't understand? Then here, I draw a picture for you

There is all different types of phone You know, get the Chocolate Chip Phone, The BlueBerry, the Eyes Phone But what you really want is this one, the Nexus One

So now you understand, the Nex-

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