Hướng dẫn đá bóng tốt [Dear Ryan] [Nigahiga Vietsub]

His hair tousled back then Swipe glue? No claw glue? Completely synthesized No wax? No wax Fairy's hair Whah? Hello friends If you have not noticed it

They sure have not already Because it just appeared here I have a new couch! And it's free! Do not worry, this is not where pts Just, they send themselves and RHPC (gaping know what they are) a bunch of free seats Therefore, it should be referred to them instead Thank you very much

Thanks to those of you at DH well confused, DXRacer New said his name wrong

Please stand taken back seat I quite liked it there If you have not noticed, my old chair always noisy and spoil all the other vlog I do not understand why its so long new new chair Especially when you take this chair for most of the video

It was pretty cool, it's like your channel color The fact is, I totally have not received permission to use DXRacer their brand in this video So I think they can completely remove it I should cover it with a few puns If you have not noticed, we're always trying to cover the travel brand miss when they get angry, like in the past for several reasons Understand why his hip

Free PR, understand? We did cover the brand with the word game is extremely intelligent Eg: And now, too (Puns = pun) Heh heh heh * * Dafug? Can not think of which one or both Somehow his gaping her digress always on top of each "Dear Ryan" Quat yet! Dear Ryan: Can you both to 10 Oreo cake on the face just as sacred snow on the floor? Damage always? 10 oreo cake? I mean ory Joes (pun) I've never tried, but I am pretty sure it is not difficult! Ha

Actually, I'm confident that I can do the whole bag was always rather oreo But "Snow Angel" is what? Ryan: Oke Let's start You think part of face is the best? This place goes ha

Hey, I think this one is more difficult 2 pcs á? Ease of that 10 of you? Tao will exceed more than 10 so-always Uh oh Wobbly feeling it already

Where this one stand gaping! Do not laugh (Hey now you're a horse ku 1 ver Orea horn and á) 9 already! Trym delicious! NOOOO! Destiny! Let me try again, I can do – I can do up to 10! This place better [Husband Oreo fall] Fuuuu Yeahhhhh-aawwwww It was then! It has

It was then! Oiiiiiii bargain! I'm mad that Okay, had to cheat it For up to me going, when 10 I'll snow angel OK

Snow angel ne! [Mumbling] This is Snow angel asia? Destiny! [laugh out loud] I do 1 something, right? You do one angel Okay so we can see how many husbands 13 females 14 something! Tao oreo all then! (Wait until inserting Ryan laugh nah) [Laughs] Well im, LOCATED IM! oooooooooooooohhhhhhhh [All laugh] I do not know what is much more Dear Ryan: You know How many laughs jars? Try dike (Ê ê country style) (Slightly funny) (Funny) (Laughter lv max) (Cracked) (Audience laughter) (Laughs quietly) (Laughing and breathing) (Laughter as the old man) (Machine gun sound) (Laugh of Loud) (ironic) (Laughs noble) (Laughter restraint) (Sinister smile) (Laughter type orangutans in zootopia) (Slooooooooooowmooootion ~) (Laughter artist) (Laughter as peewee herman) (Guy sponges) (Aug ku starfish) (Mr

octopus) (Laughter as seth rogan) (Sub guy in love Frieza Goku) (Youth joker) (Horrible shoots rancid: v) (Laugh when watching videos Nigahiga) I do not understand (Voice smirked and laughed most times) Dear Ryan: He sat = wall for how long? I used to sit = wall a lot If you ever played sports, you will know how the wall-sit that's when you have to crouch like sitting in a chair, but is leaning against the wall it will increase the power of your legs

It is always extremely tired I could keep such a long time OK, prepare, started! See, I've ever done a lot of wall-sit, then it is no more difficult I do not even feel tired muscles Actually, I can sit like this all day

Please Redo yet Ui, startled

oh! Dear Ryan: Do one question in which only uses the word for I do not know at what moment it started, but it seems I've known for a few puns Style, I think sometimes funny pun But it is just a cheap comedy role only It's not fun to that It's pretty boring and samlone

But I did not play word anymore because Where it is not fun, you guys Plus, I do have a full sentence rather pun I do not know how but I'll try [a sentence full pun] [sorry I did not translate well]

[funny animal blabla blabla blabla silly] [A sentence full pun] I can do this then that Both a full sentence pun If you do not understand, I will speak more slowly Well then even I also think it's too much truth It's a bit too

You see, where pun unhappy Himself completely pun again (Over puns = no pun again) But that was it! (Over on the right with puns in question means "cover letters puns") Dear Ryan: He taught us to play football dike tui Well, last time we've done with basketball and video And that was extremely difficult òy, well designed? Since we alone do Trickshot basketball videos, each "Dear Ryan" are like "trick shot, Trickshot, overtime video Trickshot go!" You this, we do not have to Dude Perfect, okay, we do not even have her Good Dude (pun)

no not on, we're not even good on, we're like decent (acceptable) We did the Decent Dude We did really enjoy doing trickshots The problem is none of us I played soccer before (Americans call football the way) Or football (called soccer in the way the UK)

Sorry the rest of the World Basketball alone is tough already, and we're really playing basketball So if we ourselves as football videos, I do not know there is not It may take some days But I think the fans should not be disappointed, right? Decent Dude

We'll try to do it at an acceptable level (Play on words: Dude decent ~ do it decent) Choi Oh ~ (Quao ) (Or too TAA: V) (A Du) (unbelievable) (I myself do not believe my eyes !!) (OK ;)) (Lol) (OMG) (Oh voai) (Trym delicious !!) See it? Very easy, and we do not even do his thing tank this time (An always

_) (Please cmt your request below for more videos Dynasty) (Ahaha ZUI too TAA interesting too) (Shiet) [Laughing] watching TV then

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