How To Make Mumble Rap

All right, we're done Yeah, we just made a hit For those of you don't know this is David Choi

He does a lot of the music that you've seen on this channel um A lot of the times when David and I are bored what we basically do is we make these random useless songs uh that -Very useful- useless songs that David and I just make for fun Nobody ever sorry *ryan laughs* David: my bad There's the reason why I don't show these videos cause (David: Alright, lemme just turn this down) Cause this is what I gotta deal with David: cool *ryan sighs* Well, anyway that is all gonna change today because we have somebody filming today with us, which we normally don't Yep, Sean's here David: *singing* SEAN FUJIYOSHI Sean's here he's filming with us today So we're gonna show you guys what it's like and what this process is like, it's already- you can already see how- how messy it is And because it is so popular right now uh what we're gonna be making today is MUMBLE – David: mUmbo both: RAAaa? *ryan laughs* just try that again what we're gonna make today is MUMBLE David: Mohh(?) ryan, laughing: just say it at the same time, today is; mumble rap david: oh alright What we're going to make is both: mumble rap (at different times) we're gonna, we're gonna make mumble rap david: mumble rap aAaAh I'm stressed *wonderful music* yeah (alright) before we start let's do a little research (alright, okay so um) we need to figure out like they all have um

(yeah) look up some people alright, uhn yeah R: it's Cardi B D: Cardi B I recognize Cardi B R: I didn't know that was a mumble rapper R: I know Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Veri D: yeah why are there so many Lil R: Lil Pump that's the gucci gang guy Ryan: gucci gang gucci gang gucci gang David; Why- why little, like uh like I don't understand like everyone has the same name, can't it just be a little original? Rayan: Migos? I know Migos, uh David: There's X- XXX tension *Ryan laughs* David: extension D: exten R: I don't know how you (D: exten) say it David: exstentatIOn D: it's like a porn star name there David: 21 Savage af R: *confused* a-? *laughs* He said af instead of AF We could sit here all day coming up with random names we'll just come on with the name later Let's just – make it – work on the beat *gr8 music and beat sounds* What do we have to do to make it sound more like today's rap- like today's – D: So today's – yeah, yeah so to make it sound like there's a few elements like triplets You got to do triplets

that's like duh-duh-duh buh-da-da duh-duh-duh R: Oh yeah yeah like the Snoop Dog ones D: Yeah you have to do it R: dah-duh-duh-dah-duh-duh-dah-duh (continues a bit) D: Yeah That's – (R: That's a triplet?) If you don't have that, you don't -you don't have modern-day hip hop song, Ryan: Okay startedwithoneandthennowIgottwoandthennowIgotthreeandafour that works? I have no idea what I just said Oh you know what we have to do? They always have that one guy with a deep voice that made like auto-tune like too much, and you can't understand it like D: Yeah yeah yeah That's – that's easy too I just gotta slap autotune on that But like how do you get that sound do you think they actually sound like that? (D: You're the- I mean) Or do they do it on purpose? D: They could be be born that way or they could just be like R: *laughs* they could be born that way R: It's sound like they have, like (D: You can artificially do it) R: Like, they take a sip of water and then they rap (D: They can do that too) R: Or like they have food in their mouth D: You can definitely put stuff in your mouth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) D: To uh, I mean to make it sound good R: Don't flag us D: thAt wHat sHe sAid R: I'm pretty sure they don't do that D: Trust me R: It's not going to sound the same D: I'll show you This is a message that goes out to all of my haters rI- *spits out his grape* *laughs* Oh we gotta do all those uh, those random sound effects that they all do It's like all they (D: yea) all do it's like the same one's right now did you just throw that on the ground D: no no no R: Did you see that? D:I got a trash can Oh he has a trash can D: Adlibs They're called adlibs R: But- but not like echoing, but like but like sound effects they do like sound and D: but with their mouths? R: Yea D: Like

Ryan: Your body, you can make a lot of sound D: Yeah like a lot of – mouth are good instruments *laughs*don't flag us Alright (D: I think we're done) yeah we just made a hit D: Congratulations! R: And it only took- A little over two hours (D: a little bit over two hours) we're gonna say two hours D: So do you wanna make like a music video or something from it? R: I guess we could do something really quick and simple D: mhm D: Let's do it R: *laughs* 8 grapes in my mouth, (8 grapes in my mouth) 8 grapes in my mouth, (8 grapes in my mouth)

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