How To Spot A Pothead

Warning: No drugs were used in the making of this video Except for crack, shrooms, heroin, etc And not to mention, SPELL CHECK

But seriously, no drugs were used BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP MOOO HOW TO SPOT A POTHEAD With your host- There's no host You might think a pothead looks like this- But the Potheads we're talking about today look more like this- Meet Tommy He's your typical pothead Notice how his eyes are small, even for an Asian A stupid dumb guy look on his face, Clothes that look like they haven't been washed in years

Tommy: I just washed this yesterday- *throws something at him* SHUT UP TOMMY, you piece of sh*t Tommy: oww dude You're probably wondering: what's so bad about a Pothead? EVERYTHING Potheads are dangerous to society We clearly see here that this man is stoned and up to no good *drunk guy in the background, saying random stuff* Notice the messy hair and smiling ILLEGALLY In Background, 2nd Guy: who's this guy here Guys in background fighting Nobody wants to see a crime like this in their neighborhood

That's why we have our Criminal Justice System Hey! Police- freeze! *smacks hand* Police: You come with mewalk downtown Wha

I didn't do anything Police: Yeah, yeah

Hippie *2nd Guy shoots 1st Guy in Background* No more crime in this town, buddy See, POTHEADS NEVER WIN That's where the acronym comes from: People Outta Think About How Bad Pot Can Be For You Especially At Dinner Tables Tommy, I told you: no smoking pot at the dinner table

Tommy: Come on, Pop, It's just weed What could happen? *Explosion* You should've listened to your mother, Tommy Boy(XD) Here's a few more ways to spot a Pothead If he listens to Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa or Taylor Swift chances are- -Romeo take me somewhere (from Love Story by TSwift)- You've got a POTHEAD If you were born in the 60's The 1860's -calm down parents- Chances are- you're a POTHEAD If he carries a lighter -POTHEAD- If he carries eyedrops- POTHEAD- And if he carries a boombox -POTHEAD- If he likes the colour green he's a -POTHEAD- If he wears the colour green he's a -POTHEAD- If he is green he -RECYCLES- And if he owns plants, he is definitely a -POTHEAD- And those plants are most likely -POTTED- Speaking of Potheads, let's check in with Tommy Tommy: I don't smoke weed anymore I'm clean now I'm actually a gardener, so don't blow me up

*crouches and starts pulling weeds* Tommy: WAIT! This doesn't count, right? BOOM!! Wrong again, Tommy Girl (XD) Weed is Weed and if you have it, you will explode! A dead giveaway for a Pothead is when an individual defends the use of pot Weed is not even bad for you Pot's good for you, bro! Pot makes people happy; it's not bad! It's from the ground, dude It's a plant, it comes from the ground

Everything from the ground is natural, dude, everything When I smoke pot, I'm happy Wait Pot backwards is TOP! Unless you're a plant hater! And when you're on TOP, you're HIGH! Like a Vegetarian And when you're HIGH, you're on POT! AND POT BACKWARDS IS TOP! Dude, fex

Hey you stupid Potheads, I got two words for you: WEED IS ILLEGAL So cut it out, right Tommy? Tommy: I'm out I've stopped smoking weed, I don't even pull weeds anymore Anything to do with weed, I've stopped So stop blowing me up I'm done

I'm d- *phone rings* *phone ringing* "Not like this" (It's Taylor Swift!! LOL) "Not like this" {Movie Reference: The Matrix} *Explosion* TEEHEE

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