How To Sound Smarter Than You Really Are!

Hey guys! So, I w- Wait why does it look so different in here huh Anyway! Uhm Hey guys! So over the 10 to almost 11 years that I've been on YouTube I've gotten do a lot of things that I never thought I'd be able to do before

And I'm sure if you ask any other YouTubers that have been around for that amount of time They all agree with you when I say that people start treating you like you're some kinda genius, professional social media expert And I'm sure it's true for a lot of those YouTubers who actually do consider themselves geniuses But for me, even after 10 years of doing this, I still don't think I know exactly what I'm doing I'm borderline dumb when it comes to this stuff I just make the videos that I like making and luckily people watch them

I don't have some genius strategy or like expertise that I could share with everyone Which is why I bring this up I get asked all the time to attend these like huge business conferences and meetings Where people pretty much just ask for my expertise on social media and They treat me like I'm one of the All-Knowing of social media And to be honest, when I go to these things, I feel completely out of place People that attend these things are like, millionaire, billionaire Men and women that own multiple businesses And they're all taking notes and advice from this 26 years old college drop-out with stupid looking hair Talk about YouTube An-and all the *expertise* and *knowledge* that I have to share with them

I mean I don't like to brag but I think that I pretty much killed it Sean: So tell us, Ryan, how does one get started on Youtube? [all nod] Ryan: Uhm, well You see, you have to make an account, by clicking the sign up button

[all write down] Sean: Okay Are there any complications or problems that one might run into when starting a channel? And if so, how do you solve them? I mean, sometimes your username can already be taken so you solve that, by adding like, a number to it or you could change letters like I mean, an "E" into like a "3" like backwards [Will nods] Sean: Alright, one last question How do you come up with your ideas? Ryan: Well

Ideas are just thoughts and everyone has thoughts I mean I have thoughts right now This meeting, could be a video idea, you know

Like I could make, literally this meeting a video, Sean: Oh, let's hope you don't do that, because this is a very confidential meeting Ryan: I mean it's already happening Sean: What? Ryan: We're in the video right now Sean: You reaaally can't do that Ryan: It's too late, this is gonna be a video

Sean: We can and we will sue you if you make a video about this event Ryan: Okaaaay suuure~~ Oh yeah That's why I have no stuffff

Hah! I'm just playing [everything pops in because Ryan is magical] But in all seriousness, having to hang out with these uhh maybe we'll call them graduates I started noticing some patterns between them Not just the successful ones, but more so with the unsuccessful ones that are appearing to be successful And today I'm going to be teaching you just that

How to sound smarter than you really are! One of the easiest ways to appear smarter than you really are is to dress the way they dress But, you see, if you dress poorly you'll look stupid For example, if you dress like a hobo or like a poor person you'll never get any respect and people would never think you're smart I mean take a look of this guy you think people actually think this guy's smart and successful? Noooo!! Or even if you are like, in a plain shirt like this guy You think anybody's gonna think you're smart dressed like that? NOOOO!! If you want people to take you seriously, if you want people to think that you're smart, you have to dress smart

Dress for success! And only then, will people believe that you're a genius Like this Pretty self-explanatory! Normal people like you and I have a dictionary, they have the thesaurus Smart people just like to use words that people don't use as often For example, if someone is giving you the choice to pick between two options Rather than just saying which option you want, you say; Will: So which one would you like A or B? Ryan: No, I'll take the latter Will: Uhmm, but which one would you like? Ryan: The latter Will: Ohh, the latter, okay so you want the second one

Ryan: No, the latters! Will: Oh you want the first one Ryan: Just the latters! Will: So you want both of them, or? Ryan: *sigh* Oh my god, I'm just gonna get them myself THE LETTERS! Smart people always wanna know what you do And they always make their jobs sound way more important than it really is

School janitor? More like certified educational hygienist Cashier? More like financial trades and delivery operator Stripper? *chuckle* More like prostitutional entertainer, that does not engage in sexual activity for money See! Any job can sound important Even if you're not employed right now, it's 2017 everybody is working they think Greg: What did you say you did again? Ryan: Oh, I am a- ah freelance independent entrepreneural leader in social media marketing and research relations Greg: Meaning, you're unemployed, and you post and read comments on Facebook? Ryan: And Twitter

too Greg: I see Well, congratulations! You're hired! Ryan: Wh-wha really? Greg: Yeah, you can start as early as this evening! Ryan: O-oh, this is a night job Uh, what exactly was my job title again? Greg: Ah, well, a prostitutional entertainer that does not engage in sexual activity for money

Ryan: O-ohh Greg: Except minus the latter part then Ryan: The latter part? What does that- Greg: You'll probably have to engage Doesn't matter how smart you are if you hang out with people smarter than you, you're going to be the dumb one

So, it's simple Just hang out with people less intelligent than you If you think you're the dumbest person out of everyone you know, then well, you still have options Hey Marley You want bread? You want the bread? Go get it! (to himself) Idiot Wait, what? Dumbass The real test to show that you're really smart: Art

Truly intelligent people can see art in everything, no matter how it is to see for the rest of you dummies *gasp* Ryan: Oh my god it's so beautiful – it's a masterpiece

How is this part of the art exhibit? S- don't you see? This represents life life itself Look, y-you start from nothing a-an-and you slowly make your way to the top for only a moment before falling all the way back down to nothing Derek: Excuse me What are you doing? Derek: Wait, are you guys looking for the art exhibit? That's across the street I've come to find that this last one is 100% accurate

All smart people MUST talk about politics, and if you're anything like me, you probably know very little to nothing about politics So, if you ever happen to get caught in a discussion with a smart person talking about politics, just agree with them That way, they'll just keep talking and you won't have to! Sean: What's the deal with that? Will: Yeah, that's pretty crazy, what do you think Ryan? Ryan: Uh, I'm sorry what? Will: You know, about Trump, and the wall between us and Mexico What do you think about it? Well, I mean, like clearly, where it's talked about all over on the news, and we're all three of us are talking about it

Three guys at a table during the day So, obviously, yeah, like 100% agree Yup but yeah, Trump is doing a good, uh, a great job Sean: a great job? Ryan: at being horrible for the economy just awful Will: Well I mean, some people think he's actually helped the economy since he's become president Ryan: president, right? He's been awfully great He-he-he's a man that I just love Sean: Well come on, as a president he's Ryan: sucks Sean: killing it right now! Ryan: cessful, successful man that I just love, love, love! Sean: e's killing all of our international ties Ryan: to make fun of because he's just so Will: BAD! Ryan: right! Will: ASS! he's a badass man Ryan: That's why I completely support Will: that no countries' gonna work with him Ryan: the other guy that he was running against Sean: What? Ryan: I support the guy he was running against Will: Are you talking about Hillary Clinton? Ryan: Exactly, right? Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton's mothe- sis- Bill's faammm yknow But Obama though, right? Everybody loves him~ He's got my vote locked in, if you know what I mean Will: But you do know that he's not gonna be in the next Ryan: Not in the next election, exactly what I was just about to say Will: He can't run again Ryan: He should not be running He's getting old, he should be walking Sean: This is his final term, he can't have a third term Ryan: Exactly why he needs to ace it I mean he, you know the final is always worth more than the mid term Will: Yeah, I can't really tell if you're joking or if you're just stupid the latter Sean: We definitely gotta keep in touch We'll see you later Ryan: See you guys Oh my god, did I really just pull that off? Sean: Oh my god, do you think he knew? Sean: What the hell does the latter mean? Sean: I don't know But again, with all jokes aside, it doesn't matter if you talk about politics a lot, or if you use big words like the latter Everybody's different

Who's to say what's considered smart and what isn't? Yeah, maybe you did grow up being a straight A student your whole life and you got a perfect SAT score And maybe you did graduate from Harvard and got a PhD And yes maybe you did start your own billion dollar company from scratch But let me ask you this: do you know how to get your hair to this color and how to maintain it? do you know how to cook and prepare a 3 course meal?! do you know how to change a tire? or-or fix a leaking toilet? or write, film, and edit a video, that's not too long and keep the viewers' attention all the way to the end without anyone clicking away? Because if you do I would love to learn, please teach me

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